Bengali Wedding Cards - 7 Creative Cards To Announce Your Union

Bengali wedding cards: Weddings are a celebration of love, life and bonding. They are a once-in-a lifetime affairs and hence, traditionally- across communities – everyone from friends, relatives, elders in the family and the community to acquaintances are invited to come and shower the newlyweds with love, good wishes and blessings. Invitation cards today are seen as not only a perfect platform to showcase your imitable style and personality but also set the tone for the upcoming events. We have shared with you on Thebridalbox, series of clever and creative wedding cards, expensive royal cards and even 40 unique ideas for wedding invitation cards that will make yours stand out ( probably even be saved and framed!) apart from exploring invites from various states and communities and how each one carries a unique stamp of authenticity and vibrancy. Bengalis are known for their art, culture and higher perspectives towards life. Their weddings too, are a mirror image of their personalities and thus, the Bengali weddings are subtle, stylish, traditional yet warm and light hearted celebrations of love and life.

Bengali Wedding Cards

Just as how Bengali weddings are known for their simplicity and subtlety, the Bengali wedding cards too – carry that theme and decor. The Bengali wedding cards are generally traditional, with the mandatory picture of Mother Goddess or Lord Jagganadh with his wife as a staple fixture. The cards are elaborate and the textures are grand and vivid. From handmade paper to gold embossed thread work, Bengali wedding cards over time have become exquisite hand outs which are seen as a precursor to the wedding and what is in store. Many modern Bengali couples are seen opting for subtle, simple and European styles with English wordings and simple fonts on pastel colours. Thus, the Bengali wedding card market has evolved into small yet well oiled industry. The fact that Kolkata has been a hub for traditional art and design and for ages has been a centre for trade has greatly helped in the evolution of the Bengali wedding cards. From customized designer and calligraphy artists to ready made on-the-go printers who have some very interesting and vibrant designs, Bengali Wedding Cards are a perfect culmination of style and substance. If you are looking for Bengali wedding cards – here are five card ideas to inspire you.

Sensuous Appeal - Bengali Wedding Cards

1. Traditional Bengali Wedding card

A beautiful and traditional Bengali wedding card design with a flowing floral motif that gives the card a unique theme and feel.

2. An Innovative Disc On Fabric Card

A beautiful Bengali wedding card that is Indian in its style and theme but global in its design. With a very unique disc shaped design that has been hand printed on velvet, this fabric textured card really stand out in the plethora of themes and textures that are available in the market today.

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3. A Unique Triangle

Artistic cards are taking the bridal market by storm, and this beautifully crafted triangular shaped card proves how far our Bengali wedding cards or the Indian wedding cards for that matter have come – in terms of style, innovation, design and textures.

4. A Stunning Moroccan Inspired Scroll Invite

A beautiful Moroccan inspired card for the Bengali Muslim couple that brings the two traditional colors – red and white together for a royal feel. You can have your wedding invitation message personalised and even read it like a royal invite – heck why not!

Delightful Design - Bengali Wedding Cards

5. Magical Mandala Motif

A simple and classy wedding invite with a beautiful mandala motif with a pure white background. A stunning card that makes a stylish yet subtle statement like no other.

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6. The Typical Bengali Bridal Motif

Here is a typical Bengali bridal motif, one that represents the bride and the groom and a brick red background. A simple card that makes for a elegant Bengali wedding card invite.

7.The Laser Cut Classic

This card is a stunner all the way. A spectacular floral motif design that has been laser cut and engraved on a shiny subtly cream background with rare stone highlights like no other. A beautiful wedding card that is truly Bengali in its style and feel. In fact this design theme has been very popular with the affluent business families of the city and has been a hit – across vendors.

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