10 Creative Wedding Cards To Announce Your Love Story

Gone are the days when wedding cards were a simple affair tucked into an envelope announcing the holy union of the bride and groom. The current generation desires more than just the yesteryear’s greeting card style wedding invites. Today, an invitation involves around story-telling – something quirky, something funny but always oozing love. If you are shopping for a wedding card that leaves an impression, here are some top 10 coolest ( and wackiest ideas) for inspiration:

creative wedding card 1

1. Finding the perfect match is not an easy feat. How about announcing to the world that you have indeed found yours with this literal and fun match box styled wedding invite. Lets the spark fly.


2. This pagdi styled wedding invite box hits the right chord with all the ladke wallahs and baraatis. The colorful rajasthani turban with embellishments and gold container sets the perfect tone for the celebrations ahead.


3. How about styling your wedding card based on your favorite Bollywood or Hollywood movie? A creative wedding cards for the die-hard Bollywood aficionados.

Creative Wedding Card 2


4. Exploring the Bollywood mania furthermore, here are two more gems of wedding invites based on popular romantic comedies Jab We Met and Tanu Weds Manu.


5. Aaj kal tere mere pyaar ke charche akbaar par? Quite literally. This one makes it to the list of the coolest invite with its unique twist to the wedding announcement.


6. For those who like to celebrate the idea of romance and epic love sagas a la Hollywood style, how about sending out a wedding invite styled blockbuster poster?

Creative Wedding Card 3

7. Do your guests plan to get outrageously drunk at your wedding? Will you be passed off a mediocre gift as something specially handpicked for you? Well, here’s your chance to know what is actually on your guest’s mind. This creative wedding cards surely got lot of guffaws and a super amazing popular response checksheet.


8. This one is for the book lovers who are extremely fond of their paperbacks and novels. Present your “Save the date” wedding card in the form of a bestselling novel’s cover page.


9. Now this one requires some effort from your guests! Blow the ballon hard to unravel the details of the wedding venue, date and time.

Creative Wedding Card 4

10. A classic message in a bottle is romantic, charming and a timeless symbol of longing and love. Wrapping up your wedding invite into a message for your guests will surely make them go awww.


11. This is a card which will make everybody teary eyed. Decorated with amazing illustration of two lovers holding two pieces of a puzzle – this card says it all. How the two of you complete each other.


12. If you take your vows seriously, specially the ’till death do us apart’, then this humorous wedding invite would sent your guests rolling on the floor, laughing. If you were aspiring for a halloween theme wedding – need we say, you have found the perfect invite.

Creative Wedding Card 5

13. Get your guests to exercise their facial muscles – with this balloon invite. A quirky DIY invite that will make your invite stand out.


14. Incorporate your love for all things tech, with this quirky wedding card. For all the geeks out there, this wedding invite is custom made for you.


15. This is another creative card that we really liked. The Bride and Groom cutting a pretty picture on the Vespa scooters. With option for customizing background color to fit your wedding colors, this invite is perfect to let the world know – you are ready for the ride.


With million of ideas to try, experiment and whip up, you can come up with your own theme and concept for creating that perfect invite for your big day.