Daniel Bauer: Bridal Makeup And Hair Artist Shares His 7 Best Kept Secrets

Daniel Bauer With Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

He is Aishwarya’s main man, and Kareena’s as well. He’s the maestro behind Lakme Fashion Week and the reason behind Deepika’s killer looks in the item song from Happy New Year. Daniel Bauer is the man behind Bollywood’s beauty today. He’s not a makeup guru, he’s the Makeup God himself.

This barely 30 year old German hunk has carved not just a niche, but a whole cave for himself in the fashion industry. The most sought after bridal makeup artist in perhaps all of India, Daniel Bauer is a very busy man. Bauer has an impressive list of brands and clientele like Armani, H&M, Alec Wek, Hilary Duff in the past and Lakme and Tresemme at the moment.

He is one of India’s best and most respected makeup and hair artists. Recently named top in the business by Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, L’Officiel and Noblesse, Daniel has built his reputation based on his outstanding work for Bollywood actors like Aishwarya Rai, Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra.

Daniel Bauer With Katrina Kaif

This year, Daniel Bauer is the one who is gonna be working with the models on hair and makeup at the Lakme Fashion Week, 2016.

Daniel Bauer With Ileana D'Cruz

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Daniel Bauer isn’t a man of many words, he’d rather let his work speak for him. And here are just a few examples:

Priyanka Chopra on the cover of Maxim

Priyanka Chopra on the cover of Maxim With MakeUp By Daniel Bauer

Shraddha Kapoor on the cover of Femina

Shraddha Kapoor on the cover of Femina With MakeUp By Daniel Bauer

Kangana Ranaut on the cover of Fashionistique

Kangana Ranaut on the cover of Fashionistique With MakeUp By Daniel Bauer

Kangana Ranaut With Daniel Bauer

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

With nearly 100 + photo shoots with lead actresses, Daniel Bauer is the man behind the exceptional hair and makeup of Indian celebrities. And he’s also the man behind Arpita Khan’s wedding look; the wedding that stole the hearts of many.

Daniel Bauer With Arpita Khan

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Here are seven exclusive tips to all brides from Daniel Bauer himself:

1. Bauer loves bold lips and graphic eyes, but when it comes to brides he only believes that makeup for brides should be of such sort that it enhances their natural beauty.

Daniel Bauer - Natural Neutral Shades And Pastels

2. Bauer’s number one formula is ‘less is more.’ He urges the brides to stay simple. He advises that they stay true to their skin color and not try to fit in .

3. He also suggests to go for a timeless look. After all, you don’t want to look outdated in your wedding pictures.

Daniel Bauer - Almost Casual

4. Bauer knows that the wedding day is as good as a photo shoot. You need to keep smiling all the time as all lenses will be on you. He suggests that instead of a heavy foundation, go for a tinted moisturizer or cc creams and concealers for under eye radiance.

5. A sincere advice he has for brides is for them to always stay within their skin tone colours! Making dusky skin look fairer actually makes the skin look grey as it washes out the contours of the face. This is something that he has especially noticed with brides. It;s something that you’ll only come to regret once you see your wedding photos.

Daniel Bauer - Stay With Your Skin Tone

6. Daniel Bauer’s number 1 tip for hair is to always nourish it well. Nourished healthy hair are easy to play around with.

7. He also strongly urges the brides to not copy but create a look that’s unique to them. Things that bring out their features.

Daniel Bauer - Enhance Your Best Features

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So those were 7 exclusive tips form the expert. Daniel Bauer only works with a maximum of 20 brides a year. So in case you want to book him, the booking starts six month prior.

  • Price: 1 lakh per function (75,000 for Mumbai)
  • Package inclusive of: Hair, makeup and drapping.
  • Bookings: Ideally six months prior to D-day.
  • Others: Paid trial not offered

Till then, Happy Glowing!

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