15 Cute Love Poems For That Special Someone

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Love in the daytime soap may be serious and involve lots of drama, but come 5 o’clock and the chirpy, exciting enthusiastic and youthful nature of love shines through, even if it’s blossoming between two elderly citizens exchanging cute love poems.

Our lives may not be like what we see on television but that one aspect remains the same – sometimes love is cute, warm, fuzzy and highly enjoyable (and recommended by those so privileged) and what we have here for you today, on that note, is a bunch of cute love poems that celebrate that fact:


Cute Love Poems - Feels Like Freedom

All the good things in life are free, like cute love poems, but you can seemingly enjoy them better when you have that greatest thing of all that’s free (even though you sometimes have to pay a mighty price for it) – love.


Cute Love Poems - What I Want To Do All Day

This is the kind of relationship that deep down we all want to be a part of. The beginnings of many a relationship would be described perfectly by a few lines in cute love poems, but it’s those relationships that manage to retain a few days spent lazily even after 10 years together that seem to have the perfect balance for happiness and longevity.

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Cute Love Poems - My Favourite Role

Short and sweet, just like the kisses you share with your lover!


Cute Love Poems - A Code Just Between Us

One shared glimpse is all it takes, as so many couples across the world have come to find out. For anyone still sceptical about the existence of such a shared or “cosmic understanding,” all we can say is just wait for it to happen to you, and read a couple a’ cute love poems in the meantime!


Cute Love Poems - Lost In Your Charm

What a problem to have, indeed! On the few occasions that such a thing is scary, just remember what you’re in it for and it all becomes worthwhile. If you have found the person whose arms you want to wake up in, you’re doing something right.


Cute Love Poems - Marvelous

There are many factors that appeal to us when it comes to wanting someone – how they look, dress, carry themselves and everything else seem to be on top of the pile, but that’s with everyone around us. What’s extra special is that which goes beyond being simply good looking or dressing up; the kind of stuff you can write cute love poems about.


Cute Love Poems - My Heart's Beat

That’s not going to clear up a lot of things for them, but hey, at least you said exactly what was on your mind. Or, in your heart, rather. Well, hearts, minds and logistics aside, cute love poems need to say what you want to say, so find the right words.

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Cute Love Poems - My LIfe's Biggest Highs

You’re out and about, living your life, minding your business, certainly not looking for love, but cupid seems to have other ideas; it happens more often than you think. And when it does, you’re lost. Every little thing that you had going on seems to take a back seat, and everything you said you didn’t need at the moment becomes the best thing that’s ever happened to you. It’s almost like some mean ol’ pixie cursed you with the cute love poems disease.


Cute Love Poems - Right By My Side

If you love someone truly, then spending the rest of your life with that person would be amazing and this is the kind of thing you wish for. Being with your beloved in your own little comfortable space would always be your first priority.


Cute Love Poems - From Me To You

Here, the star that shines brighter can be your love who stands out among the millions that we see everyday in front of us, but it can also mean your story and even your love that has its own dazzling twinkle that stands out even among a sea of stars. Okay, yeah, a lot of cute love poems have references to stuff in the solar system, but all that blinding brilliance coming from one person will do that to you.


Cute Love Poems - Irresistable

When a person picks you up and loves you when you are the lowest point and most broken, that’s a keeper and you would never ever want to let that person go.


Cute Love Poems - A Glowing Ray Of The Sun

Is there anything more precious that the smile of the one you love? It is but a treasure, something to cherish and hold on to, to enjoy and jealously guard, write corny cute love poems about. It is what makes the every day memorable, and the future attainable.


Cute Love Poems - Magical Bliss

Sounds a little like begging for something, eh? Well, when in love, noting really matters. The reward is of course sweeter than the sugariest cola and worth more than the biggest diamond. And look at that, it’s like love actually gets anyone bursting into cute love poems.


Cute Love Poems - Your Eyes Shine Like Gold

The three greatest words in the English language (slightly above “Here’s a raise”) are the words “I love you.” Listening to someone say it back to you is one of the most special feelings in the world, without doubt.

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Cute Love Poems - The Way You Look

Speaking of special feelings, getting what you want is also a special feeling, and we’re talking about within love in itself. Sometimes, two people connect in such a way that everything they do is in sync, and happiness never seems fleeting or hard to reach. Maybe, just maybe, reading all these despicably cute love poems, you’ll believe you can get ‘who’ you want too.

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