15 Chic Ways To Dress Your Bridesmaids For Your Big Day

You’re getting married and your gal-pals are all excited to be a part of the wedding! Yes, your outfit for the D-Day has to be THE best. But what about the outfits for your bridesmaids? Would you just leave the decision to pick an outfit to them or just stick to standard ideas that have been done to death? Why not try something different? Take a look at some ideas:

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1. Chic Sparkle Dress-Code

Chic-Sparkle-Dress-Code- Chic Ways To Dress Your Bridesmaids

While you walk the aisle in a beautiful white gown, give a bit of sparkly touch to your bridesmaids! Bring your wedding colour code some contrast with them standing next to you in their light shaded sparkly gowns. It helps if they have light bases to give the sparkle extra detailing.

2. Blue-Some Style

Blue-Some-Style- Chic Ways To Dress Your Bridesmaids

Royal blue and navy blue are probably the most underrated shades of blue. They bring out your natural glow and add a vibrant touch to the wedding. They add a royal look to your backbone – your bridesmaids.

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3. Hostess-Style Dressing

Hostess-Style-Dressing- Chic Ways To Dress Your Bridesmaids

The bridesmaids are the ones who are closest to the bride and are like a second family. Most weddings involve a lot of running around and last minute problem-fixers, so why not give them something comfortable yet trendy to wear?

4. 50’s Winter-Style Wraps

50’s-Winter-Style-Wraps- Chic Ways To Dress Your Bridesmaids

Bring in a vintage look to your wedding by getting your bridesmaids to wear something like a winter wrap across the shoulders. It will surely suit your wedding if you’ve themed it around the Victorian style. It goes best if your dress too includes something to show the Victorian style.

5. Floral Hawaiian Style

Floral-Hawaiian-Style- Chic Ways To Dress Your Bridesmaids

Hawaiian styles look best when you are having a beach wedding or an outdoor garden wedding. Pick out some trendy floral dresses and pair them up with floral tiaras and you’re good to go! Go Hawaiian, go stylish.

6. Happy Teal Shades

Happy-Teal-Shades- Chic Ways To Dress Your Bridesmaids

Teal-shaded dresses are definitely in fashion and are a refreshing change from the usual shades of pink and peach. They are a unique combination of ‘sober’ and ‘style.’ They are not too blingy but are just perfect to make a style statement.

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7. 3 Shades Of Grey

3-Shades-Of-Grey- Chic Ways To Dress Your Bridesmaids

50 Shades of Grey? No, more like 3 shades of grey! If you have a small group of bridesmaids then tell them to pick their favourite shade of grey and make it their colour for the wedding. Grey adds an earthy look to your wedding theme and helps in bringing all the attention to you and your group.

8. Black-Brigade

Black-Brigade- Chic Ways To Dress Your Bridesmaids

Black stands for strength and boldness in my opinion and thus a bridesmaid brigade all dressed in black would be the most epic group of bridesmaids ever! It could also be experimented with dresses of different lengths to make your group stand apart.

9. Polka Dots


Didn’t we all simply love polka dots when we were little? Bring in that child-like love to your wedding by adding some polka dot touch to the dresses! They even give it a very 70s rock and roll look.

10. Striped-Style Dress


Stripes never go out of style and add class and beauty to any form of clothing. They are a unique style option for your group of bridesmaids. You can always feel free to experiment with the regular horizontal stripes or the lengthy vertical stripes.

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11. Earthy Rustic Style

Earthy-Rustic-Style- Chic Ways To Dress Your Bridesmaids

Pick some earthy shades and pair them with short length dresses and boots. These go well with country-style weddings and themed weddings too. Don’t these dresses just look too cool?

12. Purple Princess Style


Purple is a royal shade which makes any woman look like a princess. Purple bridesmaid dresses are probably the most common but that’s because they bring a unique beauty to the wedding.

13. Indian Sari Bridesmaid Style

Indian-Sari-Bridesmaid-Style- Chic Ways To Dress Your Bridesmaids

Indian weddings are no less when it comes to bridesmaid dresses. Whether it’s a silk sari or a shimmery georgette one, Indian bridesmaids always stand out in style.

14. Anarkali Style Dress

Anarkali-Style-Dress- Chic Ways To Dress Your Bridesmaids

Anarkali style suits are in fashion since a couple of years now and are here to stay! Get matching suits for your ladies and you can enter your wedding in style!

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15. All-Star Bridesmaids

All-Star-Bridesmaids- Chic Ways To Dress Your Bridesmaids

A happy group is one where the bride gives her bridesmaids the liberty to dress as they wish. Give them the opportunity to wear the dress they had been saving especially for your wedding, after all, it’s not every day that their closest friend ties the knot!

A wedding is a happy occasion where all the guests go with happy hearts. It is an occasion to remember and thus extra attention must be given to each of its details. Pick out any of the amazing dress styles, mix and match, add a touch of your own style and make your wedding one to remember for life.

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