Cute Love Stories: Awesome Collection Of 50 Short Anecdotes

Like reading love stories but fail to dedicate enough time? Well, these one-lined short and cute love stories are so adorable and enthralling, that you will be just addicted to them. Quick to read and share, these cute love stories can be read anywhere whenever you feel like you need a dose of some mushy and cute love! Read on and enjoy!


Sailed a hundred, returned ninety-eight. Tow vagabonds found home in each other.
– Alifya TTT

One of the sweetest cute love stories, so you can conquer her heart like a pirate. Life seems no more a struggle when you finally find your true soul-mate.

Cute Love Stories - Awesome Collection Of Short Anecdotes


Raj and Mia stood alone, watching the sun drown. Didn’t speak each other’s tongue. But their goosebumps spoke the same language.
– Ria TTT

Love has no boundaries, and love’s language is understood by one and all.

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Winds were strong. Roads, winding. Left for a long drive as just friends. But all it took was a midnight drizzle to set their hearts ablaze.

It takes the right time and the perfect opportunity to realize your love for someone, and make the best cute love stories.


Two strangers shared a bench. Two friends missed the last local. Two soul-mates boarded the first. Trains ran late. Yet destiny was on track.
– Amit TTT

Those who are destined together will find their way somehow.


Heart: Why’d you get butterflies while I beat myself to death?
Gut: Because your feelings make them fall in love, mine help them stay.

It is such an excited feeling to finally fall in love.


A rose at her doorstep, daily. Never worked. She perished. A rose at her grave, daily. There’s more love in longing than togetherness.

Love continues to spill its charm, spinning it’s way through a thousand cute love stories, and even death cannot tarnish its glaze.


Travelled a thousand miles dodging obstacles, meandering. She found her way to him. The river and the sea were now one.
– Aniket TTT

It is an apt metaphor to make us understand that fate leaves no stone unturned to bring together the ones who are destined to meet and make cute love stories.


Thought he’d hit all bases; known her tastes, counted her moles, lulled her demons. Then, he discovered her playlist.
– Amit TTT

There is mystery and enigma in a woman that is simply a pleasure to discover. And it is not just the curves and creases of her body but the inner recesses of her mind, vast like an ocean.

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“If soul-mates exist, mine better let me know right now!” she stubbornly thought. Two desks away, an uncontrollable urge to sneeze overcame him.
– Vijetha TTT

Fate and destiny have their own ways to give us hints, it’s just like in most rom-coms and cute love stories, we take time to understand them.


Conversations ended finally. Rested head on his chest in comfortable silence. His breath was symphony, his heartbeat became my lullaby.
– Salil TTT

Sometimes, words prove to be superficial and the gestures are all that are needed to express your love to that special person in your life. Still, wait for the word to die away, and you’ll fine a few cute love stories.


He dialled his best friend’s number. She talked to him all night. With the sun, rose two lovers.
– Disha TTT

Life turns out to be awesome when your best friend becomes your soul-mate for life.


Heartquake, headhurricane. My carefully laid defences crumble as I mark you safe.
– Sahitya

In times of trouble, you realize your feelings for the person concerned and the anxiety or concern clears all your doubts and questions about how you feel for him/her. Those are the once lost, now found cute love stories.


“You don’t love me”, night trembles to the sun. A dark cloudy day follows a bright moonlit sky.
– Arathi TTT

It is a cute and romantic description of true love of the sun for his darling night.


One dish, two orders. One book, two copies. One song, two listeners. While he stole glances, she became his mirror.
– Ishita TTT

One of the most casual cute love stories. Your partner is your reflection in the truest sense. That is why maybe your spouse is called as your ‘better-half.’

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Seemingly close yet light years apart. They admired each other from afar. To the world, they were twinkling, but the stars, they were just winking.

It is an adorable tale of love using the metaphors of the stars and the night sky.


Smiled without minding braces, sang ill-tuned verses, danced like death. The last time they were this happy was when they were perfect. Never.
– Tulip TTT

Teen love makes for some cute love stories. When someone truly loves you, they can see beyond your perfections and admire you the way you are.


She saw him in a verse. He saw her in a painting at an auction. They fell for each other in May, decades apart. Time machines were discreet.
– Rajashree TTT

Time cannot limit the boundaries of love and history has proved it again and again with its beautiful tales of love in every century.


Packing memories into boxes, she found his first love letter hidden in the folds of the only gift she had ever refused. His cheque book.
– Rajashree TTT

Okay, cute love stories about old couples really melt me. Old memories like love letters and the buried and dried roses can again rekindle the flame in your love life.


Countless grey hair….memories disconnected…wrinkled fingers….still intertwined wedding rings altered, vows still kept.
– Natasha TTT

The sickle of time cannot tarnish the union that is the fruit of true love and affection for each other.


276 wrong guesses later, he swiped left again and finally found the right one.
– Shruti TTT

Tinder cute love stories are rare, but happen. Love takes its own time and it is okay to make a few mistakes and keep experiencing till you stumble upon your one true love.

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“Je t’aime,” she told him before he left. Google translate. Nomad found his home.
– Saumya TTT

Cross culture cute love stories are so sweet. Love is not restricted to the barrier of languages or different cultures. When people are supposed to be together, destiny creates ample opportunities to unite them together.


Together, smiling they stood, in a picture, perhaps a long time ago. The story got edited. The picture remained the way he liked it. Raw.
– Aashir TTT

The memories that are captured in a snapshot can have an effect of a time machine.


She waited for the perfect picture. Got it only when he walked in and ruined the frame. – Saba TTT

Some cute love stories really sound like movies, right! Sometimes, love just wakes upon us and we are too stunned to acknowledge it by ourselves.


Their first night was a courtesy towards the arranged marriage. They rather bonded deciphering a map and a compass on a lost day.
– Nivedita TTT

Strangers can become soul-mates, if the soil of love is watered with genuine feelings and affection, and not brutal force.And arranged marriage cute love stories are the best.


Miles apart they sat by the window. He exhaled. She knew it was him.
– Paridhi TTT

When two souls intertwine as one, distance can never have the potential to separate them and they are always synced together, no matter the distance.


This time, he made the tea. Ice broke like biscuits. Conversations flowed like wine. They weren’t two strangers getting married any more.
– Paul TTT

This is one of those cute love stories with a pinch of the truth. A heart to heart talk and sharing of responsibilities is the perfect foundation of a happily married life, full of love and respect for each other.

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She wrote her heart out on the pages of her new diary. And every time it rained, a paper boat floated away with a secret tale.
– Rupsha TTT

Teenage cute love stories are just so adorable and sweet yet laced with so much of agony and impatience.


Beads of sweat trickled down her face. The heat got to her. Then, he held out an umbrella. The warmth defeated the heat.
– Prithvi TTT

An act of love can change the situation in ways beyond one can possibly imagine.


Once a lull away from the world, my sleep is now a bustling town of vivid images of you. I think love is a place. And sleep its passage.
– Alisha TTT

If it is sleep that takes you to your lover, then it is a very small price to pay to be with him/her.


Fine dining, string quarter, candle light, red roses. The fool went down on his knee with an onion ring. It was perfect.
– Rishabh TTT

The cute love stories between fun couples make reading worth it. It really does not take material things to find your one true love.


Hiccups in the middle of the night. “He won’t let me sleep in peace!” Hiccups stop. “Does he even love me any more?”
– Karuba TTT

These stupid insecurities and jealousy in love are sometimes too cute to handle.


They never exchanged names. Only hotel rooms every week. He was a clown. She had cancer. She never cried around him. He never wore his mask.
– Sayantan TTT

It is another of our cute love stories that prove again that love has no boundaries and puts no conditions.

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My fingers don’t fit perfectly into yours. Your lap; not my perfect idea of a pillow. We’re not jigsaws, but our paper collage makes a prettier picture.
– Rita TTT

Cute love stories don’t always look like the pizza and cheese. To love is not to feel complete, but to find someone who complements you instead of completing you.


Cupid hired interns. “Let’s practice Obsolete Arts today,” he gives out arrows, reads the label. One intern slyly Googles: “Compromise”
– Kinjal TTT

It’s a quirky yet cute take on the messengers of love.


Two lovers on a shuttle to the moon. “We’re halfway there, you alright?” he enquired. “I’ll never need more space than this” she laughed.
– Aman TTT

It’s another one of those simply adorable cute love stories about the feeling of being together with someone. Except this one’s about astronauts.


She turned over in delight after their first time. He pretended to sleep & she had a conversation with his snores.
– Gayatri TTT

If you love someone, their imperfections also seem so cute and adorable.


Whenever he passed her by, she blushed. Friends giggled. Their fling turned an old-age home into a middle school.
– Aditi TTT

Who says cute love stories are only for the young?


Ink on paper. Colour on cheeks. Letters are never old-school.
– Anushree TTT

Letters of love are always special, so much more than the regular romantic love SMSes for your girlfriend that you send. no matter the time or the generation.

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In college, he promised to meet her once every week. Well, their eyes did.
– Rishav TTT

Some people just know how to keep their promises, but that’s what cute love stories are about.


“Make it special”, it’s her first ever birthday cake. “Candles?” Yes, sixty of them.
– Shreny TTT

Aww!! It’s simply cute, right?


Is this your first time?” he asked, holding her hand. And while the food burnt, love bloomed.
– Akansha TTT

An adorable tale of love for sure!


He loved her. She built a wall. He raised a bougainvillea. In white and pink it bloomed and grew. What happened to the wall, no one knew.
– Ritu TTT

Love conquers all obstacles! That and all the versions of these cute love stories turn out nicely.


The first time he smiled, she burst out laughing. Adam & Eve had just discovered happiness.
– Aman TTT

Love is sharing the little happy moments of life together.


Put your things back in their place,” she yelled. So he picked her up & plonked her on his lap. Grandpa still made grandma blush a deep red.
– Sayan TTT

Oh, what cute love stories! The romantic in your heart does not bother about age. If there is love, age is just a number that you have to deal with and can always find yourself in love.

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12:01 am. His phone rings. “You forgot my birthday again. I hate you.” “Open the door.”
– Aman TTT

A cutsie choice among cute love stories, of love that you will surely like to dedicate to your special someone, who’ever he or she is (wink, wink).


“Rubies. Gold. Pearls. Grandpa gave you all. Which one’s most precious?” “The bracelet he made with sea-shells on our honeymoon.”
– Tapoja TTT

Love is eternal and the passage of time has no control to fade it if the embers of love are kept burning in the heart.


“Every crevice, every corner, every line, every dent, I’ll explore,” he whispered to her. “And that’s just your lips we’re talking about.”
– Catherine TTT

It’s a very seductive take on love that is consumed with passion and fire from within. Cute love stories with an F, for fire of course.


Truth is that a little part of me falls for you again each time you hold my hand while crossing the road.
– Khushi TTT

Sometimes, love is hidden in the most unnoticed, overlooked yet caring gestures that we fail to see.


He tried every trick in the book to get her glance. When he looked the other way, magic happened.
– Rohan TTT

Another insanely cute and true love of the tough years!

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He gave her a red rose every time they met. Courtship was sweet. When that ended, he planted a rose bush. Marriage was sweeter.
– Amogha TTT

Isn’t is just an awesome love story with an even more beautiful beginning to it?

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