Chitrangada Singh's Marriage: A Son, & A Much Covered Divorce

Chitrangada Singh is one of the most sultry and seductive actresses that you can find in Bollywood. A perfect match of beauty and brains, she has bowled over both critics and the masses, and not just with her unique looks, but her in-depth acting skills. Charming, lovely, and single at 40 with a teenage kid by her side, she has always been known in the industry to break the stereotypical conventions and shows the guts to do something different and bring a new realm of life in each of her roles. So Chitrangada Singh’s marriage will be no exception.

Chitrangada Singh – The Beginnings

Chitrangada Singh's Marriage - Chitrangada

Born into an army background in the Hind Jat family, Chitrangada did her graduation in home science in Lady Irwin’s College, New Delhi. Post graduation, she decided to pursue modelling as a career, in 1994. She debuted as a model in the glamour and entertainment industry by doing projects with ICICI Bank and Alukkas Jewellery among others. She is the sister of golfer Digvijay Singh, and says that being his sister has always made her feel proud.

After doing a bunch of modelling projects in Delhi, she was first cast in the music video “Sunset Point” by Gulzar, and then another music video for singer Abhijit Bhattacharya. Two years afetr Chitrangada Singh’s marriage, she made her acclaimed debut with Sudhir Mishra’s Hazaron Khwahishein Aisi in 2003 that brought her into the limelight. Kal: Yesterday and Tomorrow followed in 2005, after which Chitrangada took a sabbatical of three years. She emerged with Sorry Bhai in 2008, which was a comedy, that performed disastrously at the box office as it was released on the very days of the Mumbai Terror Attacks.

Redefining Critical Acclaim

She continued with her acting career with films like Yeh Sali Zindagi by Sudhir Mishra in 2011 which again brought her critical acclaim. After that she went ahead to do a full blown commercial film, Desi Boyz (2011) in which she starred alongside Akshay Kumar, John Abraham and Deepika Padukone. Other films in her kitty include I, Me Aur MainJoker, Inkaar, Gabbar Is Back among others. Chitrangada Singh is also the brand ambassador of Airtel, Parachute, Puma, Titan Eye+ among other brands.

Along the way, Chitrangada also acquired a massive fan following. Her stellar looks, style quotient and on-screen sass has earned her quite the cult status, with the likes of Honey Singh having composed and done a rap about her.

“Maana tujhse pehle maine kaiyyon ko phera hai,
Kaiyyon ko apne jaadu mein ghera hai,
Par aaj, agar, tu haan kar de,
Toh bhagwaan ki kasam, phir yeh Yo Yo tera hai”

-Honey Singh On Chitrangada

According to another pg3 interview, the singer claimed he has 562 girlfriends, but will be willing to leave them all if he gets Chitrangda. “Chitrangda isn’t from earth. She’s from Pandora. Woh ek alag planet se hi hai, she’s that beautiful,” Honey Singh stated. He even claimed that he would be willing to adopt her son, if it came down to it. But Honey Singh was not alone in that thought. Chitrangada is one of the few celebs to have actual fanbase and paparazzi problems on her hands, with fans having attempted to grab her, and the regular tabloid pages dedicated to her for weeks on end. But let’s get to something sweeter.

A Married Debutant – Chitrangada Singh’s Marriage To Golfer Jyoti Randhawa

Chitrangada Singh's Marriage - Chitrangada And Jyoti Randhawa

Chitrangada entered Bollywood already married! Chitrangada Singh’s marriage to Indian Golfer Jyoti Singh Randhawa happened in 2001. They’d known each other since she was in class 8 and Jyoti was in the last year of school. Their dads were in the same regiment in the army. There was a five year long magical courtship, that preceded Chitrangada Singh’s marriage to Jyoti Singh Randhawa. The couple also have a son named Zoravar Randhwa, born sometime after her first movie. A decade later, about the time Chitrangada was work for Inkaar, Jyoti gave an interview where Jyoti was found saying,

“I do miss her. The house feels empty without the woman of the house….”

Chitrangada was shuffling between Mumbai and Delhi, in 2013. And her hubby’s little quote was telling of the couple’s love. So the entire industry and especially Chitrangada’s fans were shocked by the rumours of her divorce as the duo had always seemed quite a happy couple. It was said that Randhawa was totally devoted towards his wife and quite supportive about her career in the entertainment industry. Chitrangada Singh’s marriage had been doing great so far, supposedly. She had often been quoted in interviews in newspapers and magazines about how she balanced her work and personal life and how her husband totally motivated her and helped her to make the most impossible task a possibility. They’d always been lovers and friends.

What happened then?

Reasons Behind The Divorce – Co-worker Closeness Or Career?

Speculations of her divorce started making the rounds when the couple were seen in the vicinity of Gurgaon Court, but Chitrangada just said at that time that the public was blowing up trifle legal matters. And yet, things could not be hidden for long, and ultimately, the news of the couple’s divorce was confirmed. Though the exact reasons were never given by the couple in public, the media, and particularly TOI went pretty crazy, with speculations and a borderline obsession for the actress’s love life.

TOI did a piece on how Sudhir Mishra may be to blame for the alleged rift between the couple and finally their divorce. Sudhir Mishra and Chitrangada shared a very good bond in the industry. He was her mentor and their closeness might have sparked the rumours regarding his involvement in the marital break in Chitrangada Singh’s marriage with Jyoti Randhawa went through. Several outings together and dinners that seemed to hint that their friendship was not limited only to the professional field, didn’t do any good.

Many pg3 tabloids in the media regularly hyped things with how close the two were.TOI again reported that Jyoti had a close female friend in Gurgaon whom he once visited in the early hours in the morning which provoked Chitrangada to move to Mumbai, speculating that even Jyoti Randhawa was looking for options outside marriage.

Old golf insiders were also pulled into the hype, some acquaintances saying Jyoti’s relationship with his actress wife suffered as things got better with Bollywood. Chitrangada wanted to make it big and Jyoti was still a top golfer. “The distance between them was always growing ever since she wanted to pursue her own professional acting career,” said a golf management professional, indicating Jyoti was not supportive of his wife’s choices.

By now things got out of control, with everyone and his aunt taking a shot at Chitrangada Singh’s marriage. The private couple were forced to address the media, and the rabid fans. Chitrangada and Jyoti went on to give a round of interviews stating the obvious.

“There are pressures on any relationship. You have to work on it; just as you work on other things…I am not living a perfect life.”- Chitrangada, MM

And Jyoti stressed they were dealing with a long distance relationship, which was difficult. But it looked like no matter what would happen in the future, these two people would do things sensibly.

“A long distance relationship is tough to handle since both of us are traveling. Luckily, our son is very understanding and mature. So far, we have lucky that we are able to manage our home well. I stay at home when she is working, and when I have to go for golf tournaments, she returns home. So one of us is always there for Zorawar.”

Chitrangada Singh's Marriage - Chitrangada Poses For Tanishq

It was eventually understood that Chitrangada wanted to explore her options in a better way in Mumbai and after doing a few projects, felt the need to be in Mumbai for more attention from the film makers for good roles. The inconvenience of residing in Gurgaon and managing a career primarily based in Mumbai was taking a toll on her professional life.

So, were any of these possible reasons for the dissolution of Jyoti Randhawa and Chitrangada Singh’s marriage? Either way the divorce was a mutual one, and it seems there are no hard feeling on either side.

Custody Of Their Son, Zoravar

Chitrangada Singh's Marriage - Chitrangada And Her Son Zorawar

Chitrangda once spoke of Zorawar by saying that, “He needs to know me as a mother first. When he grows up, he will only know about my work as an actress.” Though she was initially finding it hard to strike that delicate balance, she was given primary custody of their child Zoravar, with Jyoti sharing in secondary custody. Chitrangada, now, is doing quite well at being a mother and a superb actress at the same time.

She is a very private person and the issue of their divorce should concern no one but the couple and their family. But again, being the public figures they cannot exactly keep it all hidden from the public eye, especially for long. Let’s just wish them good luck for their lives ahead and a shining future in their respective fields.

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