Do Couples Who Don’t Sleep Together Stay Together?

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Love is beautiful alright! The first few years of togetherness are amazing and life becomes all about making the most valuable memories. But there are a few couples out there who start to lose the spark with every day that passes by. And especially when in bed they wonder why their partner has turned their back towards them. They wonder why isn’t there anymore spooning happening or why isn’t there any more of those cuddling and sleeping. Our parents or grandparents might have had these problems too. But they lived in a conservative environment back then and discussing problems like these were nothing but an embarrassment during the time.

Aren’t we lucky guys? We live in a world where we encourage being open about feelings to everybody around us. Therefore, if you find any of the red flags, please do discuss about it with your partner. Find out what’s so wrong about your sleeping arrangement with your partner if it is affecting the bond so much.


Is it possible that the way you sleep with your partner also talks about the health of your relationship? Sleeping with your partner is very important for many reasons. One is that it’s in bed where you both can just be yourself in the best manner. There are no distractions or disturbances. Living together is beautiful and the biggest perk of it is to fall asleep in your lover’s arms, isn’t it? So, for now, ignore what palm readers or fortune tellers have to say and take a look at what the below-sleeping positions convey about your relationship.

1. The Starfish

If your partner sleeps on his/her back with arms and legs spread out wide. This position can be termed as starfish. And this means that your partner is quite the selfish one in your relationship because naturally, they aren’t minding about the fact that you’re not having enough space to sleep because of their starfish sleeping habits. People who sleep like this love focusing on just themselves and not anybody else, not even their love interests.

2. The Snuggle Sleeper

The Snuggle Sleeper
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If your partner or you ever hug a pillow and sleep while facing your back to your partner, it means that you are craving for some affection. You miss hugging and sleeping, and more importantly, you miss the intimacy between you two. If this is the case, we urge you to have a talk with your partner first. Because it’s better to hug your partner and sleep rather than hugging a pillow, right? Duh!

3. Back To Back

Back To Back
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If you find your partner and yourself sleeping facing each other’s backs and there’s a gap between your backs — this signals that there are some serious problems in your relationship. Sleeping this way shows that intimacy is missing between the two of you. It also shows that you both aren’t faring that well outside your bed too.

4. Stomach Sleepers

Stomach Sleepers
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This type of sleeping is a very rare thing among couples. And even if they do sleep on their stomachs, it’s nothing serious. It’s just a sign that they are over-exhausted. If your partner and you are doing this way too often, it could be because of your respective busy everyday schedules as well. But if you’re doing it more than just once or twice, make it a habit to show some affection and love before you both hit the snooze button and fall asleep on your tummies.

5. The Spoon

The Spoon
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This is the perfect position to be sleeping in for a couple. It shows the love, the affection, and also the levels of intimacy between the couple. Usually, it’s the man who hugs his woman from behind line a spoon. At times, it could also be the woman doing it. Whoever is doing it, as long as it’s happening, your relationship is doing perfectly fine.

6. The Snuggle And Sleep

The Snuggle And Sleep
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This is the sleeping position where the partners are hugging or cuddling each other and sleeping. It shows how passionate the two are with each other. Such couples usually are stuck in their honeymoon phase we believe *giggles*.

7. The Mixed-Signal Sleep

The Mixed-Signal Sleep
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In this, the couple usually keeps their upper bodies apart but intertwines their legs or hands while sleeping together. This signals that the couple sure does love each other but they have some issue lingering at the back of their head. They’re neither letting go of that issue nor are they sorting it out.

8. The In-Love Sleep

The In-Love Sleep
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When the man is sleeping on his back while his woman is all snuggled up in his arms, it’s a very positive and lovely sign. It shows that your world is like a nest of love. And you both are very affectionate and caring towards each other.

So, how do you and your partner sleep with each other? Does it match with any of the above-mentioned signs? Let us know in the comments below. Also, no matter what kind of a problem knocks at your door, solve it by talking and being honest with your partner. Keep loving peeps!

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