Creative Wedding Card Designs Trending This Wedding Season

Wedding – Usually all about celebrations and splendour on a grand scale, especially when we’re talking about an Indian wedding. Sometimes though, we show the best of our creativity in various areas of wedding day arrangements, but neglect the wedding card or invite.

We’re going to help you change that. Here are some beautiful wedding card designs that we’ve come across in recent times that will help you announce your D-Day celebrations in style.

1. The Grand Entrance


A creative and inspiring design, perfect for your wedding day. The intricate work on the on the front of the card makes it ideal for those looking for detail, and the rich hues of the card make it at once classy and eye-catching.

2. The Digital E-Card For The Couples of Y-Generation

The-Digital-E-Card-For-The-Couples-of-Y-Generation-Creative-wedding -Card-Designs

The future is here and it can make your wedding day the most memorable one! Using this perfect e-card design for your wedding invites, will make you stand out. Made with exceptional care and awesome patterns, this is a totally unique and amazing wedding card that is surely going to attract everyone’s attention. Bonus? You can send it to anyone whom you would like to invite, just in a jiffy.

3. A Scroll Affair

A-Scroll-Affair-Creative-wedding -Card-Designs

Treat all your guests whom you are planning to invite on your wedding day by giving them this perfectly crafted wedding invite which comes in a scroll. It is a beautiful and traditional way of letting your loved ones know about such a big day of your life and they will be thrilled to get this perfect wedding invite for the grand occasion. They might keep it saved as an heirloom for years too, as a memory of the day of your wedding! Makes perfect sense.

4. It’s All About Making The Headlines

It’s-All-About-Making-The-Headlines-Creative-wedding -Card-Designs

Grab the attention of your guests in a quirky and fun manner by choosing this perfectly creative idea for your wedding invites. The layout of a newspaper with the headlines announcing your wedding and the picture perfect collage with that perfect caption is all that you need to make your wedding a fabulous one. Just go ahead and be the news! And the hottest one too.

5. A Card With A Twist To It

A-Card-With-A-Twist-To-It-Creative-wedding -Card-Designs

It is an intricately crafted and well finished wedding invite that is much more than just a card. It imbibes the story of your life, and the huge step that you are about to take. Get this artistically satisfying wedding invite if you want a wedding card that mesmerizes everyone.

6. The Magic Of 3D

The-Magic-Of-3D-Creative-wedding -Card-Designs

Creative designers are using all the possible technologies to make things awesome for your wedding day. And this perfectly crafted 3D wedding card design is something that is all you need to create a lasting impression on the minds of your guests when you invite them for your wedding celebration.

7. The Match Effect

The-Match-Effect-Creative-wedding -Card-Designs

With the use of a classic design and superb harmony of colors, the intricate details manage to set the best tone for your wedding day. These invites will be loved by each and every one.

8. The Scrolls Of Love

The-Scrolls-Of-Love-Creative-wedding -Card-Designs

Lovingly crafted scroll designs for wedding invites that you can consider for this season. The theme of deep, light and dark colors and the embossing in gold and silver will make it a perfect choice for such occasions and be a delightful sight for everyone.

9. A Jar Of Happiness


Instead of going for the typical wedding cards, go for this more unique jar design and surprise the invitees, your family, friends and loved ones.

10. The Touch Of Beautiful Nature

The-Touch-Of-Beautiful-Nature-Creative-wedding -Card-Designs

Be inspired by nature and imbibe that same beauty of nature in your life too. Choose this awesome wedding invite that takes its cue from beautiful nature, and make your wedding day a very special one.

11. The Compartments Of Happiness

The-Compartments-Of-Happiness-Creative-wedding -Card-Designs

A Quirky and cute wedding invite card that comprises of different compartments for all the goodies that you will send along with the invite. Shower your love to all your family and friends by sending them this perfectly crafted wedding card.

12. The Royal Affair

The-Royal-Affair-Creative-wedding -Card-Designs

When you are going for a grand wedding then why not select a royal wedding card too, to keep up with the theme of the wedding?

13. Save The Date

Save-The-Date-Creative-wedding -Card-Designs

Tell your friends and loved ones to save the date for your wedding celebrations by sending them this beautifully designed wedding invite that is perfect for the occasion. The affordable yet unique design of the card is something that is sure to catch everyone’s attention.

14. Wedding On The News

Wedding-On-The-News-Creative-wedding -Card-Designs

Enjoy being featured on the front page of your wedding invite magazine that is based on the theme of a high-end fashion or lifestyle magazine. It will be so much fun to see yourself featured with your would-be-husband or wife!

15. Picture Perfect

picture-Perfect -Creative-wedding -Card-Designs

The most prominent and highlighting feature of the card is the centre picture of you and your partner positioned skillfully with all the required details in the card.

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