15 Gifts For Your Husband This Christmas To Make You A Closer Couple

Christmas Eve is getting nearer with each passing day and you’re still biting your nails thinking of what to gift the hubby? Wives everywhere are looking for something really unique and special as the perfect Christmas gifts for husband. If that describes your condition perfectly, don’t worry! Help is at hand. We have listed out some of the best possible gifting ideas in 2016, that can save you big time this Christmas. Read on and grab your pick!

1. A Portable Bluetooth Speaker

christmas gifts for husband - A-Portable-Bluetooth-Speaker--christmas-gifts-for-husband

It is the perfect gift for the hubby who loves to rock his music loud and proud, especially when on the go or outdoors. This present is a cool  device which gives him the freedom and convenience to enjoy his favorite tunes anywhere he likes without worrying about wires, cables or a power source.

2. A Chronograph Watch

Christmas Gifts For Husband - A-Chronograph-Watch--christmas-gifts-for-husband

Nothing looks classier on a guy than a handsome watch that reflects his suave personality. Gift him a timeless watch this Christmas and watch him leap with joy. A chronograph watch is accurate to the millisecond and so, it can be subtle reminder to him for coming home early from work since you miss him so much! Every time he sees the watch, it will be you and only you on his mind. Now, isn’t that one of the best ideas?

3. Christmas Gifts For Husband? How About A DSLR Camera

Christmas Gifts For Husband - A-DSLR-Camera--christmas-gifts-for-husband

Encourage his love for photography and be his muse by gifting him a DSLR camera. It is super easy to use and can give him the right boost to encourage his hobby which you may have noticed while on vacations, trips or in daily life. He will be overwhelmed by this present of yours and love you even more for this.

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4. A Multi-Use Tool Kit

Christmas Gifts For Husband - A-Multi-Use-Tool-Kit--christmas-gifts-for-husband

If your spouse is a hands-on guy and loves fixing things in and around the house, then this idea is the perfect gift that you can gift him this Christmas. This tool kit will encourage his skills and make things easier for him as he goes about his job with enthusiasm. This comprehensive set of tools include all the major and minor items he may need to perfectly accomplish his tasks… for which he won’t be able to thank you enough.

5. His Favourite Cologne

Christmas Gifts For Husband - His-Favourite-Cologne--christmas-gifts-for-husband

Do you love it when your man smells incredible right after his shower? Keep that good thing going and encourage him to keep up with his good habit by gifting him his favorite cologne. It will remind him of how much you both enjoy the intimacy you share – and it will keep him right on track when it comes to personal hygiene! Just make sure you are confident about his choice in perfumes and colognes before gifting him one.

6. Perfect Christmas Gifts For Husband, A Cool Pair Of Shades

Christmas Gifts For Husband - A-Cool-Pair-Of-Shades--christmas-gifts-for-husband

Shades, for Christmas? Absolutely. Gift him a cool pair of shades that he can flaunt with style while not letting that harsh winter sun wreck his eyes. A pair of shades is the perfect accessory he can flaunt and it provides protection from the harsh UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Invest in a good one for better protection, longevity and style. Another on the list of ideas for the perfect Christmas gift.

7. A Handy Leather Bag

Christmas Gifts For Husband - A-Handy-Leather-Bag--christmas-gifts-for-husband

Gifting him this perfect leather bag that fits all his essentials and laptop is a sure fire way to show how much you love him. This classy, formal bag looks great, is super handy, and we all know that he is going to be the last person to go to the mall and pick one up for himself. Even tough the fact is that he needs one!

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8. Men’s Skincare Set

Christmas Gifts For Husband - Men’s-Skincare-Set--christmas-gifts-for-husband

It is not just us women who need a skincare regime to look fresh and clean. Your man also needs a complete skin care regime to keep away the dirt and grime of the day, and the tan and the wrinkles too. Gift him a herbal based AHA activated skincare set to encourage him with a skin care regime of scrubbing, cleansing and moisturizing every single day to maintain his youthful look.

9. Christmas Gifts For Husband? How About An Awesome Drink Dispenser

Christmas Gifts For Husband - An-Awesome-Drink-Dispenser--christmas-gifts-for-husband

If your man is a party lover, then this is the perfect Christmas gift he can get this year from you. The dispenser easily pours out drinks of three or more varieties making it the perfect party equipment your man will love to have.

10. Wooden Watch Box

Christmas Gifts For Husband - Wooden-Watch-Box--christmas-gifts-for-husband

Carved out of ebony and rosewood, this is an awesome gift for the man who has a penchant for watches. Give him a boost for his hobby of collecting priceless watches by gifting him this perfectly finished watch box to keep his acquired treasure. Another on the list of great Christmas gifts for husband.

11. A Bottle Of Jack Daniels

Christmas Gifts For Husband - A-Bottle-Of-Jack-Daniels-christmas-gifts-for-husband

Considered as one of the finest brews of bourbon from Tennessee, it is an awesome gift that you can present to your hubby to make him feel loved this Christmas. After all, the very spirit of Christmas is to spread the love and warmth, right?

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12. Jeweled Cufflinks

Christmas Gifts For Husband - Jeweled-Cufflinks--christmas-gifts-for-husband

Your man likes to dress up a bit for the formal occasions? He’ll love these presents that are not only very classy, but an heirloom that can be passed on from father to son.

13. Simple Christmas Gifts For Husband, A Fabulous Tie

Christmas Gifts For Husband - A-Fabulous-Tie--christmas-gifts-for-husband

If you feel like your man has everything that he needs and you can’t quite figure out one particular thing that will be of much use to him, go for the safe route of a classy tie. No man can have enough ties, that much is a certainty. Invest in a good one keeping in mind the texture and quality of the material and your problem is surely fixed.

14. His Favourite Music Instrument

Christmas Gifts For Husband - His-Favourite-Music-Instrument--christmas-gifts-for-husband

Is your guy a music lover and enjoys playing that guitar and mandolin? Encourage his awesome hobby and let his soul free by gifting his favorite musical instrument this Christmas and be that perfect Santa. Another idea for the ideal Christmas gifts for husband.

15. A Puppy

Christmas Gifts For Husband - A-Puppy--christmas-gifts-for-husband

Your man just goes ga-ga or over the stray dogs and little pups but is too anxious of your mood to take one back home? Bring home a puppy, and if you two can work together to dedicate time and manage the responsibilities, a puppy can be one of the best gifts you can bring home. Just make sure you can care for the guy or girl and provide a stable, loving environment first!
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