Conquer Her Heart Like A Pirate! Here's How

Ahoy there landlubber! Have you recently found your loving texts and doting messages a bit bland? And are you looking to add a bit of variety and flavour to your language for a change? If you answered “yes!” you’re in luck, for we have just the thing for you.


Behold, the pirate translator. That’s right. No more will your goodnight texts be afflicted with boringitis, and your silly texts of love be indistinguishable from the norm. Because we’re super nice, we’ve also added some useful phrases for you, in pirate language of course!

I’m thinking of you baby! = I be thinkin’ o’ ye sprog!

I hope you have a good day! = I woe ye have a jolly day!

I miss you a lot my darling! = I comely wench ye a lot me darlin’!

Let’s go out for dinner! = Let’s go out fer some grub!

Will you be my girlfriend? = Will ye be me strumpet?

You are the perfect guy for me! = Ye be th’ perfect scallywag fer me!

I need you to come fix my computer = I needs ye t’ come fix me ‘puter

Where do you want to go for the weekend, my love? = Where do ye wants t’ go fer th’ weekend me love?

This food is almost as delicious as you are! = This grub be nigh­on as delicious as ye be!


Okay, that was fun! Now, for an added benefit, here are some short poems, in pirate verse of course:







And that’s it from us. Be sure to check out the pirate translator for more piratey goodness… Yo home hearties, sail on!