Couple Weds Despite The Floods In Chennai. Proves That Love Literally Sails

The recent Chennai floods have been the worst in the history of the city. With more than 95% of the city being under water – we woke up to stories of heroism, humanity and official apathy. But here is a story that’ll put a smile on your face, one that proves that love sails, literally in this case.

This is the story of two Chennai techies, Purnima and Rajagopal, who work in the USA and have come to the city to marry in the midst of family and friends from the city. That’s when the floods happened and in fact the couple had their share of anxious moments too. The bride lives in the Velachery area and was rescued just a couple of hours before her wedding while the groom and his family lost contact with everyone else for almost four days.

But as they say, when there’s love and you really want something- everyone and everything will work for you and that’s what just happened in the case of Purnima and Rajagopal.

Rajagopal and his family were rescued just in time for the wedding and in fact he had no other way but to take a boat to arrive at the wedding. Though this has been a really hard time for everyone from the city – this couple’s epic marriage surely makes it one of the sweetest, cutest weddings in the city we’ve seen.

And it proves another important point – that love prevails and you really don’t need all the paraphernalia to have an awesome wedding – happy hearts and two souls madly in love is all you need.

Here’s wishing Purnima and Rajagopal an awesome wedded life and we hope Chennai and its citizens stay strong through this hard times.