7 Types Of Couples You See On Every College Campus

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College is a time for being broke, eating stale food and late night movie marathons on the eve of important, career defining exams. But I’m sure we can all agree that most of all, college is a time when love is in the air and romance blossoms. Here are 7 of the most commonly found types of couples that litter lawns and libraries throughout colleges across the land.

1. The Lovey-Dovey Couple

This is the kind of couple that must hold hands as they stroll down to class and must sit next to each other in every one of those classes, all the while giggling throughout the length of the lecture. Your Facebook feed is filled with their mushy messages to each other, and frankly after the first few weeks, you’re entirely sick at the sight of them, which seems to be entirely the opposite reaction they have for each other.

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2. The “We’re not a couple” Couple

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They’ve been spotted canoodling in the lawns in the odd hours of the morning; both of them seem to only want to go to the (otherwise empty) library after the day of the exam and fate has them always in the same group for every class project, yet they vehemently deny being together or even being interested in each other. Whatever their reason for doing so, the entire college knows of their proximity and they just draw further attention to themselves in their efforts to stay hidden.

3. The First To Do Everything Couple

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They were the first members of class to talk to someone of the opposite gender, the first official pairing of the college year, the first to put up a photo of them as a couple on their respective social media accounts and the first ones to get into a serious fight and then make up as well… all the while the other students are getting a handle on the curriculum for the semester and figuring out where to get late night chai.

4. The “They used to be friends with us” Couple

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You know the type. You all hung out together in a big group and your activities involved chilling, gossiping and generally enjoying college life. But then they went ahead and hooked up, and that was the last anyone ever heard of them. Calls go unreturned, messages go unanswered and it’s like they fell off the map. You barely know of their existence until you see them together after class grabbing a samosa, at which point you call out to them, only for them to slink away again.

5. The “Why are you two a couple?” Couple

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Let’s be honest, not all of us are bastions of maturity in our college days. In fact, we’re quite the mess when it comes to matters of the heart, money, friendship or most anything else really, but there is a limit… and the constant bickering, yelling fighting, and worst of all, relationship status changing on Facebook (that darned thing again) crosses the line. You wonder if they’re having the most mind blowing and steamy sex that makes all of it worthwhile, but then you go out with them for lunch and realize that nothing makes up for their absolute incompatibility in every sphere of life.

6. The “Meant to be” Couple

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You know when you see two people that just belong together, and they’re… together? It just makes so much sense that it makes you feel some things are alright in this world. They’re unassuming, perfectly normal individuals that get good grades and don’t particularly bother other people. Or interest them. They just do their thing, being together, in their own perfect time and space, and everyone is happy to let them do just that.

7. The Perfect Couple

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An extension of the previous type, but much rarer, and certainly much more noticeable. Greek god looks on the guy are perfectly complemented by the Aphrodite-like slice of human perfection he’s dating. Not only are they blessed with the most perfect genetics, they’re both exceptional students, but not in a flashy way. In fact, there’s no discernable qualities to either of them that would make you hate them (and consequently feel better about yourself). They’re friendly, charming, beautiful and you know they will go on to make perfect babies in their big city mansion, in between bouts of fly fishing and being doctors, lawyers and other handsomely paid professionals.

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