Dark Love Poems: 15 Compelling Reasons To Explore The Dark Side

Love is not always about sharing a kiss, sending flowers, filmy coffee dates and happily-ever-after. It has a darker side as well. This grim side of love explores those aspects that transcend beyond the normal realm and deal with obsession, mania and even neurosis in some cases. Sometimes you lose yourself to these emotions or you could be at the receiving end of it (which is outright scary!). Here are 15 dark love poems that explore the other side of love that’s less talked about.

1. Dark Love Poems - 1

Here is dark love poem that puts downs in words the obsession some lovers develop when they get too deep into love. Written in free verse style, it goes on to draw some analogies to make the expression more clear.

2. Dark Love Poems - 2

Now that last line is creepy! Think of an obsessed lover whose logical sense and reasoning has been clouded by fixation on love. Doesn’t it remind you of ‘Kkkiran…’?

3. Dark Love Poems - 3

It is the voice of a lover who was waiting for that affirmative gesture from that person he/she has fallen in love with. Once the signal of reciprocation is out, there is no escape, and he/she is going to have you forever at any cost. A bit on the psycho side don’t you think?

4. Dark Love Poems - 4

Here is a dark love poem that explores that dark fantasy of intimacy in love. It is not absolutely eerie but yet communicates all the dark reverie that some lovers might harbour in their minds.

5. Dark Love Poems - 5

This is a darker way of telling your sweetheart that you will be theirs till the end. If the usual choice of words sharing your eternal commitment seem too boring then here is a dark love poem to add some excitement.

6. Dark Love Poems - 6

If you have ever read about sea sailors and their lore then you will get it that the poet is talking about a flirtatious mermaid seducing her next victim. Yes, not all mermaids are cute, and here is a dark love poem that is all about fatal attraction.

7. Dark Love Poems - 7

This poem is all about the dark surreal feeling of love that you experience when love slowly starts seeping into your dreams. It is the one of the first indicators of an onset of developing a compulsion with love. In case you would want to articulate it all then here is a dark love poem that works well.

8. Dark Love Poems - 8

It is dark, sad and with enough loose ends to leave you wondering about the preface of the situation shared in the poem. A dark love poem that stimulates your imagination quite well.

9. Dark Love Poems - 9

Here is a more straightforward dark love poem that is quite shareable thanks to its straight presentation and style. The last two lines even make a clear point about how you feel of that person.

10. Dark Love Poems - 10

Now that is more than just dark, it is quite sinister! It is more of an expressive dark love poem that lets you vent out your annoyance on someone who just shattered your heart.

11. Dark Love Poems - 11

Here is a poem that describes dark love in the first place. It gives an account of what it is all about, how it takes shape, and what ensues next. Overall, it captures the crux of it all.

12. Dark Love Poems - 12

Sometimes love can do more harm than benefit, and it is often so when you are stuck in a relationship with an obsessed lover. Here is dark love poem about it. Notice how the poet uses the words ‘bite of true love’ instead of saying ‘kiss.’

13. Dark Love Poems - 13

This one is about the psychological impact caused by the darker side of love. It all about the mental scars that are left behind when you have been in a relationship with a person who did not treat you with dignity.

14. Dark Love Poems - 14

Here is a dark love poem that has a pinch of inspiration and encouragement ingrained in it. It is when you had enough of all the emotional turmoil in a bad relationship that you would think of the words mentioned in this love poem.

15. Dark Love Poems - 15

Alright, here is another one that teases your imagination. You can weave whatever story you would like with the situation showcased in this dark love poem that is quite a creepy one.

So what do you think about the dark love poems that we’ve put together? Have anything to add?