15 Confused Love Quotes: Coz Love is Chaos And Disaster Too

Confused love quotes make sense, and they tell the goddamn truth. Love is so damn confusing that it’s not even funny. Sure, nothing worth ever having is straightforward, but when it comes to love, there is a whole new level of “what the heck?!” going on.

Why? We’ll let’s see… there’s the fact that our hearts are on stake, our pride on the line and in some cases, our reputation hangs in the balance. Confidence seems to waver between “all time high” to “crushed sardine box.” Money’s a help, but unlike with most other ventures, it alone won’t make the difference.

Then there’s the fact that the one you’re falling so hard for is an entirely different person with their (infuriatingly) different way of thinking, perception, beliefs, values and ways of life. And to top it all, everyone from acquaintances, relatives and the neighbour’s dog have a keen interest in the goings-on in your love life (to make up for a lack of their own, perhaps?) and it all can get so messy sometimes. And then there’re the friends. They make or break it, huh?!

Luckily, we’re not alone in experiencing such weird and tricky questions and thoughts, and some of those before us who faced the puzzling questions offered up by love have spoken some truly golden (helpful) words on the topic. Let’s take a look, confused love quotes for you, me, him, her and everybody in between:

1. Confused Love Quotes - Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert’s column in the Chicago Sun-Times may have brought you the best film reviews in all of the land, but the much lauded critic knew a thing or two about real life as well. This quote is one of our favourite confused love quotes because it offers the simple truth – always follow your heart when it comes to the very confounding matters.

2. Confused Love Quotes - Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst has been through her fair share of (much publicized) romances and break-ups, so when she adds to our confused love quotes list, what she says here comes straight from the heart. Often we’re in no shape emotionally to be put through another roller coaster of emotions but hey, that’s exactly what ends up happening!

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3. Confused Love Quotes - Walter F Mondale

Thinking and often over thinking are very much a part and parcel of romance, but sometimes the situations that love throws up are so convoluted that we try and make sense of them (and justify them in any way we can), but that’s just us trying to make sense of something we have absolutely no idea about in the first place.

4. Confused Love Quotes - Franz Kafka

Kafka was one of the greatest existential writers (one who writes about goings on of everyday life, so he’s a pro when it comes to confused love quotes) of all time, and he summed up in one sentence an emotion that seems to plague so many relationships. You don’t know if you love them or hate them, you don’t know if they’re the best thing that happened to you or the worst.

5. Confused Love Quotes - Henry Longfellow

That wasn’t a date, was it? No, we were just hanging out, we might grab some lunch again tomorrow… It’s so hard to say when things take a turn for the romantic, but as Henry Longfellow says, once it happens, you will know for sure.

6. Confused Love Quotes - Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho has penned several most excellent quotes on love and life, confused love quotes included, despite his general vibe of wisdom-from-the-ages, and this one in particular talks about how powerful love is, and how futile our efforts to bring it under control – or even understand the complex emotions contained within – really are.

7. Confused Love Quotes - Karen Moning

This is the hardest pill to swallow, especially when we’re desperately trying to hang on to that someone, but a little voice somewhere deep within us keeps asking, “Is that even the right thing to do?”

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8. Confused Love Quotes - Unknown

That feeling that has time and again driven many into penning confused love quotes is what leads us down many a dreary road, and many a splendid one as well.

9. Confused Love Quotes - Anonymous

The understanding, the connection, the chemistry… it’s all perfect, but for one reason or another, the two of you just cannot be together. We’ve all been there, and it’s one of the most painful things to have to go through.

10. Confused Love Quotes - Khalil Gibran

“Fake it ’til you make it” reworked for getting over a broken heart. If only it were as simple to do as it is to say. But take heart, you’re not alone. No seriously, at this exact moment in time, there are way too many people reading these very confused love quotes.

11. Confused Love Quotes - Anon

Yes, your heart is supposed to be the guiding light when it comes to matters that your brain just can’t comprehend, but what if the heart itself is unsure of what it stands?

12. Confused Love Quotes - Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Another one of the greatest confused love quotes from another renown individualist of all time, Dostoevsky ruefully speaks of how it is often the things we don’t say that hurt the most, not exactly the things we did say.

13. Confused Love Quotes - Sarah Dessen

Giving advice on matters of the heart seems to come easy to people, considering it’s not their own heart that’s at stake. Sure, advice is good, but the final call, as well as all of the following consequences, rest in your hand.

14. Confused Love Quotes - Aristotle

It’s like playing the guitar. Sure, the idea of blasting out some groovy melodies in front of thousands of adoring fans sounds great, but true guitar enthusiasts look forward to the hours spent perfecting the tone of each of their strings before ever even penning a melody. That’s not so romantic now, is it?

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15. Confused Love Quotes - Anonymous Lover

And finally, here are some golden words, the most important of all confused love quotes of all time in fact, from the ever wise Anon – Never, ever, ever confuse lust for love. Just don’t.