15 Common Wedding Gaffes That Brides Should Avoid

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No matter the amount of wedding preparation, come wedding day you still feel like you had a day less or a dollar short. There are a few common wedding fails that brides should avoid to smoothly sail through any unforeseen waters. With that bring said, there are a few things that every bride should avoid.


Common Wedding Fails That Brides Should Avoid:

1. Timing For Hair And Makeup

Brides sometimes miscalculate the time it takes for both hair and makeup, plus the dress. You don’t want to rush either of them, especially for morning and afternoon ceremonies when time is limited. A priority on the list of common wedding fails that brides should avoid.

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2. Too Many DIY Projects

It’s tempting to take up a lot of DIY projects, in the name of putting a personal touch on proceedings, but remember, there’s only so much you can do as the bride. Don’t get carried away.

3. Booking The Venue First

One of the most common wedding fails that brides should avoid regards the venue. Every bride has a dream place for their wedlock. Most of them envision a particular venue, and thus end up paying a deposit amount with the fear of missing out. However, you need to be doubly sure that the registrar is available on that day. You don’t want any confusion or end up losing money (or both).

4. Skipping Meals

It is common for brides to get caught up with everything and skip meals on wedding day. Make sure to grab a bite or two for breakfast, lunch or snacks depending on the time of the wedding. It will be a long day, and will take quite a while before you get to sit down for a proper meal. Besides, you don’t to look pale or feel weak from not eating!

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5. Not Wishing Guests

Not wishing the guests is a common wedding gaffe brides could avoid. In the grand scheme of things, saying hello is an important way to make the guests feels warm and welcomed.

6. Lengthy Photo Sessions

Another on the list of common wedding fails that brides should avoid. We all agree that the couple portrait session is a lot of fun. You want to get as many pictures as you can, after all you’re looking your beautiful best on the day. Except, remember that you don’t have to follow every single suggestion by your photographer. The guests will end up staring into space. Also, many pictures will be redundant, for all you know.

7. Backup-Kit

We all need to prepare for contingencies, especially on wedding days. Always a carry a back-up kit with your dire essentials. Things like bobby pins, safety pins, hair ties, touchup products, listerine, perfume and even sandals.

8. Dress-Alteration

Common wedding fails that brides should avoid include: Assuming that you will not need any alterations to the wedding dress and having someone else picking it up for you. Getting a dress in a smaller size because you plan to lose weight. Most bridal boutiques charge for altering dresses. So, don’t take anything for granted here.

9. Not Involving The Husband To Be

A major chunk of the wedding planning is taken care by the bride and the groom takes a back seat. However, it is important to involve him on crucial details like venue, menu, drinks or the wedding band. It definitely feels good to be asked, especially by his bride.

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10. Timing Between The Ceremony And Reception

If you’re getting married early evening. Plan some activities in the gap between the ceremony and reception/dinner. Anything from live music, a magic show, or games to keep guests entertained and at ease.

11. Table Plans

An essential for a round table set up at the reception. Take into consideration your single friends. Make sure everyone who’s on the list has a place to sit! Go through your list. Thoroughly! You would best avoid these common wedding fails that brides should avoid.

12. Return Gifts

Go over the final guest list and ensure you have enough wedding favors for everyone. It will be embarrassing to run when not everyone has received one. It’s also a great idea to give a little something for the plus-one’s and kids if your budget permits. But, to begin with, carry a few extra gift bags.

13. Lighting

If you plan your wedding outdoors, and the ceremony does not start until late evening, make sure the place is sufficiently lit up. The photographs might take a hit with poor lighting and you don’t want to be disappointed.

14. Choosing A Venue

For weddings that are planned in slightly offbeat venues like museums, old forts or a ranch etc., make sure the basic amenities for guests are taken care of. You don’t want it to be too far from the city or the reception far away from the wedding venue, without transportation arrangements. It could be a dingy and not-so pleasant experience and another notch on the list of common wedding fails that brides should avoid.

15. Thank You Cards

Sending handwritten thank you cards is definitely a great idea, but it’s incredibly time consuming, so plan ahead. The etiquette is to send the cards anywhere between two weeks to two months after the wedding, latest. Six months later doesn’t work.

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