Childhood Love Quotes: 14 Quotes That Will Bring Back Memories

Childhood love quotes take you back to sweeter simpler days. That’s because childhood love is the perhaps one of the purest forms of love to ever exist. There is a certain kind of innocence to it with no room for pride or ego whatsoever. And yes, it is also the first time your heart learned to beat for someone else. Guess even you must be remembering the first time you fell in love with a guy/girl at your school or next door. That is how innocent childhood love is. To acknowledge that phase, we bring to you 14 adorable childhood love quotes that will take you back to the time when you first fell in love.

Take A Walk Down Memory Lane With Our Childhood Love Quotes!

1. Childhood Love Quotes - We'll Get Old But

A simple and touching one. It is a childhood love quote that says it all about the essence of finding true love when you are still young. It is after all your first love and will be so forever.

2. Childhood Love Quotes - Your Bestfriend

A best friend who will always be by your side and never be judgmental no matter what the situation. One of those cute childhood love quotes about childhood love that creates an accurate sketch of what that feeling is is all about.

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3. Childhood Love Quotes - Happiness

As adults, we always do that. That’s because we always think, “Why should I apologize first?” Whereas when you are young, the first thought on your mind is, “Why don’t I just apologize first?” It is all about that transformation that happens as we grow old. We give more importance to our baggage of ego rather than focusing on joy and companionship.

4. Childhood Love Quotes - Nothing More Surreal

That is the best feeling ever. It is like you are on cloud 9! After all, marriage is about understanding your spouse, and who can better understand you than the person you chose as your soulmate in your childhood.

5. Childhood Love Quotes - On The First Page

It is a childhood love quote that is quite fitting and draws some nice analogy as well. Makes for a great deep love sms too. Did you ever realize that what you read on the first page of a book is something that stays in your mind for a long time? The same is with childhood love as well. It always stays with you forever.

6. Childhood Love Quotes - I Always Knew

Why look for meaning of love somewhere else when all you have to do is look at your childhood relationship? Nothing best opens your mind to love than being in love with a childhood sweetheart. It makes you learn all the nuances of love that go a long way in life. These childhood love quotes are an eye opener.

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7. Childhood Love Quotes - A Lifetime

How many times did you forget your first love? We are sure the answer is a unanimous ‘never’. That is what childhood love is all about. It is that first impression of love and affection that stays with you for a lifetime.

8. Childhood Love Quotes - Childhood Sweethearts

Some childhood love quotes is strikingly true, like this one. And the reason for that is the fact that childhood lovers never have to spend time justifying their love to each other through worldly objects. Neither do they need something to bring a spark back into their love. That love is just always there with them to bring strength and satisfaction in life.

9. Childhood Love Quotes - I Still Remember

If you are one of those fortunate ones who has found a life partner in your childhood sweetheart then here is a quote that would make a wonderful message to share.

10. Childhood Love Quotes - I Decided

If your spouse is your childhood love + life partner + best friend then congratulations! You are just one happy person. How do you put it in words? Read the next childhood love quote.

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11. Childhood Love Quotes - Pure Eternal Bliss

It is after all the most pristine form of love without those impurities of selfishness and ego that take shape as we grow into adults. When that is what you have got then you have just found the way to the most lucid form of love.

12. Childhood Love Quotes - Growing Old Together

Love is all about holding a special someone’s hand and growing old together, and that’s the very best type of love. The path to the dusk of your life is best travelled with a companion who has always been by your side since your younger days.

13. Childhood Love Quotes - Down Memory Lane

It might not always be the case that you would have your childhood love by your side but just a memory of that person will always bring a smile onto your face for the rest of your life. Why is it so? The next of our childhood love quotes should answer that.

14. Childhood Love Quotes - Childhood Stays

That nicely sums it all. Things were just simpler when we were young since we had not yet learnt to put up a show. Therefore, what wins your heart stays with it forever no matter how old you get.

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Those were my favorite best childhood love quotes to describe the emotions and feelings just the right way. So did we rekindle some memories?