10 Cute Dinosaur Train Coloring Pages Your Toddler Will Love To Color

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Every kid loves Dino! Dinosaurs may have walked the Earth a billion years ago but they continue to remain a topic interest for children and adults all over the world till date. So, why not get your kid coloring pages based on these terrifying but fascinating creatures?

The 10 Best Dinosaur Train Coloring Pages For Kids:

There are many different types of dinosaurs represented in these pages and your kid will learn so much along with coloring these dinosaur train coloring pages to print. Therefore, give your kid the opportunity to take a walk on the wild side. These dinosaur train pictures to color are fascinating and quite fun to color because of the variety of dinosaurs on display.

1. Pterosaurs And Offspring:

The picture highlights the pterosaurs and their offspring, the flying dinosaurs.

  • Your boy will love coloring this picture because it contains a number of interesting elements.
  • Your kid will learn that pterosaurs are flying dinosaurs which existed in the pre-historic age.

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2. Bell Boy Dinosaur:

This picture is a fun take on a dinosaur dressed as a bellboy at a hotel.

  • The large size of the image will make it easy for your kid to color.
  • You might want to show your kid a bell boy’s uniform to serve as a reference point.

3. Dinosaurs In A Train:

This picture is quite fun because it can be related to modern times.

  • This picture showcases a group of dinosaurs touring the land in a train.
  • You can teach your kid some of the names of the dinosaurs in the train.

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4. Baby Anchiceratops:

This picture is quite cute and exposes your kid to a new type of dinosaur.

  • This picture showcases the horned variety of dinosaurs.
  • Your kid will be fascinated to learn that there are a number of dinosaurs that eat only grass and leaves.

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5. T-Rex And The Offsprings:

This picture highlights one of the dreaded and popular dinosaurs – Tyrannosaurus Rex.

  • Your kid might already be familiar with the power of this particular dinosaur.
  • Assist you kid with this picture because it contains a number of elements.

6. Baby Dinosaur Hatches From Egg:

This picture showcases a baby dinosaur hatching from an egg.

  • Your child will learn that baby dinosaurs also hatch from eggs just like baby chicks.
  • You can allow your kid to use a range of colors for this picture.

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7. Sauropods Eating Leaves:

This picture showcases the herbivorous dinosaurs who enjoy eating leaves.

  • This shape of the dinosaur will make it appealing to your kid.
  • Tell your kid that there are dinosaurs who only eat meat while there are also some who eat only leaves and grass.

8. Baby Dinosaurs:

This picture depicts various baby dinosaurs enjoying a game.

  • Your kid will be able to relate to this picture because it showcase baby dinosaurs enjoying a game together.
  • There are a number of objects in the picture – an interesting challenge for your kid.

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9. Dinosaur Train Driver:

This picture showcases a dinosaur driving a train. Help your kid with the right colors for the picture.

  • This picture is quite interesting and will definitely pique the interest of your kid.
  • You can also allow your kid to watch the TV program, “Dinosaur Train” as a treat!

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10. Happy Dinosaur:

This picture showcases a happy dinosaur, which will make your kid smile!

  • Your kid will learn to color within specified lines as the standalone picture makes it easy for him.
  • Your kid will relate to this picture because it resembles Barney the Dinosaur.

These free printable dinosaur train coloring pages online will definitely appeal to your kid because it has been adapted to suit various situations in the modern age. You can also create your own dinosaur train coloring book. Also, he will learn a lot more about the various types of dinosaurs as a result.

Moms, does your child go ga-ga over dinosaurs? Share your dinosaur tales with us!

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