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Crochet and lace were considered old school. But don’t listen to anyone telling you that now because they are classic, elegant, and timeless. These days, our options are practically limitless when it comes to these two fabrics – from pencil skirts to overlay dresses, sheath gowns, and bodycon dresses. You can incorporate lace into your outfit and look composed in no time. If you are still confused about how to deal with lace, here’s how you can do it. Read on to know all about crochet lace outfits.

Best Crochet Lace Outfits

1. White Long Sleeve Bodycon Dress

Headed to meet that special someone? Or on your way to an important meeting? If you need to wear something semi-formal, look no further than this white bodycon lace dress. The long sheath sleeves add to the look and are the icing on this cake. You don’t need any accessories with this one. Style your hair in beachy waves and put on some neutral makeup, red lipstick, and ankle strap heels to finish off this look.

2. Black One-Sided Lace Shoulder Dress

Crochet Lace Outfits - Black One-Sided Lace Shoulder Dress
Image: Source

Combine the elegance of lace fabric, the style of the one-sided shoulder design, and the oomph of an LBD to create a beautiful dress like this one. Carry a clutch, and you need nothing else.

3. Lace Romper Dress

Crochet Lace Outfits - Lace Romper Dress
Image: Source

Combining the casual romper dress design with a lace bodice and georgette pants makes this outfit both irresistible and comfortable. You can wear it if you are stepping out for lunch with friends or on a lunch date. Style it with ankle boots if you are in the mood for some grunge.

4. Blush Lace Maxi Dress

Crochet Lace Outfits - Blush Lace Maxi Dress
Image: Source

Here’s a stunning lace dress you can wear to a baby shower, a wedding, or a birthday party. A dress that is a mixed bag of all things pastel. The floral nude lining, high round neck, and satin band that cinches at the waist and cascades into a beautiful skirt, all come together to create a truly stunning dress.

5. Yellow Crochet Summer Dress

Crochet Lace Outfits - Yellow Crochet Summer Dress
Image: Source

Be the sunshine in someone’s life with this beautiful summer crochet dress in yellow. With a figure-sculpting design and feminine lace fabric, this dress is redefining the idea of bodycon dresses and how to style them. Wear tan or brown boots and a side body bag to finish off the look.

6. White Maxi Dress With Lace Details

Crochet Lace Outfits - White Maxi Dress With Lace Details
Image: Source

Adding lace detail to any dress enhances its elegance. With its bell sleeves and colorful applique work, this ultra-femme dress is something all of us need this summer.

7. Mauve Lace Maxi Dress

Crochet Lace Outfits - Mauve Lace Maxi Dress
Image: Source

Do you have a daytime wedding to attend? Here’s how you can wear a lace dress without upsetting the bride or her tribe. This mauve lace dress is feminine with its illusion neckline and a svelte waist that opens into a beautiful fit and flare design. You cannot say ‘no’ to this.

8. White Bodycon Dress

Crochet Lace Outfits - White Bodycon Dress
Image: Source

This is a hopelessly romantic white bodycon dress that can sweep anyone off their feet. The high neck white collar, long sleeves, the sweetheart neckline at the front, and zip closure with a keyhole design at the back are indeed stunning ways to incorporate lace into your outfit.

9. Lace Pencil Skirt

Crochet Lace Outfits - Lace Pencil Skirt
Image: Source

Pencil skirts are in right now, whether it is in casual, formal, or party wear. Here’s a skirt that fits our context and looks effortlessly elegant. The nude lace skirt with a powder blue overlay makes it interesting. Pair it with a sleeveless white or nude satin top and nude pumps to look dapper.

10. Off-Shoulder Lace Dress

Crochet Lace Outfits - Off-Shoulder Lace Dress
Image: Source

A lace overlay, sweetheart neckline, and tiered layers are all the details that you need to make this off-shoulder crochet dress look dreamy and delicate.

11. Black Lace Maternity Dress

Crochet Lace Outfits - Black Lace Maternity Dress
Image: Source

This maternity dress that hugs you in the right places and sits just correctly is perfect for creating that beautiful “bumpy” silhouette. Dresses like these are perfect for a pregnancy photo shoot.

12. Lace Overlay Dress

Crochet Lace Outfits - Lace Overlay Dress
Image: Source

Black bodycon dresses are stunning, but add lace to one to take it to the next level. Here’s a dress that sets you apart with its lace overlay and net skirt, getting you all the attention you deserve.

13. Plus Size Crochet Lace Mini Dress

Crochet Lace Outfits - Plus Size Crochet Lace Mini Dress
Image: Source

Play around with the idea of a bodycon dress in this stunning black lace dress. The halter neck design, eyelash lace trim, open back, and lace paneling are all little but exciting details that make this dress a big hit. You need no accessories – just basic makeup, ankle strap heels, and some big hoops are enough to round off this look.

14. Red Lace Cocktail Dress

Crochet Lace Outfits - Red Lace Cocktail Dress
Image: Source

Red, burgundy, and other vibrant colors are perfect for cocktail parties. Since lace brings in the formal streak to the dress, play with cuts, patterns, and other details to make your cocktail dress fun. You can choose a halter neck long dress, a burgundy lace overlay design, or a fit and flare pattern. Lace will complement it all.

15. Short Lace Wedding Dress

Crochet Lace Outfits - Short Lace Wedding Dress
Image: Source

Did you get an invite in the mail that has a formal or semi-formal dress code? Are you freaking out while trying to figure out your outfit? Here’s a lace dress that has all the elements of a formal dress that balances style with elegance perfectly. Wear black pumps, put your hair up in a chignon updo and do your thing.

There is no doubt that lace dresses are gorgeous. But a lace dress transforms into a truly magical outfit when styled with the right shoes. Here’s a handy guide to picking out the perfect shoes for your lace crochet dress.

What Shoes To Wear With Lace Dresses

While there are no hard and fast rules for choosing shoes that go with lace dresses, there are a lot of unsaid ones. The kind of shoes you wear and their color complete your outfit. Elevated shoes like peep toes, pumps, and wedges look the best on lace dresses. But you can give it a good spin by sometimes styling them with ankle booties for a grunge look or gladiators for a boho vibe. Let’s take a look.

What Shoes To Wear With Neutral Lace Dresses

Crochet Lace Outfits - What Shoes To Wear With Neutral Lace Dresses
Image: Shutterstock

Neutral, nude, and pastel shades are easy to style because they are straightforward. Go with nude pumps, ankle strap heels, peep toes, or wedges. Keep them elevated and neutral.

What Shoes To Wear With Black Lace Dresses

Crochet Lace Outfits - What Shoes To Wear With Black Lace Dresses
Image: Shutterstock

A black lace dress worn with black shoes is a standard outfit. Nude, gold, and silver are other exciting choices. Match your accessories with your boots and do not go overboard because your black lace dress does not need anything more.

What Shoes To Wear With White Lace Dresses

Crochet Lace Outfits - What Shoes To Wear With White Lace Dresses
Image: Shutterstock

If you are trying to keep it casual or chic, you can choose Oxfords, Converse shoes, or any tan colored sandals. For everything else, go for ankle straps or other high heels in nude, white, or black. Classy and sophisticated.

What Shoes To Wear With Bold Colored Lace Dresses

Crochet Lace Outfits - What Shoes To Wear With Bold Colored Lace Dresses
Image: Shutterstock, Shutterstock

The easiest approach is to look for shoes or sandals in the same shade or color as your dress. Sometimes, lighter or darker shades work well too because it’s obviously not easy to find an exact match. Creating an ombre effect is a smart way of styling your outfit. Or flip it around by color blocking your shoes and matching the accessories with them.

You can’t go wrong with lace dresses unless you over style them with too many accessories. That’s one lace gaffe most of us make. Take care of basics, and you are all set. Are lace dresses your go-to for special occasions too? Let us know by dropping in a text in the comments section below.

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