7 Timeless Christian Bridal Hairstyles To Choose From

You have sent out the ‘save the date’ invites. You have picked out your gorgeous wedding gown. You are admiring your perfectly manicured hands. You know the colour of the blush you want. Perfection is all you seek. And we understand that from planning the wedding to deciding on the wedding gown, it just ain’t easy. Especially, with so many Christian bridal hairstyles to choose from, deciding on the hairstyle you will want to wear on your D-Day is far more difficult than all. The hairstyle you wear can either make you look like a goddess walking down the aisle, or nothing more than just another woman walking on the road. You want to go for something trendy, but also want to make sure that the look is timeless.

For the blushing bride, whether it is beachy or an elegant updo, we at The Bridal Box have picked out seven absolutely gorgeous and timeless Christian bridal hairstyles perfect for the matrimonial mane.

1.  Beach Waves


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This soft upsweep look, with colourful flowers tucked in the bun, looks absolutely dreamy and gorgeous. Mist your hair with water until damp. With a curling iron, after blow-drying your hair, get those wavy curls. Take a dollop of styling mousse and run your fingers through your hair, scrunching the curls as you loosen them up a little. Then roll and pin your hair into a soft bun, and accentuate the overall look by tucking in beautiful, colourful flowers of your liking. It looks very chic, beautiful, and absolutely beach-style.

2. Double Braided


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This double braided hairstyle looks very chic and bohemian. The double braids look like a crown on the head. And the soft curls make the overall look of the hairstyle very romantic. To make the hairstyle look dramatic, either wear a fern or a dainty diamonds tiara.

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3. Classic Half-Up Look


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For a half-up look, back comb your hair and go for big soft curls. Pull back the front, and let the rest of your long, soft curls fall down on your back. This classic hairstyle is very popular for a simple, yet chic and romantic look among celebrity brides. A decade later, when you will be browsing through your wedding album, you will love the hairstyle, and your loving partner will not forget to remind you how beautiful you looked on the wedding day.

4. Pretty Ponytail


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Even though this hairstyle looks very simple and easy to wear, but its prep work begins months before the wedding day. This hairstyle is all about showing off your lustrous locks. To begin with, go easy with heat-styling. Make sure you nourish your hair with deep hair conditioning packs. Include a lot of greens, nuts, and omega-3 in the form of salmon and walnuts in your diet. On you big day, simply pull back your hair and tie a perfectly polished ponytail. Wear a pretty embellishment, and you will be ‘aisle ready.’

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5. Romantic Side Chignon


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This hairstyle looks very romantic and breaks the monotony of polished and curly updos at the back. After curling, side-part your hair, roll up the hair to the side, and pin it up. There is nothing more romantic than a messy chignon that is the epitome of elegance.

6. Loose Waterfall Braids


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With a few basic techniques, you can get this perfect, romantic hairdo for your wedding. After curling your hair, section out the heavy waves to the front. Take the rest of the hair and tie into a ponytail, pulling out the hair halfway through; like creating a loop with the rubber band. With the fingers, spread out and scrunch up the curls around the loop. Take the sectioned out heavy waves, and make a soft braid, pinning it up on the side, above the loop. Pin the falling hair into a messy bun. And let all the loose hair fall like a waterfall.

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7. Elegant Braided Updo


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Begin by side parting your hair. Tease the hair on your crown area. After bumping up the crown area, separate the hair into three sections — one at the back, and two on the sides. Braid the three separated sections of the hair into three braids. Pull the hair to add more texture and volume to the braids. To get that elegant braided updo, just pin up the braids into cute little buns at the back. Braided updo looks better than twisting and turning the hair into messy updos. This updo looks elegant, classic, and totally stands out.

Hope you like our selection of the best Christian bridal hairstyles. Which one is your favourite?