7 Latest Colourful Mehndi Designs For You!

The colour is unmistakeable and has been flaunted since ages without any change. But with time passing by and the fashion trends changing and gearing up so fast, henna designs have changed too. The new thing that is trending now is the multi-colour henna. From bright reds to indigo blues, from the silver shine to the golden glow, mehndi designs now have different colours to cater to different attires and styles.

Mehndi designs now are very modern and classy. Adding different colours to the mehndi has beautified the art excellently. The colours make the design look so vibrant and beautiful. So for all you women looking out for colorful mehndi designs, we have listed the most stunning and alluring designs for you.

Have a look at latest colourful mehndi designs and choose your favourite.

1. Gorgeously Green

Colorful Mehndi Designs - Gorgeously Green

This beautiful green glitter mehndi soothes the eye instantly. The colour is so divine and beautiful. Use of glitter in mehndi designs is a new fashion trend. Glitter mehndi looks very colourful and can be worn on any occasion. So if you want to add some sparkle and have shimmering mehndi, go for the beautiful glitter collection. You will find all the hues you need to complement your attire in this colorful mehndi design.

2. Beautifully Brown

Colorful Mehndi Designs - Beautifully Brown

How about some brown bonanza? Brown has many shades like dark brown that looks like dark chocolate and light brown that looks like your cappuccino. Why not mix these two colours? They look gorgeous together. How about some dark mehndi on your palm and lighter one just beneath to compliment it? This design looks very traditional and one can have this done for their bridal mehndi. It will stand out and look astonishingly beautiful on you.

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3. Youthful Yellow

Colorful Mehndi Designs - Youthful Yellow

Yellow and black have always looked the best together. These colours look so good together that once you notice them you just can’t take your eyes off. Now think of a mehndi design with this combination, it is one of the most colorful mehndi designs around. What else would you want? This combination can be teamed up with modern day attires as well. If you want to add a tinge of some traditional flavour to your look, then this one design will make you go all gaga.

4. Ravishing Red

Colorful Mehndi Designs - Ravishing Red

This design is bold and captivating and you will have some eyes glued to your hands all the time. Such a beautiful and fancy mehndi design and the colours red and black make it one of a kind. This combination can go with most bridal attires and will look simply superb. The filling with red makes this design so unique and gorgeous.

5. Stunning Shades And Hues

Colorful Mehndi Designs - Stunning Shades

If you have a flair for shades and highlights then this design is for you. This design is a combination of both Indian and Arabic designs with stones studded in between. These designs have come into limelight in the recent times and have quickly gone viral. Isn’t it such a beautiful piece of art to flaunt? If you want to look royal and traditional, then don’t think of any other design except this. Just go for it!

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6. Bombastic Blue

Colorful Mehndi Designs - Bombastic Blue

This beautiful blue filling mehndi design is one of the prettiest designs you will come across for back hand. It is a sophisticated and exquisite design. Women often avoid heavy and intricate designs for the back hand. A design like this will make all of them happy. So go for it if you want to keep it simple and nice.

7. Pleasing Pink

Colorful Mehndi Designs - Pleasing Pink

Flowers in pink and the twines in green, that’s like the whole nature printed on your hands. This is an amazing Pakistani back hand design. This design has all the bling you will want if you are a Muslim bride-to-be. Usually, the Muslim bridal make up is shiny and bling is a must have ingredient in the whole look. So to compliment the beautiful make-up, a stunning design like this will be the best you can have. Try it out!

Images Source: Google, Pinterest, Shutterstock