14 Cute Love Messages For Him When You Mean It

Well, being cute is your birthright and we’re sure you’re utilising it at every chance you get. He’s yours and he loves you. But what can you do to make him yours forever? Be nicer, sweeter,and tell him that he is the best. And see how he falls for you all over again. To help you nail down your feeling, check out these 14 of the most romantic and cute love messages for him that guarantee cuddles, kisses and more goodness for you. Make him check his phone by telling him how he’s always on your mind and in your heart with these beautiful messages of love.


Cute Love Messages For Him - Touch My Heart

A quote on love by the Academy Award winning American actress Melanie Griffith. A simple quote that is a little naughty depending on your state of mind. Well, you could drive him crazy with this one – try your luck.


Cute Love Messages For Him - Mouse To The Cheese

Tell him how much you love, adore and want him for life with this sweet and short message of love. A crazy message of love that will surely make him laugh and may be kiss, hug and cuddle too!

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Cute Love Messages For Him - Like A Movie

A cute love message that conveys an important message – that you’re happy with things the way they are, and man, is that a relief to whoever receives that text!


Cute Love Messages For Him - A Blissful State Of Randomness

Send this random text sometime in the day, when he least expects it. He’ll surely be surprised and will love it. Express your deepest feelings with emotional love messages like this one and let him know how awesome it feels to be in love with him with this cosy message of love.


Cute Love Messages For Him - Your Love Is Magical

Wow, it doesn’t get sweeter and hotter than this. Tell him he’s sweeter than the sweetest chocolate and more intoxicating than the best wine and warm than the warmest fireplace with this romantic message of love.


Cute Love Messages For Him - My Love Don't Cost A Thing

Stroke his ego a bit, just a bit, go on then.

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Cute Love Messages For Him - You And My Dreams

To have the man of dreams as your partner is completely awesome – and sharing your feelings with him will only make it better, so what are you waiting for?


Cute Love Messages For Him - WiFi Love

Love message for the geeky, techie boyfriend. Express your love in a language he understands!


Cute Love Messages For Him - To Mr Handsome

Who wouldn’t want to hear that from his girl? Heck, he’s the lucky one here!


Cute Love Messages For Him - Every Time I See You

It may be clichéd, but it sure is effective, and something that everyone wants to hear from their beloved.


Cute Love Messages For Him - Love Makes The World Go Round

Awwww… that’s so sweet! The perfect love message, one that’ll mess his day up, ruin his meetings and make him restless until he’s finally back in your arms.


Cute Love Messages For Him - 12

We’re sure of thing too – he’ll love it.


Cute Love Messages For Him - Forget Me Not

Lucky is the man who gets to hear this incredibly powerful statement even just the once in his life.

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Cute Love Messages For Him - The Best Is Yet To Come

This ever so cute message of love that thanks him for all the great moments you’ve had but promises a future that’s even brighter and times that are even more awesome. A couple of winks and smileys add a naughty element to this text, and a whole new element to it’s connotations!