18 Most Creative & Fun Ways To Announce You’re Pregnant

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Congratulations! The test result is positive, and you are already beaming with joy and happiness. So now that you know you are pregnant, the next thing to do is to announce it to your family, friends and loved ones.

Are you looking for some fun ways to share your good news, instead of simply announcing your pregnancy? If you nodded along, scroll down for some of our exciting ideas on how to break the news to your near and dear ones.

Creative Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy:

Here are a few fun, creative, and interesting ways that will let you announce your pregnancy:

1. Book It:

Instead of saying it out loud and clear to your partner or even to friends and family who visit, you can say it with a book!

  • Buy a few books on pregnancy and looking after newborns.
  • Place these books carefully on your coffee table, center table, next to your bedside table and other places where they will be easily visible.
  • Most pregnancy and baby care related books will let everyone know that you and your partner are about to have a child. Some such books that will be helpful are ones that talk about different baby names, books that talk about the different stages of parenting, books that help about taking care of a newborn, books that explain the different ways in which you can give birth and so on and so forth.

2. The Papa Pea:

The Papa Pea
Image: Shutterstock

Once you conceive, your unborn baby will be as tiny as a little green pea, so why not use the same to announce your pregnancy?

  • Wait for your partner to come back home. If both of you have already been planning to have a baby, your partner may be anxious about the results all the time. If your pregnancy is unplanned but you know that your partner will be looking forward to it, this can be a great way to break the news!
  • Once your partner is with you, ask them to extend their palm. Take a little green pea and place it in your partner’s palm. Now gently close the palm and tell your partner something like, “This is how big our unborn baby is right at this moment.”
  • Your partner may first not understand the meaning at all and may look at you with a blank or puzzled expression. Make sure you keep smiling and nodding and be prepared to see the reality dawn and catch your partner’s expression!

3. Baby Feet And Baby Shoes:

Baby Feet And Baby Shoes
Image: IStock

Everyone loves those tiny and oh so cute baby shoes, so it is yet another very cute and very interesting way to announce your pregnancy to the world!

  • Take out your partner’s and your shoes and place them prominently in the shoe area or at a location where they will easily be visible.
  • Buy a pair of cute baby booties and place them in the middle of your and your partner’s shoes.
  • If you want to break the news to your partner first, you can do so by keeping the shoe surprise ready for your partner before they reach home. You could place it on your porch, along with your and your partner’s pair of shoes. You could also place it right inside the main door, where you are sure your partner will be able to see it the moment they walk in the door.
  • When you want to announce it to others, you can place it inside your main door in such a way that it will be easily visible to your guests.
  • Alternatively, you can also click a picture of the same and share it with your family and friends.

4. Chalkboard Message Time:

Chalkboard Message Time
Image: IStock

A chalkboard is a great way to write out the big news that you are pregnant, as it is also a medium that brings back images of school and childhood.

  • Place a big chalk board on one of your walls or place it on the wall next to a wall.
  • You can write out an interesting message on it, one that will talk about your pregnancy and about the new member who will soon be a part of your family.
  • If you know the date or the approximate month when your baby is due to arrive, you can spell it out on the board with a message to go with it.
  • Alternatively, you can also write out in a clear message that you are pregnant, by writing some interesting messages, such as “Yes, we are going to be two plus one,” or “Be ready to meet our newest member soon.” Write anything that will give the message that a new member is already on board.
  • If you want to share the message with those family members and friends who live far, you can use the same technique but with a little difference. Once you have decorated your chalkboard with the message of your choice, stand in front of it and get yourself clicked. You can then share the image with those you want to announce it to.

5. Pop The Balloon:

Pop The Balloon
Image: IStock

As soon as you know that you are pregnant, you will get one of your very first prenatal examinations done by your doctor. At this appointment, your doctor will also check you and give you the expected date of your baby’s arrival.

  • Once you know the date when your baby is expected to be born, you can make use of the same to do your announcement.
  • Take a couple of balloons and a marker pen. Inflate the balloon and make sure you tie it to secure it first. Once the balloon is ready, write out a message on it that will help everyone know that you are pregnant.
  • Both you and your partner can participate in the same, and you can both hold two different messages on the balloon.
  • Write a message on one balloon that says something such as “Expected To Pop” and write out the date or year and month to the other.
  • Click a pic for you and your partner holding the balloon and send it out to friends and family.

6. Baby Number:

Baby Number
Image: Shutterstock

If you already have another baby or child and this is not your first pregnancy, you can use a very smart way of announcing to your friends and family members that you are going to have another baby.

  • Take a beautiful picture frame and place a plain paper inside. Write down the sequence of your child’s birth on the paper. For instance, if you have one baby or child, write out the word ‘ONE’ on the paper. If you have more children, write the numbers on separate pieces of paper and place them in separate picture frames. On another piece of paper, write out the number that your new baby will be, for instance if it is baby number two or three, write out ‘TWO’ or ‘THREE.’
  • Let your baby or child sit on the chair and hold a picture frame with the number that corresponds to their birth. For instance, your first born will hold the picture frame that has the paper with the word ‘ONE’ written on it, the second born will hold the picture frame that has the paper with the word ‘TWO’ written on it and so on.
  • Once your child or children are seated and are holding the picture frame with their corresponding numbers, place an empty and tiny chair next to them. Place the picture frame that has the number of the new baby who is about to be born.
  • Click a picture and share it with your family members and friends.

7. The First Ultrasound Image:

The First Ultrasound Image
Image: Shutterstock

Your first ultrasound test will not be done for at least the first few weeks or months after you are pregnant.

  • Sometimes, you might not want to announce the news of your pregnancy too soon and may instead want to wait for the first trimester to pass before you share the news with others. In that case, you can use your baby’s first ultrasound image to announce the happy news to your family members and friends.
  • Once your first ultrasound test is done, you can ask your doctor to give you a snapshot to take back home.
  • To share the news with those family members and friends who stay far, you can scan the image and share it via mail or social media, whatever mode you prefer.
  • To share the news with those who will be visiting your home, and if you are okay to display it to the world, you can also place the ultrasound image in a picture frame and display it on a wall that will be prominent.

8. Pet Favorite:

Pet Favorite
Image: IStock

If you have a pet at home, you already have an older sibling who is waiting eagerly for your new baby to arrive soon.

  • Bring your pet into the spotlight to show your family members and friends that another baby is coming along to make your family grow bigger.
  • Take a chalkboard and write out a message that tells the world that you are pregnant. You can write out something such as “big brother waiting excitedly for the new baby” or something such as “going to be a big brother soon.” Place the chalkboard on the floor and let your pet sit next to it. Click it and share the picture with your family members and friends.
  • You can click an image with both you and your partner sitting on the ground with your pet. Place a tiny chair next to you and keep a pair of baby booties on the same.

9. The New Addition:

The New Addition
Image: IStock

The new baby will be an addition to your family, so why not let your family members and friends get involved in trying to solve an addition problem?

  • Stand with your partner and keep some space between the two of you. If you have already had a child, make sure your child is also in the picture.
  • Keep a chalkboard between you and write out how many members you already have in your family. For instance, if it is just you and your partner, write out the addition problem as 1 + 1 = 2. If you also have a child, write it out as 2 + 1 + (1 more coming soon) = 4 and so on.
  • Click a photo of yourselves and send it to your family members and friends.

10. Yes, It’s Positive:

Yes, It’s Positive
Image: IStock

If you got to know of your pregnancy by doing a pregnancy test at home, you may want to showcase the star of the day by showing it off to your family members and friends.

  • You can click a picture of yourself by holding up the pregnancy test stick in such a way that it shows the number of lines that signify a positive test result.
  • Alternately, if you are not comfortable to show off your used pregnancy test stick, you can take a fresh one and make a few changes to it. Take a small piece of paper and write out the word ‘yes’ and the sign ‘+’ on it. Now paste it in the result display area of the pregnancy test stick and click an image of yourself holding it.

11. Waiting With The Soft Toys And Baby Booties:

Waiting With The Soft Toys And Baby Booties
Image: Shutterstock

Nothing shares the excitement and feeling of having a baby than a pair of cute baby booties and a few soft toys, items that will surely tell the world that you are talking about a baby.

  • Arrange a few soft toys at a prominent place in your home where you are sure your guests will be able to notice it as soon as they come and sit in.
  • Get a cute pair of baby booties and place it in between the soft toys, such that it is also easily visible and almost becomes the main piece there.
  • Once your guests come in, they will either immediately understand what you are trying to tell them or may ask you about it.

12. I Am Going To Be A Big Sister Or Brother:

I Am Going To Be A Big Sister Or Brother
Image: Shutterstock

Let your older child play the role of the big sibling by sharing a cute message that you can then share with your family members and friends.

  • Let your child sit in front of a wall and arrange lots of cute toys in front.
  • You can use some wall decals to write out an interesting message such as “I am going to be a big sister” or “I am going to be a big brother.”
  • Alternatively, you can write the same on a chalkboard and let your child hold the same.
  • If you want, you can also place a pair of baby booties on the floor next to the soft toys and let your child point to the same with a big smile.
  • Click the image and share it with your family and friends.

13. Rattling The Baby Items:

Rattling The Baby Items
Image: Shutterstock

Now that you are pregnant, you will soon be bringing home lots of baby items, so why not use some to announce the good news to the world as well?

  • Get a couple of diapers, a baby bottle, a baby rattle and a pair of cute baby booties.
  • Place them together and click a cute image that screams out all things baby.
  • Share it with your family and friends.
  • If you wish, you can also print it out and place it on your center table in a picture frame. Each time someone comes to your home, they are sure to notice the image and ask you about it!

14. Wrap It Up In A Bow:

Wrap It Up In A Bow
Image: Shutterstock

You are pregnant and it is surely one of the biggest gifts you could ever have asked for, so why not share with the world the news that you have a lovely gift already waiting inside you?

  • Throw a party for your closest family members and friends but do not tell them what it is about. Ask them to just come over.
  • Take a big beautiful ribbon and tie it around your belly. If you are comfortable with showing off your middle area, you can wear a short top that will show off your bare belly and wrap the bow around it.
  • If you are not comfortable with the above idea, you can simply take a big ribbon and tie it over your clothes on your belly to make a big bow.
  • Rest assured, the moment your family members and friends start to come in, they will understand what you are trying to tell them.

15. Write Out The Birth Dates:

Write Out The Birth Dates
Image: IStock

Here is another very romantic, creative and actually cute way of announcing to your family members and friends that you are about to have a baby.

  • Take a chalk and write out your birth year and month on the sole of your shoes. Make sure that both you and your partner do it on your respective shoes.
  • Get a pair of baby boots or shoes and write your baby’s expected date of delivery on the same.
  • Wear your shoes and sit on the floor with your legs stretched in front of you. The main focus in this image should be the soles of your shoes. Prop up the baby shoes in such a way that the expected due date is visible.
  • Both you and your partner can kiss or embrace in the background while making sure that the shoes and the birth dates get the most amount of focus.

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16. Bump Ahead:

Bump Ahead
Image: Shutterstock

Now that you are pregnant, you will soon be sporting that beautiful baby bump and showing it off to the world. So why not use the message to announce your pregnancy too?

  • Get a sign that says “bump ahead” and ask your partner to hold it.
  • You can stand next to the sign while your partner points at you, trying to show that you are the one who is going to have a bump.
  • Click and send it across to your family members and friends and they will love the creativity of the way you announced it!
  • Alternatively, instead of getting a sign at home, you could also stand next to one on a street and ask your partner to place a hand near or on it and point to you with the other. All you have to do is to stand nearby with your arms on your belly, and a smile on your face and your message will be loud and clear.

17. Remember The Date:

Remember The Date
Image: Shutterstock

Yes, once you have the expected date of your baby’s arrival, there are so many different ways that you can use to announce your pregnancy to the world!

  • If you already know whether you are going to have a baby girl or a baby boy, you can buy a pair of booties in either pink or blue. If you are not sure about it yet, go for a neutral color, such as white, green, gray, yellow, orange-brown or any other colors.
  • Set up the calendar in such a way that you have the date easily visible. If your doctor has given you a particular date, make sure you can show it off. If you are not sure about the date, you can simply open the calendar to the particular month and make sure it is easily noticeable.
  • Place the booties around or on the calendar date or month and click it. Share it with family members and friends.

18. A Bun In The Oven:

A Bun In The Oven
Image: IStock

You have most likely heard the saying “A bun in the oven” that means that you are pregnant, right? So here is a fun way to announce your pregnancy!

  • Get a bun and get ready to eat it! You can either simply hold it in your hands and reach towards it as if you are about to take a bite or take a bite out of it and still hold it in your hands.
  • Either way, the message will be loud and clear, but to make it easy for those who may not necessarily understand it, you can write it out and place it nearby.

Being pregnant is one of the biggest exciting news you can share with your family and friends, so make sure you try out some of the ideas we shared.

How did you share the news about your pregnancy? Do add some more interesting ways to our ideas!

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