25 Dapper Ideals Of The Designer Sherwani For Groom Hotties!

Tired of brides getting all the attention every wedding season? Well, fret not grooms, because this time it’s your turn to shine. Yep, we’ve come to your rescue. As is the case with every woman, the first thing every husband-to-be worries about when he realizes he’s getting married, is what he’s going to wear for the big day. A hot favourite amongst grooms is the traditional sherwani, which in the olden days signified royalty. The thing about wedding sherwanis today is that they can be adapted to fit contemporary styles and tastes. You can have them looking very ethnic yet have a modern chic and style at the same time.

Designers today play with colours, materials, cuts, embroidery and various other elements to make their sherwanis stand out. While picking your outfit, make sure of the material you’re buying since cheaper quality could rip off easily. Also keep in mind the colour of your sherwani. Coordinate with your bride in advance and make sure the colour palettes are not clashing. A lot of grooms like to wear darker coloured sherwani but whites, creams and golds are gaining a lot of popularity as well.


1. Velvet Sherwani With Kasab Embroidery.

2. Beige Sherwani With Heavy Detailing.

3. Cream With Green – it’s very rare that you see green on sherwanis and this is such a refreshing change.


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4. Black With Gold Embroidery – they say when you’re not sure of a colour always opt for black. It’s the most flattering and even more when it’s got gold embroidery around the neckline.

5. Team Red And Gold With Some Headgear – this look is classy and elegant, something every man should once.

6. Black Sherwani With Golden Embroidered Arms Pocket – designed by ace designers Shantanu and Nikhil, this outfit screams of style and substance!


7. Play With Fabrics And Throw In Some Pearls Too – it is the season to experiment!.

8. Olive Green – team this sherwani up with a snazzy dupatta and watch those eyes follow you.

9. Navy Blue Tailored Sherwani With Fuschia Embroidery – simply soothes your eyes.


10. Who Said Pink Was Only For Women? – another creation by Shantanu and Nikhil to tempt the men.

11. Black And Orange – a brooch is the perfect way to accessorize this outfit.

12. Royal Blue Sherwani – another example of how a brooch can instantly jazz up your outfit.


13. Bling It Up With Some Detailed Gold Work! – make sure to check on your brides outfit before opting for something like this.

14. Golden Masterpiece – by Raghavendra Rathore.

15. Want A Royal And Modern Outfit? This look has the perfect blend.

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16. Classic Black And White – by Manish Malhotra.

17. A Brooch Wasn’t Meant Just For The Sherwani – You can add it to your headgear too.

18. Off-White Sherwani – team it up with jewellery, a dupatta or a brooch.


19. Rose Gold – this colour goes with almost everything.

20. Dark Greens – perfect if you’re fond of the colour.

21. Sherwani With A Dhoti – to add some edge to your look.

22. Ombre Works Well On Fabrics.


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23. Tailored And Well-Fitted Maroon Sherwani Embroidered To Detail

24. East Meets West Right Here

25. Layer Up Your Sherwani And Make A Statement

Let Us Know Your Favourites And Any Suggestions You May Have In The Comments Below.