13 Super Cute Love SMS For Girlfriend For Cuddles And Kisses

By Aditya Vachaspati G B KAditya Vachaspati G B K  • 

She’s cute! I like her! That’s what every guy thinks after the first meet. Something we use to call ‘meet cute’. It’s either that or She’s hot! I want her. We’ve all had our share of both. ‘The cuties’ and ‘The hotties!’ Girls don’t want to be categorized though, especially by guys. They don’t really care if a girl puts her in a particular category except when they’re both after the same guy. In that case, she has to look the best, be the best. Both cute and hot! However, guys really don’t care if she’s hot or cute. When he likes her, he just likes her and she’s the most beautiful girl in the world to him. Also, he’ll send you messages like the ones you’re going to read below. So, here we go.


Yes please! I need a real tight hug and just coz I love you, I’ll let you throw in a kiss.


I second that. You’ll third that and the chain will continue. No one will disagree. A smile from your loved one is all you need. In fact, that’s all anyone needs.


Agreed! Just one small thing though, Penguins actually mate for life. The mate and then drift apart due to their migratory patterns but then, find each other. And when they do find each other, they roll up their sleeves, push forward with their tummy and go ‘yap yap yap’. Now, that’s really cute!


That’s a rather nice thought, isn’t it? But I’m going to say, dream on! If your love is new, she’s the only one you’re going to be dreaming of and if your love is content, you’re going to be sleeping so well, you won’t be dreaming of anyone.


This is one cute love SMS for girlfriend most of us can relate to. I remember doing something similar and I can’t stop smiling. I’m sure all of you have been through a situation of the same sort. A girl joining the sports club or a guy joining the debate team! But honestly, can it get better than a guy saying ‘I joined drama class for you?’ I doubt it. Tailor the message according to what you did and show your dedication to the love of your life.


I do! I do! I do!


Well said. Love is magic and a lover’s touch, magical. It gives you that tingling feeling and makes you all warm, fuzzy and gooey.


Well said. Very well said! So, let’s just kiss and make up. Actually, let’s try the French version. I hear its fun.


How true! There really is no better place, agree?

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That’s a good one. Way to be confident my friend! I mean, if you’ve got a big bottom, you can say, ‘I’ve got a big arse but it’s yours baby. I love you with all of it.’


We concur! It’s just a cold. And chances are, you’re going to catch it anyway. So, don’t be aloof. Get cosy; make her feel comfortable and kiss her good. She’ll respond in kind when you’re down with the flu.


And that’s the cutest of them all. Just like you are my dear! I’ve looked everywhere, I’ve tried to find something else but at the end of the day, I just keep coming back to you. After all, stealing hearts is romantic and you stole mine at first sight. I’ve changed after seeing you. I feel like stealing your heart too. May I?

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Think about it. I mean, really think about it. Sometimes, you’re childhood sweetheart is the love of your life and you end up with them and have a long marriage. Some other times, you meet someone, think she’s perfect but then, life happens. You meet years later and sparks fly. You know immediately what you’ve been wondering all along. She’s the one. She’s always been the one.

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