10 Clever Engagement Announcement Ideas To Announce Your Commitment

“A Man without a wife is like a vase without flowers” goes a famous African proverb. In a similar vein, Winston Churchill once famously said that his most brilliant achievement was being able to convince his wife to marry him! Well, first off congratulations are in order, because you’ve clearly gotten that bit out of the way, and now you want to make official the love the both of you darlings share. Well, what are you waiting for? Here are 10 splendid Engagement announcement ideas to execute in the presence of your family, friends, and other close ones.


1. The Retro Flyer

Remember the good ‘ol high school underground rock n roll fest with all of it’s the trippy and colorful flyers? Announce your engagement plans with a paper flyer with a dash of vibrant colors and hippie font. Relive the Woodstock era with these flyers.

2. The Mass Message Protocol

In this age of smart phones, a simple and carefully crafted message works wonderfully. Create a group on Whatsapp and add everyone close to you who are to be in the know, making for an easy way to make your engagement announcement modern and geeky.

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3. The Flash Mob

What better way to announce your engagement than through a flash mob? Invite your friends and family to a restaurant or a lounge, Make sure you setup a flash mob which will perform and announce your engagement as a closing act. Surprise your near and dear one when they’re least expecting it, and make memories to treasure in the process!


4. The Courier Man

An engagement announcement can also be done by sending a beautiful handcrafted card to all your special ones through any of the leading courier companies. Surprise them with this specialized card, and to add more ‘aww’ factor, send a beautiful picture of yourselves along with the card. Love is in the air!

5. The High School Reunion

Are you dating your high school sweetheart? Or did you meet the love of your life in and around college life? Well, the next reunion can be the perfect occasion to announce your engagement. Plan your reunion in a place of your choice, send out the invites to all your old-time buddies, and surprise everyone with your big announcement!

6. The Family Dinner

If you’re part of a large family that all lives together, this next engagement announcement idea is going to make a lot of sense. Your next family dinner can be the perfect occasion to announce your engagement, a splendid surprise that every member of your family will cherish. Try to keep the plan under wraps and wait for the perfect before dinner, invite your beloved over and keep her a secret and once the time is right, you two love-birds can reveal the happy news!

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7. The Usual

While this may not sound very exciting, it is one of the most common, and a classic way to announce your engagement. Arrange a party, a get together of sorts – it can be at your house, or at anyone else’s, even a hotel or lounge you guys frequent- invite the people you love, set the theme, and with good food and wine aplenty, let everyone know of the happy news with the love of your life at your side!

8. The Tour Guide

This procedure involves a tour guide, a breathtaking location of your choice and the right people around you. Check the itinerary, and have a word with the tour guide to make sure he adds the special announcement of your engagement as he guides you through the spectacular locations. This is what’s called the perfect moment!

9. The Beach Side Fancy

Ah, sun, sea, and surf. The beach always manages to capture everyone’s attention in a way that very few other things can. So, if you’re located near one, or if you’re feeling extravagant even, why not make it the spot for your engagement announcement? Select a destination and let your friends and family know of the plans to congregate on a magical beach. Makes for a wonderful spot for an engagement photo as well!

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10. The Breaking News

This is a novel idea that can be used to ingenious effect. Create a video of a fake news anchor who will read out the local news followed by the big breaking news of your engagement. Play the video during the next house party, family reunion or any other event that has your friends and family in attendance. Turn up the volume and watch people’s faces go from shocked to pleasantly surprised!