Cute Short Love Stories: 13 Adorably Life-Affirming Tales Of Love!

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If you’re desperately in need of a pick-me-up or are looking to bury yourself in some sugary sweet tales pertaining to wonderful thing called love, then, well, let’s get started! Here’s a list of adorkable cute short love stories, just so you know why we can, sometimes, – if the stars align in our favor – have nice things:


This is one of those cute short love stories we all wish would happen with us. It’s not the fact that it’s a compliment, it’s the fact that it is such a nice feeling to connect like that with somebody. And if anyone’s reading this who has had this happen to them, kudos to the person who mustered the courage to approach the other person.


This is the sort of thing that would be written out of cute short love stories, sitcoms and movies for being “entirely too unrealistic,” but has probably happened to some sub-urban couple out there who quietly go about their lives assured about their choices. The world can be and often is a wonderful place as well!

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Nobody else can make us do something as much as ourselves, and there is no greater motivation than true love. Cynics responding with answers of “money” need to revisit the above story.


We’re not sure if this is an actual excerpt from a real life cute short love stories list, or just a boy who had figured out how to best answer the dreaded “why do you love me?” that comes his way every now and again. But it’s sweet, and it may have actually happened, and if you need to, go ahead and take a leaf out of this story, whether you’re a guy or a gal.


Not every promise that is made to you is a lie or the result of one too many drinks after dinner. Some promises made to you will be kept, even if you yourself have forgotten them already. Those promises will live on long after, and your kids grand kids will get some more cute short love stories to hear.


Cutest set up to a proposal ever. If that was intentional, well done to the guy (and the elderly couple for playing along). If that just happened to happen, well, maybe fate’s trying to whisper something in your ears…


To anyone saying that romance is dead, romance isn’t in the sweeping gestures and splurges of cash that are so coveted, it’s in the little things that we do everyday, the things that make up our own personal cute short love stories and anecdotes.

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Needless to say that this little bit of courage showed by both of them – embracing and acting upon their feelings as it were – paid off dividends for them, and then some.


Teenagers can be some of the most naïve people in this world, but in their naivety is something beautiful, uncorrupted and very human. That’s probably why we love so deeply when we’re teens, and so many cute short love stories and some long ones start of with teenagers. In our bid to be tactful and minimize hurt – both to ourselves and others – we need to try and remember to not be insincere to ourselves as well.


How to raise a daughter right and be good to your wife in one simple lesson. It’s the thought (and a dozen roses every now and then) that counts. They are just as lucky to have him as he is to have them. But then again, luck has very little to do with cute short love stories like these.


Sometimes it’s a case of being a smart ass, but usually, most of us only think of stuff like that because we’re actually being sincere. If only it were possible to make it so clear to the other person of the “how much” question.


It may be a case of arguing semantics and gender, or it may not. The thought is quite beautiful though. And you just know the wife here meant it exactly as she said it. And her hand has never been held more firmly and lovingly than it was then!

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A most memorable way of getting your message across to the girl you know you have fallen hard for. Kudos to anyone with the wit to come up with such a devilishly adorable plan. May your tale be told for eons after in a list of cute short love stories of the millennium.

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