Cute Love SMS: 50 Delightful SMSes For The Hopeless Romantics!

Cute Love SMS; What’s the cutest thing about your partner? What’s the cutest thing you’ve ever done for your partner? Do you love texting your partner frequently? If expressing your love in 160 characters is your kind of thing, then..

Here are 50 cute love SMS texts that you can share with the one you love.

Take a look, pick your favourite(s) and spread the love!

1. Cute Love SMS - Two Eyes Reading This

Let’s start with the cutest of all. This one works great for those who’ve been madly in love and in a relationship for a long time. This one will surely ignite the spark in your love life again.

2. Cute Love SMS - Ice Cream

Crazy about ice cream? A cute SMS to share with your partner when he/she knows how much you love ice cream.

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3. Cute Love SMS - When Words Aren't Enough

Now what better excuse than this to steal a kiss? A cute love SMS that will surely work. Try it out!


Cute Love SMS - Your Lips Show

A simple, nice and cute love SMS that will work great when you want to surprise your loved one.

5. Cute Love SMS - Lily

See how the last words rhyme just like how heartbeats of lovers sync when they look in each other’s eyes. Yes that is right! It is a scientifically proven fact. Now here is an SMS that sounds that way as well!

6. Cute Love SMS - Bad In HIstory

The cute analogy with subjects makes it all cute and fuzzy. The best cute love SMS to send to your college sweetheart.

7. Cute Love SMS - Another Month

Why simply say ‘You are special’ when your can say ‘You ARE special’ with this cute love SMS?Will work for sure. Thumbs up from our side.

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8. Cute Love SMS - Scientifically Proven

Ain’t it cute? Instead of always referring to your beloved as ‘sweet,’ here is something more subtle to share when you are in mood for some romance with a special someone.

9. Cute Love SMS - Harassment By Looser

Well, basically you leave the reader with no choice. This one is cute love SMS the bully style! It’s my way or the highway. But don’t worry, your sweetheart will still be smiling.

10. Cute Love SMS - Two Moments

‘Now’ is the moment when you send this message and ‘forever’ will be the time you will be spending with the recipient of this message. Of course, it is that way otherwise why would be sending this cute love SMS?!

11. Cute Love SMS - Someone

Suspect number one gets the cutest message in the form of this adorable love SMS. A playful SMS that is surely great at conveying your thoughts.


Cute Love SMS - Out Of Words

If the thoughts in your mind are the ones of SMS #10, then here is an extension of that idea of love towards that someone special. This cute love SMS actually makes a great way of resolving a conflict when you accidentally forgot to reply to your partner, and intend to make up for it.

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13. Cute Love SMS - Some Love

Married couple? Looking for the perfect message to win some trust points from your spouse? Then here is a SMS that fits the requirement perfectly. Don’t forget to add some cute emoticons to make it really attractive.

14. Cute Love SMS - One Day

A simple one-liner SMS that in its few words does a wonderful job of sharing across the most deepest of your romantic feelings with the one you love a lot.

15. Cute Love SMS - I Fell In Love

Yes, that long drive to the latest cool resort in the town. If a surprise is what you plan then here is something to share it in as subtle way as possible. A winking emoticon at the end of this cute love SMS will work perfect to set the mood for a romantic outing.

16. Cute Love SMS - I Was Happy

This one is surely going to leave the receiver going ‘Aww’. Be prepared for some pecks on the cheek or a nice kiss the next time you are out on a date.

17. Cute Love SMS - The Inside

When love is all about loving someone for what they are then surely you have been struck by true love. Here is something to convey that feeling with the one you love within 160 characters.

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18. Cute Love SMS - Butter

This one is not just adorable but a light-hearted one that will surely bring a smile on the face of the reader. After all, that is what a cute love SMS is supposed to do. Bring that smile on the face of the one who means a lot to you.

19. Cute Love SMS - I Miss You

It is the voice of the heart of those in long-distance relationships or the love-birds that get to meet each other sparingly. So what do you do when you don’t meet each other that often? Read the next cute love SMS.

20. Cute Love SMS - Fun And New

Why just request for a date when you can ask for it in style? If SMS is your preferred mode of communication then here is something that would fit the bill.

21. Cute Love SMS - I Woke Up

Makes a great cute love SMS for the days when your beau is out of town for work. Who says you can’t be romantic then? Here is a romantic SMS to prove it.

22. Cute Love SMS - In My MInd

Okay this one is a naughty and cute at the same time. If spending the weekend together cuddled on the sofa is your plan then why not throw an initiation with this charming text message.

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23. Cute Love SMS - Alphabet

Yes, we know you will check your keyboard for a moment after reading this one. And surely will the receiver. Bring a smile today on the face of the one you love with this wonderful cute love SMS.

24. Cute Love SMS - Every Time

This works well when you receive a cute love SMS from a loved one. It is both frank and adorable.

25. Cute Love SMS - All Over Again

A cute love SMS to share those feelings every time you walk into his/her arms. You can hug first, and send this later!

26. Cute Love SMS - The Beat

If cute analogies is your thing then say it out loud with words that perfectly capture that feeling. Here is a perfect SMS to do so.

27. Cute Love SMS - When It's New

Guess there is more sugar in this cute love SMS than a box of heart-shaped candy. Even artificial sweeteners can’t beat this one!

28. Cute Love SMS - Love Story

Here is something pleasing to share the next time you think of your beloved. Its simplicity makes it a great romantic SMS to send to someone who is the centre of your world.

29. Cute Love SMS - How To Remain Single Indefinitely

Talk about word play! That is some nifty use of words. This one is surely going to leave the reader smiling.

30. Cute Love SMS - For An Hour

It is because every moment spent with someone truly special is like moment of ecstasy. Express your joy through an SMS with these words.

31. Cute Love SMS - John Legend

Simple three line SMS that will make the receiver realise that no matter where they are they will always be loved by you from the bottom of your heart.

32. Cute Love SMS - I See You

Accept it, there have been many moments you both have caught each other stealing glances of one another. You both finally look at each other and smile, making it one of the best moments of life. Here is a cute love SMS to reflect on that moment.

33. Cute Love SMS - What Bond Villain Silva Says

So, finally proposed to that guy/girl next door, and you got a YES as an answer? Then here is something that will be express your ecstasy.

34. Cute Love SMS - Even After Years

As years pass by in matrimony, things may get a bit dull. If you are looking for ways of reigniting the spark with some nifty words, then this one is for you.

35. Cute Love SMS - You And Me

A simple message with its equation-like style conveys a lot. If the recipient of your message is one of those who loves simple mushy words, then this one is for you.

36. Cute Love SMS - Colliding

That is the feeling you get when your love is full of passion for the one who you love dearly. No wonder they say that love is magical.

37. Cute Love SMS - Anxious Of Tomorrow

I grow less anxious of tomorrow when I saw how wonderful my yesterday was and how glorious my today appears with you. It’s your love all the way!. Love can impact you in many ways in life, and one way is by bringing about a positive change. If that is what your beloved’s love does, then here are some words to express it out.

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38. Cute Love SMS - 3 Words

One, two, three and here we go! One gets that kind of feeling after reading this cute love SMS. It is also a charming and good one to leave a lasting impression on the mind of the recipient.

39. Cute Love SMS - Three Ways

This one says a lot about love in as subtle manner as possible. In case you don’t want to go all out mushy then this cute love SMS is something that you should try.

40. Cute Love SMS - Next To Me

Now that is a good excuse to cuddle with your beloved in the evening. Just pick up your phone, send this SMS out and the next thing you know is you are all cuddled up with that special someone on the sofa.

41. Cute Love SMS - Sixty Seconds

For the times when you want to take your relationship to the next level. This one will put the message across.

42. Cute Love SMS - Thinking About You

Why keep that feeling in your heart when you can just pick up your phone and type it out? In case you’re not sure what to type, then here is something to your rescue.

43. Cute Love SMS - What Am I Missing

This one will make him/her read the message all over again. An awesome message to share with someone really really special.

44. Cute Love SMS -Eye To Eye

That is why you refer each other as soul-mates. Send this special cute love SMS to the one who has become a part of you, and see them break into a smile.

45. Cute Love SMS - Returns

It is cute, charming and cheeky but makes a great one to bring a smile on the face of the person who is the centre of the world for you.

46. Cute Love SMS - Character Assassination

No better excuse to get a kiss than this cute love SMS. Send it out and then be prepared!

47. Cute Love SMS - Between Us

This is one way of saying that nothing can break you apart from the one who holds a special place in your heart. It is always nice to say such things, and this SMS has some nice words too.

48. Cute Love SMS - The First Time

A simple way of saying that your beloved will always be the first and last love of your life. What if you are at receiving end of this message? How do you respond? Read the next SMS.

49. Cute Love SMS - When I Saw

Here is something to reciprocate the love expressed by your soul-mate. Simple two sentences full of pure love.

50. Cute Love SMS - Somehow

A perfect one to end this list. Here’s a single-liner SMS that sums everything that you feel about love, and yet makes it difficult to put it all in words.

Hope you have got your phone ready, and are all set to send a mushy cute love SMS to the love of your life. Have anything to add? Do share in comments.