Top 9 Countries With The Most Beautiful Women In The World

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1. Sweden

So what makes Swedish women an ideal standard of Western beauty?
Known for being statuesque, blonde, and fit, Swedish women are a result of the mighty Vikings spreading their genes across the Scandinavian countries. As the Vikings raided villages and townships across Scandinavia, they took with them the prettiest of women as bounty, thus resulting in strong, built, and attractive offspring. The national average for women in terms of height across Sweden is 5’6 versus the average of 5’4 in America and 5’0 in India.

2. Italy

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With olive-toned skin and curvaceous figures that are attributed to their love for Pasta, it’s no wonder Italian women are some of the most beautiful women in Europe. From Sophia Loren to Monica Bellucci, Italian women have stolen both Italian and American cinema with their attractiveness, outgoing nature, gorgeous brunette locks, and accents. What really makes Italian women beautiful though, is that they don’t shy away from indulging in food. Despite Milan being Italy’s fashion capital and filled to the brim with skinny models, you’ll see Italian women indulging in pizza and gelato. This is because of how healthy Mediterranean food is. From eating fresh produce to dowsing their food with olive oil, Italian women can cook one delicious meal.

3. Colombia

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With their golden brown tans, thick, healthy hair, and curvaceous figures, it’s no wonder Colombian women are known for their hot and exotic looks. From Shakira to Sofia Vergara, Colombian women have taken Hollywood by storm and made a name for themselves across different spheres. Besides being beautiful, Colombian women are confident and proud of their culture and heritage, which only makes them more attractive.

4. India

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Because India is so diverse, beauty comes in all forms. Women from the South of the country are known for their elegant brown skin, thick dark hair, and large Bambi eyes.
Women from the North-East are known for their shiny, straight hair and alluring olive skin tone. Women from the Northern part of the country are known for their fair porcelain skin, slender yet strong bodies, and almond-shaped eyes.
All in all, India’s diversity is what draws people in, and the hospitality and kindness of the people is what makes them stay.

5. Iran

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The Middle East is known for being the home of some of the finest looking women in the world. With an exotic mix of tanned skin and light eyes and hair, it’s no wonder some of the most stunning models in the world are Persian. Their thick hair is the stuff of envy for women across the globe. Since most of them choose to wear a Hijab or Burqa, they focus on enhancing their facial features instead and are exceptionally well-groomed.

6. Brazil

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Known for their powerful striking features, Brazilian women are extremely diverse due to immigration. Don’t be surprised if you find an equal number of both blonde and brunette women in Brazil. Like the United States, Brazil is a melting pot of different cultures.
Known for their lively nature, voluptuous figures, and super friendly character, Brazilian women are striking — both in terms of their distinct features and their sense of merriment.

7. Egypt

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The home of the then-most beautiful woman in the world Princess Cleopatra, it’s no wonder that Egypt shows up on this list. Most Egyptian women are blessed with youthful round faces and have high cheekbones, striking light eyes, and full lips. After the 2011 Egyptian revolution, women started using fashion to make a political statement. They started wearing brightly colored Hijabs and bold jewelry, which only added to their beauty and appeal.

8. Nigeria

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Nigerian women are famous for being tall, sensual, curvaceous, and charming. With beautiful copper-toned skin, it’s no surprise that some of the continent’s most stunning actresses come from Nigeria. They are also known for their charm, bravery, and creative nature.

9. Australia

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With beachy hair and an easy-going nature, it’s no wonder that Aussie women make it big in Hollywood. From Nicole Kidman to Margot Robbie to Rebel Wilson, Australian women are known for their interesting accents and witty sense of humor. They’re also known for being super fun, sporty and would most definitely not turn down a pint of beer at their favorite sports bar.

In the end, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and what is beautiful to one might not really be considered beautiful to another. Everyone is beautiful and special in their own unique way.
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