12 Chocolate Wedding Cakes That Are Simply Sinful

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They say the devil is in the detail. When it comes to chocolate wedding cakes, that’s certainly true. You normally never invite evil into your wedding, but with this list of sinful temptations, you’ll have yourself a very devilishly sinful wedding indeed.

Why go with tradition when you can have a cacao wedding worthy of the celebration that is the union of two soul mates for a lifetime? Take the chocolate route and remind your guests why your wedding is the best thing ever; don’t forget to serve hot drinks to complement these murderously lovely chocolate wedding cakes.

1. Minimalist Sin

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Just look at this sinfully bitter-sweet, beautiful dark chocolate cake, just sitting there, in all its minimalist perfection and that matte chocolate finish. Flawless, with that detailed petal sash, makes you want to flaunt it.

2. The Royal Crime

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Gold and chocolate, glinting, haughty and proud, this cake is a dreamboat HB10. With ruffles edged in gold, and all that glam with the gold print and the polka dots, can it get any better?

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3. The Queen Of Turmoil

So tumultuous, so beautiful, and so mouth-watering. Truly this one is the darkest of them all. You can add your own ideal chocolate bits onto the surface layer of this cake if you go with it. The point is to edge chocolate with more chocolate, and the more the tiers, the merrier this tower of sin will be.

4. The Hot Mess

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This cake has been made with Ferrero Rocher goodness and has elements of plain milk chocolate too. It’s simple, messy, and looks delicious. If you feel like, run with the tiers of the same version.

5. Mirror Mirror On The Cake


Mirror glaze lacquer dark chocolate wedding cakes come in next on this list. Their pristine appearance, devoid of the frills and flippancies of the casual wedding cake, is what puts these cakes in a class of their own, a league apart.

6. This Is Mad Love

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This-Is-Mad-Love chocolate wedding cakes are perfect for geeks, and people with a serious fanhood. Pick your favourite theme and go with it. No one will be bored, and you can revel in this magnificent display of your true following, and that burning love.

7. Mini Trysts With Sin

If a giant three tier cake is not your style, then go for the petite tea chocolate wedding cakes. Have a cake table of sorts with these small cakes in the number you choose. They’re cute and chocolatey and can be shared in tables if you’re going with that seating scheme.

8. Hidden Darkness

Cover your evil melange of chocolate with an innocent looking layer of vanilla, only hinting at what’s underneath all that fair white, with lace chocolate icing. It will look temptingly angelic; until they cut into the underworld of dark chocolate, layered with milk chocolate crème, and sugary cherries.

9. Cupcakes From Sin City


Big girls are beautiful, but sometimes you just want a size zero, in all its singular grace. Cupcakes are a perfect way to have individual chocolate wedding cakes; you can go with stuffings, or layer them, use the marble effect, or have all the components of a big cake in this tiny fistful of sinful goodness.

10. The Beauty Behind The Madness

If you’ve always liked a little crazy, then asymmetric chocolate wedding cakes are perfect for you. The asymmetry can be about the sizes of the tiers, or different works on the sides, or anything you know makes you two you.

11. Lavish Molten

Cakes are not the be all and end all of wedding desserts. Sure, an Oreo cake is the worst idea, but there are many more feasible alternatives to invite your guests into the Dark Chocolate Beyond. For example, the sensual textures of a well made mousse.

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12. The Chocolate High Tea Tempt

The ultimate sin-fest comes along in the form of a high tea table loaded with treats from the depths of Chocolate Hell. A nice spread of all things capable of causing death by cacao, with chocolate tea and hot chocolate and blue currant dips will certainly ensure your guests a swift departure into the Neverland Of Chocolate, with their brains turning into mush at the very sight of this string of temptresses.

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