9 Strikingly Simple Ideas On Church Decoration For Wedding

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The good thing about a church wedding is that you really don’t need to go overboard in decorating the insides of an already beautiful and impressive place. Chances are that ninety nine times out of a hundred, you only need subtle touches and the right complements to have the décor looking simply stunning and just perfect for your big day. Let’s see what some of those decoration ideas can be:

1. Elegant Chairs And Gorgeous Flowers

This quite simply gorgeous church decoration features beautifully decorated chairs and exquisite flower arrangements that really bring the already beautiful insides right to life. The green in the flowers adds freshness to the overall wedding white theme, and the well lit cathedral makes for a very pretty overall picture.

2. Candles And Petals

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The aisle is a major part of a church wedding, but just like the rest of the building, it requires just a little bit of attention to make it really stand out. The gorgeous candle arrangements and strewn flower petals combine with the red carpet runner for a highly desirable effect.

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3. Traditional And Classic

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Sometimes sticking to convention can be the best course of action as seen here with the minimal and subtle but highly effective decorations. The bows on the pews make for a nice change from standard flower arrangements, and stick to the traditional white theme.

4. The Astonishing Altar

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The beautifully symmetric flower and tulle decoration at this church’s altar is truly breathtaking. Again, simple elements combine to form gorgeous décor, while keeping the theme to a minimal and highly effective white and green.

5. Pretty Pews

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Embellishing the bench with ornaments of your choice is a must, and flowers are always an excellent option as the above picture shows. While the white roses above work exceedingly well, especially in the context of a wedding, you can also choose to throw in a splash of colour with lilies, orchids or whichever flowers you prefer.

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6. Charismatic Candles

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Candles can add a highly intimate touch to the entire décor and thus the ceremony, even in a well lit church. And if you’re running out of ideas on how to incorporate the warm glow of candles into the surroundings, candelabrum or candle holders like the ones depicted above are a classy option.

7. The Entrance

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Ideas on church decoration for wedding needn’t focus on merely the interiors as well, an act as simple as scattering some rose petals on the stairs leading up to the entrance of the church can have a highly intimate and warm effect. Red, pink and white petals work best for their association with intimacy and, of course, weddings.

8. A Gorgeous Combo

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This excellent wedding décor lays on the charm but doesn’t ever go over the top – just the right sensibilities required when dealing with something as momentous and intimate as a church wedding. Tulle, flowers and candles – as well as a just a bit of greenery thrown in – form the perfect foil for the red carpet to play off of.

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9. The Regal Thrones

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And finally, coming to the very chairs that the bride and groom are going to be seated on, the overall theme is white which tends to work exceedingly well, especially when paired with just the right ribbons flowers and stems as above. The matching flower decorations on either side add the perfect finishing touch.

If you have decorations that you incorporated into your own beautiful wedding décor and you’d like to share, write to us.

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