Christian Wedding Stage Decoration: Top 10 Ideas To Inspire Yours

Christian Wedding Stage Decoration: Here Are Our Top 10 Ideas For You. The wedding stage is going to be the focus of all of the attendees and guests for the majority of the wedding’s proceedings, especially at a Christian wedding. As such, the stage decor assumes a highly important role when it comes to setting the tone for the entire wedding. Whether you’re opting for the simple and elegant, or are looking towards the elaborate and intricate, here are 10 of the very best Christian wedding stage decorations for you to consider that you can tie into the overall theme of your beautiful wedding.

1. White Drapery: Modern Christian Wedding Stage Decoration


This regal delicately styled stage creates a story that strips down to the raw and natural elements of the wedding and focuses on how simple and radiant it is. White Drapes are a spectacular option, it’s simple and you can match it with an color. You can also play around and try different patterns like the French or satin drapes.

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2. Floating Flowers Christian Wedding Stage Decoration


The delicate nature of these floating flowers look absolutely beautiful and something like this would work nicely on top of white drapery. Instead of using single flower you can also use floating flower globes by combining two or more flowers together.

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3. Blush Pink Christian Wedding Stage Decoration


This scene draws upon a fairytale charm, with elaborate florals making it dreamy and magical. Pink is one of the hottest colors, soft shades like blush pink and peach will definitely take the center stage. To make it more glamorous you can also add sequin Rose gold. For flower arrangements you can go for Pink Peonies with white mums for a more contemporary style.

4. Candlelight Beige


If you’re getting married during fall, this is the perfect match for you! Beige is a subtle earthy color and you can make it look more sophisticated with complementing candle lights. As shown in the picture above, ornate crystal chandeliers can create a soft candlelight touch inspired Christian wedding stage decoration.

5. Pastel Hue: Elegant Christian Wedding Stage Decoration


Pastel colors create a look and feel that is very versatile and fabulous. This picture is the perfect example of how to use soft color palette of pastels like baby pink, blue and mauve to make it romantic. You can combine this with a touch of glitter glam to give it that bling.

6. Rustic Cream


The combination of antique and contemporary styles are a homage to any modern couple that love rustic and elegant styling. An enchanted woodland style wedding set with string lights as shown above creates the perfect wedding stage within a limited budget.

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7. Floral Fountain


This creates an illusion as if the flowers are pouring down like a fountain. You can also create a cascading look to add a real touch to it. In the picture above the flowers are placed at the top and a reddish orange color scheme is used. You can also try a red and pink ombre with hanging garlands to give it some finesse.

8. Velvet & Chandeliers: Christian Wedding Stage Decoration


Classic and elegant, Monochrome never goes out of style. Black and white stage decoration doesn’t require craftiness or precision, and can be thrown together quite easily. You can use white roses and orchids or Crystals and beads in the color of midnight for a distinct look.

9. The Great Gatsby Inspired Christian Wedding Stage Decoration


If you are a fan of all things vintage and want something special on stage, the 1920’s Great Gatsby is the way to go. However, if you don’t want something extravagant, you can always pick out a few styles like sparkling embellishments, black, white and gold color palettes with a touch of pearls and ostrich feathers like shown above.

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10. Fairy Lights


You can’t go wrong with this to go with your Christian Wedding Stage Decoration. There is something about twinkly lights at a wedding that just adds that dreamy touch and makes everything look spectacular. If you’re concerned that light strands don’t strike the right note of luxury for you, try combining them with chandeliers or Moroccan lanterns for more variety and glitz.

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