Colourful Bridal Shoes: 11 Bridal Heels That Scream Out Style!

Who said that bridal shoes shouldn’t be colourful? Though you won’t find a lot of brides wearing colorful bridal shoes, a little bit of colour doesn’t hurt anyone, right? So if you love all things colourful and want to make a style statement, check out some really funky and colourful bridal shoes that we love.

Colourful Bridal Shoes For The Happy Sassy Bride!

Take a look and pick your favourites before you go shoe shopping.

1. Blue Christian Louboutin Bridal Shoes

Colourful Bridal Shoes - Blue Christian Louboutins

I personally love Christian Louboutin’s designs when it comes to bridal footwear. The range is probably the most comfortable range of footwear you will ever find. And this pair of colorful bridal shoes in particular is extremely gorgeous, keeping in mind the need for something glittery for the wedding day.

2. White Christian Louboutin Bridal Shoes

Colourful Bridal Shoes - White Christian Louboutins

This is another beautiful pair of ivory bridal shoes by the ace designer. If you’re planning on wearing a white/off-white dress then this pair would suit you beautifully. Also, the ankle band on the shoe would help in maintaining your balance and grip while you walk.

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3. White & Gold Jimmy Choo Bridal Shoes

Colourful Bridal Shoes - White & Gold By Jimmy Choo

This pair is extremely beautiful; definitely colorful bridal shoes, but not too colourful. The gradient look gives it a perfect balance and makes it a perfect choice for a dress with both shades. Also, if you look at it from a long term point of view then you know it will effortlessly go well with most of your outfits.

4. Pink Jimmy Choo Bridal Shoes

Colourful Bridal Shoes - Pink Jimmy Choos

Many of our Indian brides prefer to go for colorful bridal shoes in shades of pink in their wedding outfits. So it’s only fitting if the shoes too match the shade of the dress. This pink pair here is not only comfortable to wear but also looks very pretty. The bow at the heel makes it unique and you should definitely have this one in your collection.

5. Silver Miu Miu Jewelled Bridal Shoes

Colourful Bridal Shoes - Silver Miu Miu Jewelled Bridal Heels

Who doesn’t want a silver pair as gorgeous as this one? Silver shoes go so well with each outfit and add the extra needed bling to your look. This pair here is a combination of simplicity and bling that goes well with the theme of a wedding.

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6. Black Alexander McQueen Shoes

Colourful Bridal Shoes - Black Alexander McQueen Shoes

A black pair of shoes is a must for every woman! They are classy and go extremely well with every outfit. They are your go-to shoes for times when nothing else works! And the best part is that the colour black goes perfectly well with other colour combinations too.

7. Grey Blue Jimmy Choo Bridal Heels

Colourful Bridal Shoes - Grey Blue Jimmy Choo Bridal Heels

I personally fell in love with this pair of subtly colorful bridal shoes simply because it is so unique! This pair is different from the standard grey shoes and brings that bling with sophistication. It also has a hint of blue and silver and would thus match outfits of those shades beautifully.

8. Green Manolo Blahnik Bridal Shoes

Colourful Bridal Shoes - Green Manolo Blahnik Heels

Even though it is the world’s second most expensive shoe-making brand, it is the comfort and style of the shoes that attracts most people. The brand is seen as an investment option by many women and an investment for the wedding wouldn’t hurt, would it? It is the uniqueness of this design that makes it so popular with the ladies.

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9. Red Jimmy Choo Bridal Shoes

Colourful Bridal Shoes - Red Jimmy Choos

Jimmy Choo shoes arguably make for the best range for brides! Red is a colour of weddings! And so it is very important to have a matching pair if your outfit is red. The beauty of this pair of delightfully colorful bridal shoes here is that it is not too bling-y and thus will be perfect for almost any occasion post-wedding too.

10. Yellow Oscar de la Renta Bridal Shoes

Colourful Bridal Shoes - Yellow Oscar de la Rentas

Designer bridal shoes are the best! These yellow shoes are simple but very elegant for a wedding function. The satin material of these sunny colorful bridal shoes makes it easy to wear without the risk of sequence work getting stuck in the material of the dress. Also, if your wedding ceremony is going to be simple then this is a beautiful pair that will go with it.

11. Blush Pink Kate Spade Bridal Shoes

Colourful Bridal Shoes - Blush Pink By Kate Spade

Blush pink is another special colour choice for weddings. These Kate Spade shoes are the perfect set to match the wedding attire. They go well with dresses in all shades of pink and are simple and elegant for a perfect event.

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So what’s your take on colorful bridal shoes? Which one did you like the most? We hope this list helps you get a better idea about what you plan on getting for your D-day!

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