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A big part of the Christmas fun is searching for gifts. And if it is your baby’s first Christmas, you should go out of your way to make it special for her. However, shop-hopping for the perfect baby gift can be rather stressful for mommies, especially when you have to handle the Christmas decoration and food.

But, you don’t have to worry anymore as we have done the heavy lifting for you. Here is our selection of 20 Christmas gifts for babies that you can consider for the smallest member of your house. Without further ado, let’s look at the list below.

Check Out The Best Christmas Gifts For Babies:

1. Manhattan Toy Whoozit Busy Planet:

Christmas Gifts For Babies - Manhattan Toy Whoozit Busy PlanetBuy-Now

Far beyond the stars and sun lies Manhattan Toy Whoozit Busy Planet, kids’ most favorite planet. This planet, err toy features plenty of activity elements like mirrors, teething rings and fun characters that will keep the babies engaged while stimulating learning skills and motor developments.

2. Parum Pum Pum Drum:

Christmas Gifts For Babies - Parum Pum Pum DrumBuy-Now

With jingle bells, drumsticks, caterpillar tambourine, two shaker eggs and a busy bee maraca, the Parum Pum Pum Dum will offer truckloads of fun to your toddlers. Using his personal drum set, your kid can make his music and turn into a Rockstar. It also has a cotton strap that will make easy for kids to carry it. The Parum Pum Pum Drum is ideal baby christmas gift for tots aged 18 to 24 months.

3. Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether:

Christmas Gifts For Babies - Vulli Sophie the Giraffe TeetherBuy-Now

Made with food paint and 100% natural rubber, Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether is a safe and soothing toy for your teething baby. The unique pattern, design, and texture will stimulate your baby’s senses and the pleasant sound it makes while squeezing will stimulate hearing.

4. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes:

Christmas Gifts For Babies - Baby Einstein Take Along TunesBuy-Now

Introduce your baby to music with this child-friendly MP3 player. The player has a center button that will let your toddler toggle through seven different melodies. We even loved the beaded caterpillar handle that allows kids to hold it and take their favorite toy anywhere they go. Besides providing fun, this Christmas gifts for baby will also promote auditory development in your child.

5. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Puppy:

Christmas Gifts For Babies - Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages PuppyBuy-Now

No no, this is no ordinary soft toy. This cute and cuddly doggy that will respond to your tot’s touch with songs and silly sayings. But the best part of this toy is that it changes the learning content as the baby grows. Isn’t that amazing? You just have to select the stage that you think is best for your baby.

6. Plush Magnetic Stroller Blanket:

Christmas Gifts For Babies - Plush Magnetic Stroller BlanketBuy-Now

This revolutionary stroller will make a perfect gift for mommies with newborn babies. It comes with long straps with magnetic fasteners that will keep the blanket attached to the carrier. You can even embroider the baby’s name on the blanket. Buy it soon before it goes out of stock.

7. Yellow Taxi Ride On Car:

Christmas Gifts For Babies - Yellow Taxi Ride On CarBuy-Now

The little one will feel like a professional cabbie with this fabulous, bright yellow taxi. It has sturdy leather seats and easy-to-use steering wheel to ease your baby’s ride. Both boys and girls will love to play for hours on this fantastic little Whizzer. The taxi will look even better with the name engraved of the baby on the side. You just have to send the name to the retailer, and they will emblazon the name in bold letters at no extra cost. It is an amazing Christmas presents for babies.

8. Red And Ivory Reindeer Toy:

Christmas Gifts For Babies - Red And Ivory Reindeer ToyBuy-Now

This adorable and fluffy red and ivory reindeer soft toy will make a snug gift for babies this Christmas. This supersized will cling to the little one even after the holiday season is over. This adorable reindeer has a bright red nose, red antlers and red scarf complemented with gingham lined feet and ears. You can even personalize the toy with the jumpers to add a charming touch to it.

9. Personalized 8-Tone Wooden Xylophone:

Christmas Gifts For Babies - Personalized 8-Tone Wooden XylophoneBuy-Now

Does your little one enjoy music and dances to every beat he hears? Then introduce your budding musician to the sounds of xylophone with this beautiful wooden musical instrument. It will make an excellent addition to your baby’s bedroom until he is old enough to play it.

10. New York City Baby Quilt:

Christmas Gifts For Babies - New York City Baby QuiltBuy-Now

Cuddle up your baby with the city that never sleeps. Made with natural cotton and cotton batting, this quilt is ideal for protecting your baby from harsh December winter. The quilt is hand knotted and custom printed in Brooklyn, New Yorks. It also has soft cotton loops attached to the binding that you can use for wall hanging. You can even get it personalized with hand embroidery.

11. Petite Pina Colada – Crib Moccasins:

Christmas Gifts For Babies - Petite Pina Colada - Crib MoccasinsBuy-Now

Your baby will be walking soon. So why not get a pair of shoe for him this Christmas? Petite Pina Colada from Moccasins will keep your baby’s tiny feet warm during winters. It has a unique, elastic design that makes it easy to put on and take off the shoes. And its soft, leather soles are perfect for the beginner walker. One of the beautiful baby Christmas gift ideas.

12. Silver Leaf First Year Frame:

Christmas Gifts For Babies - Silver Leaf First Year FrameBuy-Now

Looking back is not always great, except when it is looking back to see how much your baby has changed in his/her first year. Here’s a beautiful wood and silver leaf frame that will secure the memories of your baby’s first year. You can easily personalize the frame by sending in your baby’s first and last name and birth date.

13. Fisher-Price Rockin’ Tunes Giraffe:

Christmas Gifts For Babies - Fisher-Price Rockin' Tunes GiraffeBuy-Now

There is no better time to gift your baby his first riding toy than during his very first Christmas. Your baby will squeal with delight seeing this bright yellow and green rocking giraffe gracing her nursery. The more she rocks on this giraffe, the more she will be rewarded with dancing lights, fun phrases and of course, exciting music. Rocking back and forth and climbing on and off will also help your baby develop coordination and balance.

14. Elongated Rattle In Silver:

Christmas Gifts For Babies - Elongated Rattle In SilverBuy-Now

A silver rattle is a classic way to commemorate your baby’s first holiday. Even I received my first rattle from my grandmother on Christmas. We recommend you to present this elegant, 16 hand-tuned rattle, crafted with German silver to your baby, so that she can pass it down as well.

15. Baby Walker:

Christmas Gifts For Babies - Baby WalkerBuy-Now

Has your baby started moving closer to walking? Then gift him an eco-friendly walker that will encourage him to take his very first steps. It’s easy to grip handle will allow your baby to cruise around with ease. It also contains a block set that your child can use to learn size, shape, and colors.

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16. B. Wheeee-ls Soft Cars – Set of 4:

Christmas Gifts For Babies - B. Wheeee-ls Soft Cars - Set of 4Buy-Now

You no more have to worry about the petrol Prices here. Just pull back the wheels and watch it vroom. Suitable for babies and toddlers, this Christmas gift for baby includes a racing car, truck, car, and taxi. Each of the vehicles has a different shape and color and makes different sounds. The truck chimes, the car, rings, the taxi squeaks and the racecar rattles.

17. Kidoozie Henrietta Pull Along Hen:

Christmas Gifts For Babies - Kidoozie Henrietta Pull Along HenBuy-Now

Here’s an innovative and high-quality gift that will give years of playtime fun to your baby. As your child pulls along the Henrietta, the hen, he will see the eggs with chicks falling one by one. He can even press the hen’s comb to hear real chicken sounds like crows and chucks.

18. Jojo’s Bump Bump Remote Control Car:

Christmas Gifts For Babies - Jojo's Bump Bump Remote Control CarBuy-Now

We’ve got the perfect, first remote control car for your baby, Jojo’s Bump Bump Remote Control Car. Complete with working headlights and two-button remote control carrot, Jojo’s Bump Bump Remote Control Car will go all bonkers in your room. Do you know what happens when Jojo crashes? He ejects from the driver’s seat!

19. LEGO Duplo Play With Numbers:

Christmas Gifts For Babies - LEGO Duplo Play With NumbersBuy-Now

Learning was never so much fun. With the bright and colorful bricks, your toddler can learn the numbers without even realizing it. This LEGO set has colorful blocks sized perfectly for little fingers. Each brick has a number and a corresponding counting item. The set also includes a wagon, a child figure, a dog and a white picket fence.

20. Earlyears Rocket Baby Play Set:

Christmas Gifts For Babies - Earlyears Rocket Baby Play SetBuy-Now

This sound-centric toy comes with plenty of surprises inside. It has a half moon that crinkles, an astronaut dog that barks, a shooting star rattle and a UFO that jingles, basically all the stuff that you will find in space. And each of the play pieces has a different texture and sound.

We hope these ideas help you select the best baby Xmas gifts. Wrap the gift in shiny and bright wrapping paper for maximum impact.

How did you celebrate your baby’s first birthday? What did you gift your baby? Tell us by commenting below.

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