Children’s Day: 10 Fun Ways To Celebrate It With Your Child

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It’s that time of the year where we celebrate the joy that we call children! We’re talking about Children’s Day! While the celebration of Children’s Day varies from country to country, we observe this special occasion on the fourteenth of November every year in India. Why the fourteenth of this month? Because in a way, it is a tribute to the first Prime Minister of our nation, Jawaharlal Nehru.

Nehru advocated for child rights, safety, and education as a pillar of strength and a pathway to success for children. So, on Children’s Day, we don’t only celebrate our little ones; we also make efforts to spread awareness on child rights, education for children, their safety, and the creation of a better world for them. Children are the future of any nation and only by nurturing them can we hope for a prosperous future.

This Children’s Day, surprise your little one with some fun-filled activities and celebrations! Here are ten ways to celebrate your child and the joy they bring to your lives:

1. Plant A Tree

Plant A Tree
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This Children’s Day, choose to plant a tree with your child. You could plant one for yourself, and your child can plant another, or you can choose to plant a tree together. Trees are an essential part of our lives — and we humans haven’t exactly done much to preserve them. Planting a tree sends the message that we are grateful for this life-giving canopy. Your child can then be responsible for taking care of it. What’s more, they’ll also observe that the tree is growing with them!

2. Kart Racing

Kart Racing
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Thinking of a fun activity that is safe and exciting for your little adrenaline junkie? Maybe you could take them kart racing! Look for places around that have go-karting for kids, ones that have special discounts and safety measures in place. Your child will thank you for this beautiful experience!

3. Go To An Amusement Park

Go To An Amusement Park
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There’s something about visiting the amusement park — it’s one full day of fun, frolic, and exciting rides and adventures. In most cases, amusement parks have discounts and special events on Children’s Day, so your child will love it.

4. Attend A Children’s Day Event

Attend A Children's Day Event
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Check for Children’s Day events online — there’s sure to be plenty! You could attend one of these events along with your child on Children’s Day. These events are conducted for little ones in most cases, so your child will most definitely love being a part of the program! You could also find out if your child can contribute in any way to the event. For example, if the event has a talent show, maybe you could ask the event managers if your child can showcase one of their talents. Some commonly held events include magic shows, carnivals, talent shows, costume parties, and art shows.

5. Camping And Trekking

Camping And Trekking
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In all the hustle and bustle of life, we forget to rejuvenate ourselves. And the best way to do this is in the lap of nature! Camping, hiking, and trekking are all fun ways to explore nature and find ourselves. This Children’s Day, try your hand at camping or trekking. Opt for one that is easy, so your child won’t find it too hard. You could either go by yourselves (if it is safe and recommended), or get in touch with travel or trekking groups — there are plenty of them! Make sure you have the right equipment before embarking on such activities.

6. Movie Night For Kids

Movie Night For Kids
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Children love watching movies! Plan a movie night for your little one on Children’s Day. It can be a family get-together of sorts, where everyone cuddles on the couch and enjoys a good movie, or you can make it a kid’s night, where only the kids enjoy a night by themselves watching their favorite movie. Give them the whole movie experience, complete with popcorn and their favorite beverage! Let your child decide what film they want to watch, or choose one that is fun yet inspirational.

7. Conduct Games For Children

Conduct Games For Children
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Children’s Day is perfect for conducting what children do best — playing games! You could host a small little party for your child and their friends or neighbors. You can then organize a few fun games for all the kids. There are plenty of options to choose from, including sack race, lemon, spoon, or tail the donkey. Do not forget the main highlight: gifts for the winners! You could also have a “thank you” gift for all the kids, so they know that they are valued!

8. Let Them Bake Something!

Let Them Bake Something
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Most children love to try their hands at baking, so how about whipping something up? But don’t do it all by yourself. Instead, choose to do something that they will enjoy making themselves. For example, you could get them to bake a cake or make some cupcakes together. But make sure you supervise them when they’re in the kitchen!

9. Pay A Visit To An Old-Age Home

Pay A Visit To An Old-Age Home
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It’s a beautiful idea to take your child to a retirement home on this day. Most of them miss their children and grandchildren, so your child will be a ray of sunshine for them! Also, your child will learn compassion and kindness through this activity.

10. Arrange A Children’s Day Feast For The Less Unfortunate

Arrange A Children’s Day Feast For The Less Unfortunate
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We usually celebrate children’s day every year but for many children from poor families, such joys are a distant dream. You can plan beforehand with fellow parents and friends to organise a feast to provide good food to underprivileged children. Your child would also understand the value of empathy and how important it is to share one’s blessings.

The whole idea of celebrating Children’s Day with your child is to show them that they are precious. It is a great way to spend some quality time with your little ones too. Make it unique and give them memories that last a lifetime! Can you think of other fun and interesting ways to celebrate this Children’s Day? Do let us know your ideas in the comments below!

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