Top 10 Classy Christian Wedding Cards That Will Make You Say “Amen”!

From the town-crier who announced the occasion of an upcoming wedding during the Middle Ages to the latest wedding stationery, invitations, Christian wedding cards specifically, have travelled a long way. While special attention is given to the facets of wedding fashion, decorations, catering, and all the other elements that go into the preparation of a great wedding, the wedding invitation is something that cannot be overlooked as a lesser component. Naturally, you don’t want your guests to be a no-show! But on a more serious note, the wedding invitation is supposed to set the tone and flavor of the entire wedding event, even before it happens; a trailer to the movie, if you will. A good trailer will make a movie-goer want to find out what it’s all about, and a good wedding invitation does exactly that, by giving the receiver that element of intrigue. Thus a wedding invitation has become more than just a notification, but also a personal mark of what the bride and groom would like to express to the friends and relatives they want to share their happiness with. Therefore, in recent times we see wedding invites that are more personal, customized to the tastes of the bride and groom, thematic from time to time, and are also more importantly one of the most growing and evolving components of weddings.

Here are some ideas for some stylish, yet elegant and individualistic designs for splendid Christian wedding invitation cards. If they don’t RSVP to this, just forget about it! It simply was not ordained to be.

1. Floral Christian Wedding Cards For A Spring Wedding

Floral Christian Wedding Cards For A Spring Wedding

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There is nothing more beautiful than the idea of a spring wedding because there is no greater symbol than the season of spring to represent a new start, a new chapter, a new life. A simple floral design, with few coloured flowers, especially if water-coloured, against a white backdrop, or a Love tree branch with elegantly shaped leaves and a bird perched upon it, should make for a perfect harbinger of spring and also a great visualization for a wedding card.


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2. The Promised Cake!

Christian Wedding Cards - The Promised Cake

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Your friends and family really love you and care for you if they have taken time off for you, and are involved in your wedding. There is no better way to say thanks to them than the promise of a delicious wedding cake! A simplistic background, upon which a visually sumptuous and artistic floral wedding cake rests, is a great thematic representation of a classic Christian wedding. So if nothing else, they’re definitely coming for the cake!

3. Bold Damask

Christian Wedding Cards - Bold Damask

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For a more classy and traditional type of wedding invitation, one could opt for a card with white background with minimal designs; probably with purple or even golden damask emboldening the corners of the invitation. Such a card puts much more emphasis on the wording and the tone, capturing a classy flavour. This not only makes the tone of the wedding very suave, but also gives it the air of a regal Christian wedding!

4. Mix Up Genres!

Christian Wedding Cards - Mix Up Genres!

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If, in Nina Simone’s words, you’re “feeling good”, go ahead and add that spunk of yours into the wedding card! A bucolic hardwood floor background, with the intricate white lace that will never go out of style, will be an excellent blend of the rustic folksy element with the classic lace design found in many popular Christian wedding cards. So step out of the track and try to mix up genres, to make that perfect wedding card for your wedding!

5. Now For Some Country Style!

Christian Wedding Cards - Now For Some Country Style!

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Nothing says rustic like wooden motifs. If you’re looking for a rustic wedding invitation card that calls people in for a cosy gathering to make merry, you can go for a countryside-styled chic wedding card which is available in a variety of designs. For example, a wooden barn background with string lights would portray that perfect close gathering of people who matter, coming together in celebration of your true love!

6. Bringing Back Blackboard!

Christian Wedding Cards - Bringing Back Blackboard!

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Did you fall in love with your best friend in school, and are now waiting to celebrate your union in marriage? Or if you simply love nostalgic motifs like the blackboards that schools used to have (now they’re green or white… I don’t know why), then go ahead and bring it back in style. For a classic look one could use a chalkboard invite with decorative string-lights or lace damasks in diagonally opposite corners. It shows the childish and yet tasteful attitude of bride and groom, and if you’re that then don’t wait any longer and just pick your chalkboard invitation!

7. Real Wooden Laser-cut Covers

Christian Wedding Cards - Real Wooden Laser-cut Covers

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Laser-cut methodology has been used to great effect in the making of wedding cards, for a long time now. They have given the much needed precision in cutting out, or carving in, the desired designs onto the wedding card layout. Here you can see a real Walnut cover with laser-cut design of trees that envelop the invite like a nice wooden frame. This is a great example of the laser-cut technology, and also of an innovative template for a classic Christian wedding card. Don’t you just want to get married, just to be able to give these away?

8. Whimsical Wedding

Christian Wedding Cards - Whimsical Wedding

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If you don’t want posh, or sophisticated or gaudy, you could go for DIY designs like basic pencil sketch designs. Such designs not only look artistic in a simple fashion, but also add quirkiness to the attitude of the wedding card, which generally reflect the aesthetic of the couple to be united! So for a whimsical wedding invite pick a card with patterns like flowers in the field moving in the wind, and make it more classic by putting it in gray-scale.

9. Font Cut-outs And Booklet Form

Christian Wedding Cards - Font Cut-outs And Booklet Form

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We already saw how advanced the technology used for wedding card has become: from calligraphy to metal engraving, to the latest laser-cut technologies. The latest technology not allows you to create intricate designs in wood, but also for creative formats on paper. We have a laser-cut font cut-out wedding invitation card that has been printed in the format of a booklet. This gives space to not only write the wording, but add pictures of the couple, add poetry, and personalise it in a whole new way!

10. Ultimate Vintage Style Postcard!

Christian Wedding Cards - Ultimate Vintage Style Postcard!

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If you really want to show the fervor for adventure that you share with your partner, you have some really crazy and out-of-the box options for wedding cards! Take up the vintage postcard chic wedding card layout, for a minimalist and yet entirely personal style that is both heart-warming and hard to resist!