12 Radically Cool New Year Gifts For Your Lover

So the New Year is here, with another boring gift season. You get to again ‘surprise’ the bae with yet another ‘surprising’ gift. If you’re creative you’d fair much better, but otherwise you better get looking for tickets to a nice New Year bash to make up for the horror that is slow death from that ‘thing’ you decided to get him or her.

Okay, it’s not all that morose, but the best gift for an immediate loved one, like a lover, is always a combo of little funny trinkets and this one big proper present. Your small stuff can be DIY or cheap silly stuff like a rubber ducky. But the proper gift, that one had better make the cut. That should give you a solid notion of what you need to get your ‘precious person’. If not, here’s a bunch of ideas that will get you there. In fact they’re so good, they are really cool presents themselves.

Have a look.

1. Instant Digi cam (Polaroid)

This was featured in The Vamps ‘Wake Up’. It lets you take pictures with instant prinouts, ‘polaroids’ of the current age, if you will. They double up as home decor help-outs if you want a collage wall. It’s an old way to immortalize memories with actual prints.

2. Unicycle


This is the latest gadget making headlines; self-balanced and really futuristic, this uni-scooter is a very cool gift for guys and girls. If you really want to top this one, you’ll have to get the ‘lova’ a hovercraft; which basically means you can’t top this one.

3. Disco Set

Okay, so, you can vary this any way you know the S.O. will like it. You can just get the auto rotating disco crystal ball, or go retro and get the actual shiny disco ball and couple it with the lights, and projectors. It’s a great present if your sweetness is in college.



Again you can vary this gift. Go uber old school, and get them a classy big jukebox, analogue,

or hit digital and the one you want in your price range. They come if different sizes, and they all have the same function- music.

5. Light Saber Set


This one’s in honour of the traitorous new movie that I will not name. You can purchase the regular ones online. The more the better; they double up as bedroom lights. I will ‘not’ suggest messing with the proper original series and getting a golden glow-in-the-dark bustier to go along with it.

6. The Kit


Pay attention, kit purchasers. This gift needs to be cool enough to beat the mundane tag, so go with variation. More numbers, more items in different sizes. Sometimes you’ll have to get two or three different sets and combine them. The idea is to make your boo feel like they’re armed for combat training bootcamp, either for M.A.C. or Gilette, or whichever bootcamp you plan on running him/her through.

7. Cosplay

This is the spouse/ to-be-spouse gift. You can try cute, or kinky, or lazy, or creepy or cult. Go for the pikachu or reptar onesie. Or get crazy and be vampires. You must channel your inner nerd for this one. Downtown Abbey works just as nicely as DDLJ.

8. PSP

Yeah, i’m talking this one gadget that was available sometime in the last decade. It’s actually still worth it; here at home, most of us are not big on gameboy gaming, but it is a big deal among the other Southeast Asian nations. And no, I don’t mean the usual under-200 kb games. No, I’m talking sims and FF Mobius, hardcore.

Again, this is a unisex gift, since a lot of roleplay and sim games are here. Make sure you ‘bling’ your PSP with a suitable cover, for that additional wow factor.

9. Girlfriend/Boyfriend Pillow

You’d normally present your pooh-bear with this one only when you can’t be there always for cuddling. This works out if you’re in a long distance thing, or if you’re living with the rents or in college. For that personal touch, ‘clothe’ the pillow with something of yours that the S.O. remembers you wearing.

10. Paintball And Water Gun Set


Remember the rules about sets; well, the paintball set is the mother of it all. Paintball guns and water guns use similar pressures, so as long as you don’t run with cold water in Delhi, you’re good to go. The plan is to keep this set on handy for friendly fire wars, so more the better. The plan is to have enough equipment for round of RL CS.

11. Le Robot

The price range, thankfully, varies on this one, so you can get one real cheap or you can blow a ton and get ‘Nao’. The robo market is waking up, and you can get build-a-bot kits or get the real deal. All kinds of programmable kits are available in the market, if you want to make a one-of-a-kind robot for your bae.

 12. Alarm Clock


It is last on the list coz it still doesn’t cut it, unless your lovely soulmate can’t get his/her ass out of bed in the morning. Yeah, one in twelve of us will be unlucky enough to date one of these sloths very early in life.  It’s upto you to you to save your sloth from himself/herself, and give them that push into responsible adulthood.