Deep Love quotes For Him To Make Him Fall Head Over Heels

Pages and pages of ink has been spilt on one topic alone – love. It is magical, effervescent, lucid, confusing, empowering and frightening all at once. Some say it is love that makes the world go around, for others it is the sole purpose of life. For existentialists, love is what fills in the void of our existence, what gives meaning to our existence.

Deep love quotes

You can think, write and speak about love in uncountable ways. But unless you experience it first hand, you can’t describe. Hell, even if you experience it, you probably can’t describe it. But when you feel your love, it spreads and awakens every nerve of your being; it affects you in ways that you would not have imagined. If you are going through a phase like this, well, congratulations! Celebrate and enjoy this feeling, it means you still have a lot to give to the world. And as you bask in the joy of being in love, here are a few deep love quotes for him that will make him fall head over heels!


10 Deep Love Quotes For Him

When you fall in love, you expose your heart to vulnerability. If you don’t feel vulnerable in front of the guy you love, it’s probably not real. True passion will grip you in the heart, scare you and exhilarate you. There are no guarantees that you won’t be hurt, but trusting the other person is something we do when we fall in love!

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Deep Love Quotes For Him 2

Sometimes, it just hurts when the person you love cannot see how special and wonderful they are. You want to share with them just what it is about them that makes you fall for them – whether it is their smile, their quirks, their magnetic eyes. This quote would definitely make your love feel valued and special.


Deep Love Quotes For Him 3

This describes love at its most sublime. Taking on a share of your love’s sorrow and brightening their day is what you do when you truly love someone. And what could be more intimate that tears, which are only shared with those whom you trust.


Deep Love Quotes For Him 4

That special someone will claw their way into your mind and never let go. Stop trying to control or repress what you are feeling and accept them. They are supposed to be on your mind at this point in time. Just enjoy the ride.


Deep Love Quotes For Him - Philippos Aristotelous

Love is all about oxymorons. It is about handling conflicting and confusing emotions that will take you by storm and shake up the very basis of your existence. If you have been feeling these pangs, then yes, you are in love!


Deep Love Quotes For Him 6

The sad truth is that sometimes our heart wants someone who is completely wrong for us. Every person we love will not be able to spend their life with us. This is one of the sad realities of life. But the only thing that we can do is to let go of those who we truly love. Love that is bound is no love at all. Love cannot be forced, it must come naturally like the dew at dawn. Putting your love’s happiness above yours is one of the most satisfying things you can do.


Deep Love Quotes For Him 7

Who has not felt a keen sense of ennui at some point in their lives? But finding that right person wipes away the drudgery and brings back magic into reality. They are people who make love worth all the trouble.


Deep Love Quotes For Him 8

Love cannot be bound or contained by institutions, persons, class, or religion. The heart is blind to all these things. You may find that you cannot control who you fall in love with. It’s ok. It will all be worth it in the end!


Deep Love Quotes For Him 9

If you have to search for reasons to love someone, it is probably not real. The truest love that we can experience is without knowing why, how or when. It becomes a part of your very being.

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Deep Love Quotes For Him - Christopher Pointdexter

Love is not the same as sex, and it would be a big mistake to equate the two. Sometimes, just one impassioned glance from the object of your desires could set something burning in your spirit. Love is born only when souls commune.

Deep Love Quotes For Him


Deep Love Quotes For Him 11

You are so filled up with the thoughts and memories of your love. They have taken up a permanent residence inside your heart, and you can hardly move in your thoughts without being reminded of him. Let this deep love quotes for him know how much he affects you with this beautiful quote.


Deep Love Quotes For Him 12

No matter how far apart you and your loved one will be, we all are under the canopy of the blue sky. Knowing this can make long distances bearable.


Deep Love Quotes For Him – William Carlos Williams

Love is like the oasis you’ll find in the middle of the desert. The inimitable modernist poet, William Carlos Williams gets it right with this great metaphor about love.


Deep Love Quotes For Him - Nicholas Sparks

If you have found the love of your dreams, and you feel that there is nothing more you could ask for, then this is the quote for you. Romantic, direct and succinct, these words would make anyone feel incredibly special and loved.


Deep Love Quotes For Him – Emily Bronte

When you finally meet the person who truly understands you, you realize that your journey has finally found a destination.With this deep love quotes for him let him know that he’s the only one for you with this delightful quote by the noted author Emily Bronte.

Deep love


Deep Love Quotes For Him – Tagore

Nobody captures the complexities of mystical, esoteric love better than Tagore. If you feel that your love transcends the ordinary and is as close to divinity as you are likely to get, then Tagore is the man who can sing the song of your heart.

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deep love quotes for him – W.B Yeats

Nobody knows more about unrequited love than the poet W.B Yeats, who spent many years pining for the beautiful Maud Gonne. Just like wine, love will suffuse you with a sublime feeling of joy and longing.


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