50 Cute Love Quotes For Him Sure To Brighten His Day

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There are few emotions in life that will make you fiery and wistful, both at the same time. Love is one such sensation and it gets even more spirited when you have your heart won by a man who is your ultimate love, passion and the superhero of your life. While he might never admit it, but inside his tough exterior lies a soft mushy heart yearning for that warm expression of love from his dearest lady-love. Therefore, to make the most ardent expression of your perpetual love even special, we bring to you 50 heart-warming and cute love quotes for him, which will surely leave him smiling.


When you know that you are madly in love with the man of your life, then every moment spent seeing him, holding him, and hugging him rekindles the feeling of falling in love again, which will make you weak in your knees again.


Simple words, like cute love quotes for him, have the power of communicating your deepest love to the man of your life. A great message when all you want to do is communicate your passion in love to your beau.

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This one comes in handy when you want to end an argument or altercation with your other half. It helps in resolving the matter in an amicable manner while also communicating the point that no matter how much you differ in opinion, you will always love the man of your life.

4. Cute Love Quotes For Him – Until I Met A Man Like You
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Sometimes all that the heart and soul need is that correct person who will help you see your inner beauty. When a guy walks into your life and makes a deep connection with you, that’s when you begin to understand the nature and purpose of true love.


Yeah.. cause you know he will be that one guy who would be smacking his lips and licking his fingers clean every time you make that sandwich.


Think of you and him cuddling; a cup of hot chocolate; watching your favourite movie. You reach the pinnacle of your joy when you spend blissful moments with a man who is the ultimate love of your life.

7. Cute Love Quotes For Him – Sweet Kisses All Day Long
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Does your guy not reply or react to all those other cute love quotes for him that you text him? Try this one even when he is at home and be ready to see the never-before-seen smile on his face and the wonderful glitter in his eyes.


Dopamine is the feel-good hormone. When the levels are high, you feel really happy. When the levels are silly, you have perhaps made a couple of trips to heaven and back. When a man brings such kind of ecstasy in your life, spare no effort to express your affection back to him.


Cute love quotes for him are an adorable expression of love that communicate your deepest feeling for the love of your life.


The perfect guy is the one who would love you even for your silliest and quirkiest behavior and in whose company you would feel very comfortable to just laugh loud.

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No matter how wrong your decisions have been in the past, you can redeem every moment of your lost love life by choosing a man who considers your heart precious and will never ever break it. It is when you have found such a person that you know that you have taken a sound decision and made a right choice for your life; it’s also the happy fact that you feel safe sending him a barrage of cute love quotes for him.


You know the guy truly loves you when you catch him doing that often. When all that can give him joy and respite in life is your face, then you have chosen the correct person who is worthy of being a soul-mate.


A truly adorable quote that is surely going to make the reader read it all over again. If saying ‘I love you’ feels too plain and generic, then try this out instead.


There is no greater feeling than realising that even you can be truly important and precious to someone. When you find a person who makes you feel this way, it is then you realise that you have found your true soul-mate. Nice words to share and express that feeling.


Follow this up with a heart icon and send it across as a message to your beau. No matter by what name you save his number, whenever you receive a call from him, your eyes just glitter and you feel that your day has just brightened.


No matter how rough the day has been, when you end up in the arms of your soul-mate, you just become hopeful and optimistic for the next day. The right soul-mate can provide the necessary strength and encouragement for you to excel at the various facets of life.

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If bored of all the conventional cute love quotes for him, then try this one. Having a distinct appeal and charm, it is something that will surely leave your beau smiling. What more, he might even bring home some mixed fruit cupcakes for the both of you!


One of the leading attribute of any loving and caring man is his ability to make you feel special and beautiful, not just from outside but also deep within. It is when you start feeling that way is when you realize how much of a difference that man brings to your life. These are some great words to express that feeling.


Nice adorable quote for expressing your bountiful love to your beau. The initial days of love are always confusing, since you are not sure about how long the relationship will sustain. But if you have been patient enough to find the right guy, then you will realize that you can be very much sure of experiencing a love that will last forever.


Once you reach a level of maturity and understanding in your love, you don’t need to cuddle all the time to express love. You can just sit side-by-side, do your own work and still feel so much in love.


Suffix this with some kiss and heart emojis and it becomes an adorable message to share with your beau. When love starts playing a larger role in your life then you can’t help but think of the person who has brought that wonderful change in your life.


Finally tying the knot with that perfect guy? Then share this with him. When a man happens to change your life for the better through love, care, and affection, then that will be one guy with whom you will never part ways.


Yes, you do that when you are madly in love and these make some great words to express it to him who is the root cause of the lovely smile on your face.

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The heart always knows the path that will lead it to its true love. No matter how many ups and downs you face, no matter how great the distance, if your heart yearns for that one true love, then it will invariably find the right path to lead itself that way.


For the times when all your heart does is beat like crazy every time you look at your heartthrob beau. Simple adorable cute love quotes for him, like this one, capture the moment and its feeling.


When you won’t waste a single moment to steal a kiss from your beau because you can’t help but just adore and admire him all the time.


If you are searching for a nifty way of communicating that you will always stand by his side then this would be perfect.


It is the moment when you first see the wonderful eyes of your sweetheart and you have been looking into them ever since then, becoming aware every day of the bountiful love they hold in them. It is almost like falling in love every moment again with him.


Well, the best time is the time spent with honey, goofing around doing and talking silly stuff. It is these moments spent with him that you will eventually remember and cherish all your life, for these were moments of pure joy and happiness.


No matter how clichéd it might sound, but your soul is made complete only when it finds a true soul-mate. After that, the jigsaw puzzle of life seems easier to put together.


There is no way you are going to share him with anyone. Never! Nor will you ever let yourself apart from him. He is your darling and you will always be there by his side holding his hand.


There are those moments spent together, his nature or something that he commonly says, which whenever you think about, you just can’t help but start smiling. It is when you reach the peak of your true love that you realize that mere thought of him is all that will take to make you smile.


The dream which you have been dreaming since a very long time; a dream where you have found the perfect man with whom you know you can spend the rest of your life. It is when you spend time with him now, that you realize that you are living every moment of your dream.


Every time you hold his hands, it becomes a priceless moment that you would treasure all your life. It is something which will fill with you happiness every time you think about it; so use cute love quotes for him, and tell him, guy’s really like to know.

35. Cute Love Quotes For Him
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Yes, and you look forward to such hugs every day. Hugs where he just holds you tight and all you do is get into a state where all you can feel and think is just him.

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Works as a great message to end an altercation with him. You know and so does he, that no matter how much you bicker you belong to each other and will always find a path back to each other.


Cute love quotes for him make for a great way for you best appreciation for him. If mere compliments seem a bit straightforward, then use these words to express your love and admiration towards him.


When you are madly in love with him, all you want to see is him and all you want to hear is just him; it is like your mind is just brimming with thoughts about him.


This one makes some nice words to share if you just had an argument with him and you both don’t happen to be speaking to each other. A good way of sharing with him that he is still someone who means everything to you.


When your beau is by your side, all you would love to do is just hold his hands and go places and wherever else he takes you. It does not matter where you go as long he walks by your side holding your hand.


If your beau is the romantic type and does not miss a single day expressing his love towards you, this makes a great reply. Tell him that whenever he expresses his feelings towards you, they don’t go unheard and you appreciate everything that he does and says to keep you happy.


Makes a great message whether you are just dating a guy or it’s a guy that happens to be your husband. Some sweet and simple cute love quotes for him tell him that you just adore the way he is and love him really a lot.


And no matter how long the journey, as long as you travel with him, with a place in his heart, it will be the best journey that you would never ever forget.


If you are just seeing a guy and finally have grown fond of him, then say it out to him with this. It is surely love when all you yearn in a day is the moment when you get to spend time seeing and listening to him.


Great way of cheering up your beau. Also makes a great quote to share for those in long distance relationships. Let him know that for you he will always be the most important person in this world and that will never change no matter what.


Adorable quote to share when you want to express your affection towards him without any occasion. It is always great to let him know, now and then, that he means a lot to you.


When all you see is him every time and everywhere then you have developed some serious addiction towards him. Let the guy know and see him break into a truly heart-warming smile.


One of the really cute love quotes for him, one which actually connotes about accepting each other’s imperfections and seeing through them to fall in love with the person within. If your beau is one of those kind then make sure you say it out loud to him with this quote.

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It is because you always have him on your mind even when he stays right in front of your eyes. Those are some serious feelings towards him which would quite easily qualify as love.


And finally, when you are done sharing all the mushiest cute love quotes for him, make sure you sign-off with this one, just to remind him that he has invaded you heart, mind and soul.

So there you go. These are some cute love quotes to share with your beau. Have you ever sent or maybe received any of them? Do share!

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