13 Classic Wedding Decorations For A Romantic Wedding

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These 13 classic wedding decorations will give your wedding decor a beautiful and timeless appeal. We take a look at some of the elements and color schemes that lend a quintessential charm to your very own classic wedding decorations.

1. His & Her Arrow Chair Signs


These super cute his and her arrow signs are the perfect addition to your wedding decor, accompanied with flowers and bows in colors that match your overall theme.

2. Delightful Aisle Decor

The gorgeous white candles and understated but beautiful flower arrangement really make this one extra special, and manage to add warmth on an otherwise chilly time of the year.

3. Gorgeous Garlands

Add classic and elegant undertones to your dream ceremony with beautiful wedding altar garlands.

4. Understated Elegance

Outdoor wedding especially can benefit from this classy arrangement with a simple black and white theme, which would work very well even on a grass floor. The chandeliers really tie the whole look together.

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5. Mr & Mrs. Signs


In a similar vein to the his and hers signs, these gold mr and mrs signs work really well especially if the chairs are in black, teal or coral.

6. Rustic And Elegant

Vases needn’t always hold only flowers in the brightest of shades as evidenced by this striking arrangement of twigs and small flowers. Notice how the lighting accentuates the overall look of the arrangement.

7. Nothing Says Classic Quite Like Gold

This table decoration is a perfect example of how to use gold to really add zing to the ceremony, while striving for an understated, elegant look. The dash of pink from the flows disrupts the monotony, and the particular shade of gold manages to catch your attention without being too overbearing.

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8. Glitter And Flowers

Proof that the contemporary and the classic can work well together, this simple and elegant way of putting together a floral arrangement shines due to the glitter at the bottom of the glass, which is offset by the classic appeal of the simple white flowers.

9. Handwritten Signboard

Whether you’re having an outdoor or indoor wedding, a signboard makes for an excellent addition, especially one as well done as this one. The white chalk with a added bit of pink at the bottom, as well as the neat lettering give it all the appeal.

10. Pink And White


If there ever was a classic and timeless colour scheme for a wedding, pink and white (with a bit of gold thrown in) this is it. All of the various elements at play in the above decorations feature a mix of the above colours to exceptional effect.

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11. White And Gold

And sometimes, even if you drop the pink altogether, you can make it work excellently, especially given how the pool adds a cool shade of blue to the gorgeous outdoor arrangement.

12. Drapes And Chandeliers

Any outdoor wedding would benefit from an arrangement so beautiful. The flowers can be swapped to match the theme of your wedding.

13. Let The Wedding Bells Ring


If you’re having an outdoor wedding with a bar, this little addition could make a meaningful impact on proceedings through the course of the afternoon.

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