Cute Love Poems For Him: 15 Love Poems To Win His Heart Again

Cute Love Poems For Him: 15 Love Poems To Win His Heart Again; It is often tricky to make a sincere expression of your love to the man of your life. You could think of plenty of reasons but the basic point is simple – it is sometimes just so hard to express your feelings of love in words, let alone cute love poems for him. We understand your struggle and know how it can be a perplexing task to articulate your love, but did you ever try? Cute love poems for him are not that tough. In case you have never even remotely given it a thought then now is the time to do so.

Take a look at our collection of 15 cute love poems for him.

And pick your favourite.

Cute Love Poems For Him


You are my man,
The one who loves me well.
You are the man,
Who rings my bell.

So charming and intelligent,
Did I mention fine?
You are my man.
Mine, mine, mine.

Tell him that he will always be yours, no matter where life’s journey takes you both. It is a perfect choice among cute love poems for him when you realise that your relationship is going to be a long term one. Add in stuff of your own, and learn how to write a love poem.


For you, my heartbeats go,
Thump, thump, thump.
For your love, my soul goes,
Jump, jump, jump.
When I see you, my eyes,
Flutter, flutter, flutter.

Looking at you melts me like,
Butter, butter, butter.
Your cute hugs make me feel,
Vroom, vroom, vroom.
Your kisses make me go,
Boom, boom, boom.

This winner in cute love poems for him is outright adorable thanks to its playful words that communicate how joyful you feel when you are in his company. Read out this cute love poem to him when you are having a mushy moment together, and he will surely break into a warm smile.

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It makes me happy just being by your side,
All these feelings I just can’t hide.
You’ll always be in my heart,
Can’t bear the pain when we are apart.
Nobody is as special as you are to me,
I hope you are beginning to see.
Just how much I care for you,
And all my feelings will always be true.

It is a cute love poem with some unconvoluted words that work great to simply put across your feelings to him. This one will work great to be shared as a message whenever he crosses your mind and you begin to miss him.


L is for ‘laughter’ we had along the way.
O is for ‘optimism’ you gave me every day.
V is for ‘value’ of being my best friend.
E is for ‘eternity,’ a love that has no end.

What better way to articulate your love than sharing an adorable full-form of love, a.k.a. one of our cute love poems for him. Simple four lines each for the four letters of ‘love’. It is a smooth and straightforward cute love poem for him.


Undoubtedly, our love is the best,
Standing so strong no matter the test.
Your smile, your care, my amusement,
To love you always, from that I won’t relent.

A four-liner cute love poem for the man who is the centre of your life. In case you are looking for a quick means of saying that you love him but want to do so in a poetic style, then you can definitely consider sending out cute love poems for him.

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I love you and I do this utterly.
I mean it now and always, really.
I’m nothing without you, I am not silly.
My morning, night without you, so chilly.
I love you a lot, really!

Why so serious all the time? Try something funny. Here is a cute love poem for him which will really work. It is fun, adorable, and light-hearted. You don’t have to sound like Shakespeare, when it’s about writing cute love poems for him.


Brand new life your love gave me,
Cleared my blurry vision and now I can see.
Life now simple like reading A… B… C…
To my heart of hearts, you won the key!
Happy, is the way you make me feel.

In case he is the one who brought a positive change in your life then here is something to express your gratitude, infused with love. Your beau will surely love cute love poems for him like this one.


I give in to your love, no other alternative,
I choose you finally and not tentative.
To love and care for you, I’m ever proactive,
And a promise is keeping you lovely and attractive!

This cute love poem for him is perfect for that moment when you finally accept his proposal. A good message to share once you have accepted him to be your life partner.

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From silly arguments,
To the most stupid fights.
Our quarrels seem to last,
Through day and night.
But even after all this,
In life’s darkness, you are the light.
Being with you,
Makes everything right.

It is a dainty love poem to be shared with your beau. It is best for the scenario when your man happens to be your husband. The words of the poem work great to acknowledge the point that no amount of ups and downs in the relationship will ever hamper your strong bond. If you’re actually looking for wedding vows, then cute love poems are what you need.


What you really mean to me
No one will ever comprehend,
It’s like I want time to,
Freeze right now, and never end.

You make my life perfect,
I mean it, I really do.
I promise, I’ll never change,
And that’s all, and I love you too.

He definitely means a lot to you that’s why you are looking for cute love poems for him, right? If this is exactly what you would like to communicate to him then here is an adorable love poem to share the feelings of your heart.


Texting you,
Has become an addiction.
Chatting late night,
Has become an affliction.
Kissing you has become,
A balm for my soul.
Being your life partner,
Has become my favourite role!

Now that’s a perfect cute love poem to share as a message. It is a more contemporary one for espoused couples for the times when they are separated by distance. A great option of cute love poems for him to share some love with your beau who is miles away.

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The clock goes tick tock,
I continue to have daydreams.
The clock goes tick tock,
I can’t wait for you to get back.
The clock goes tick tock,
I can’t stop thinking about you!

Why just say ‘I am thinking about you’ when you can say it all in true poetic style. Here is an extremely light-hearted and cute love poem for him that will help share the innermost feelings of your heart. For the times when you are totally missing him, check out the next one on our cute love poems for him list.


Without you,
I am not complete.
Having you next to me,
Is always a treat.

Without you,
I don’t feel great.
My heart beats for you,
At a crazy rate.

For the times when you are just unable to hold that feeling of longing too well. Share that feeling with the help of this cute love poem, and you can definitely expect a mushy reply.


You are the boy,
Who gives me cute hugs.
You are the fella,
Who pulls me with his tugs.
I am your girl,
You are my guy.
You are the only one,
Who makes me wanna fly.

Isn’t it simply sweet? It is a wonderfully adorable love poem that will delight the man of your life. The words are simple, and effortlessly help in communicating the point that you love him, exactly how cute love poems should be.

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With you, I can cry like a baby,
With you, I can be grumpy.
With you, I can be moody,
With you, I can be jittery.

But the best part is,
That even after all this,
We can make up and kiss.
Is why I call you, my life’s bliss.

We kept the best one for the last. It’s amazing to be in a relationship with a man who accepts you for whatever you are; for all your mood swings and imperfections. He might complain about it once in a while but at the end of day he will still love you. If these words remind of your beau then here is a cute love poem to make an expression of your immense love and admiration towards him.

Those were some amazing cute love poems for him to share with your man. Have anything to add or share? Do leave a comment.

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