Beautiful Christian Wedding Rituals Made Simple: A 5 Min Read

Fans of straightforward and uncomplicated wedding ceremonies love going to a Christian wedding! These christian wedding rituals include seeking the blessings of the priest, parents, relatives, and friends at Church. Even though various sects comprise Christianity, some basic rituals and traditions are followed by all at any christian marriage.

Christian Wedding Rituals: A Quick Understanding

Christian Wedding Rituals - A Quick Understanding

Think of Christian weddings and you think of beautiful churches with a calm and elegant mood. The bride adorns herself in a white dress of her choosing with perhaps a veil and a flowing trail. Her husband-to-be sports a black tuxedo or suit, looking very dapper in the process. The bride may wear a beautiful tiara or flowers in her hair which look very dainty. In one of the more recognized and beloved Christian wedding rituals, the bride also holds a bouquet in hand which she tosses it over her shoulder after the wedding ceremony (during which time the maid of honor hangs on to it), and belief has it that whoever catches it is next in line to married! The christian marriage rituals are simple, yet elegant, and involve the exchange of the wedding vows and gold bands as wedding rings by the bride and the groom. The blessings and prayers of the choir add a signature and most agreeable note to all of it.

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Christian weddings are elegant with more sober overtones compared to some other styles and faiths and do not have too many extravagant elements to them. The wedding rituals consist of pre-wedding and post-wedding rituals, as well as the fact of the actual union itself. The entire process is simple yet charming, and the christian marriage itself is solemnized by the priest at Church at the altar.

The Pre Christian Wedding Rituals

A Christian wedding follows some essential christian wedding rituals, partly for the sake of tradition, but mostly in the spirit of fun. These traditions help the bride and groom ease into this great event of their life and shed their inhibitions and awkwardness if they have any. Some of the most prominent pre-wedding rituals that you will find in a Christian wedding are:

The Bridal Shower

Christian Wedding Rituals - The Bridal Shower

A bridal shower is a hen party where the would-be-bride is thrown a bash by all of her female friends before the marriage. It is usually an extremely enjoyable affair, one of the most enjoyable christian wedding rituals, whatever the setting and theme, and the idea is that this is the last real party the bride gets to enjoy with their friends as a single woman before her traditional christian marriage. The present always is good food, goodies, gifts and blessings for a happy and blissful married life. The tradition goes that the bride has to serve all the guests present at the party with a pink cake. The cake is supposed to have a thimble buried within, and the saying goes that the girl who gets that piece of cake which has that thimble in it is, you guessed it, the next to be married.

Bachelor’s Party

Just like the bridal shower, the family and friends of the groom also organize a party in the name of the groom which, called bachelor’s party. According to this tradition, it is the last party that is enjoyed by the groom as a bachelor before the marriage. It is supposed to be an all-stags party where the men make merry to the fullest; eating, drinking and recounting days gone by and things to come. A bachelor’s party should, according to the traditional norms, begin by raising a toast in the name of the groom for his happy married life, prosperity, good health and cute little kids too.

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Christian Wedding Rituals And Traditions

Christian Wedding Rituals - Wedding Rituals And Traditions

Given typical Christian wedding rituals and ceremonies, the groom sends a car to his would-be bride’s place to pick her up for the event. The best man and maid of honor are already at church assuming their positions as the initiators of the formal rituals proceedings. As the ceremony begins, the groom waits at the altar for his bride to make the slow walk towards the altar (usually accompanied by her father), after which the priest reads to them their vows, another part of a traditional christian marriage.

Upon agreement to take each other as their lawfully wedded husband and wife – the bride and groom sometimes make their own vows with things that are important to them ( as well as a bit of humor occasionally), the priest unites them in holy matrimony and solemnizes their marriage. The rings are then exchanged along with the sermons and prayers recited by the priest.
Finally, once the priest announces that they are now, in fact, husband and wife, the couple seal the deal with a kiss in one of the more romantic and recognizable christian wedding rituals that everyone across the world has come to know and love.

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True To Tradition: Welcoming The Bride

As specified, in a Christian marriage it is not the groom but the bride who is welcomed at the altar at the marriage, unlike some other cultures. The father of the bride is the one to give her away as she walks hand in hand with him up to the altar.

Before the formals rituals when she’s on her way to church it is worth noting again here that tradition has the groom send a car to pick up the bride, and upon reaching she is received with a kiss from the best man and a bouquet of flowers.


Christian Wedding Rituals - Mass

The wedding mass, one of the mandatory Catholic christian wedding rituals, begins with the priest reciting hymns as attendees congregate and seek blessings for the new couple. The priest then recites the homily which speaks to the attendees, as well as the couple, of the importance of holy matrimony. Finally, the exchange of rings takes place, and the newly married couple signs the marriage register legalizing their wedding in front of God and in accordance with the law. They then kiss and make their way out of the church, hand in hand, to begin their new life together.

The Post Christian Wedding Rituals

The evening sees a reception party held in honor of the bride and groom after the christian marriage. A vibrant occasion, the reception has the family and close friends of the newlyweds being a part of the celebrations in a less formal setting. Good food and wine are a part of the mix, and all usually have a good time in toasting the bride and groom and their newly begun journey. The couple will also cut the cake before dinner is served.

The Toast

After dinner, it’s time for a toast in the name of the couple and the ones that are the very closest to them begin by raising their glass to wish the newlyweds good health and a happy life ahead. There may even be a few light-hearted (or not!) references to future children.

The Dance!

Christian Wedding Rituals - The Dance!

Talk about another iconic aspect of a Christian wedding! With the live band and the particular song chosen a long time ago, the couple take the lead with their first dance as a married couple. In time, the others join in (after having shed a tear or two, sometimes in reminiscence), and the merry-making carries on until late in the night to complete the christian marriage.
Following that, the couple may rush out the next day to be on their way for their sweet honeymoon!

We hoped you liked our overview of your quintessential Christian wedding, if you’ve got any stories to share or want to talk about your most favorite parts, do have a go in the comments below! We’ll be glad to hear from you.

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