Chetan Bhagat Quotes On Love And Relationships: 15 Amusing Quotes

We have read his books, and loved them to the core. There is something about the way Chetan Bhagat writes. As you might already be knowing, most of his books focus on love and relationships. There are various Chetan Bhagat quotes on love on love and relationships that can be found in his books, and the man himself has dished out some words of wisdom on the topic in interviews too. So we’ve put it all together in one place.

We have here 15 Chetan Bhagat Quotes on love and relationships.

Read and learn.

1. Chetan Bhagat Quotes On Love - Wise Men

We start off our Chetan Bhagat quotes on love with the basics. Love is after all a neurochemical activity. It brings about a change in the way you perceive and react to the world around you. It is no surprise that love can override even the most primal feelings of a human being. But isn’t it something which is a fundamental requirement of a human being? We all strive to give and take real true love, and that is what forms the essence of life.

2. Chetan Bhagat Quotes On Love - So Serious

Now this one does not mean that you should not be serious in a relationship. All that this winner of Chetan Bhagat quotes on love communicates is that it is paramount to maintain transparency in a relationship. If you love someone and consider them your soul-mate then never hesitate to share the feelings that lie deep in your heart. It helps cultivate trust that in turn will help in taking the relationship a long way.

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3. Chetan Bhagat Quotes On Love - Love Yourself

A simple and powerful quote on our Chetan Bhagat quotes on love. It is also one of those inspirational ones that make you introspect your love ideology, leaving you a bit wiser or more after you are done with the introspection. To share love, you need to first love yourself. When it takes a form within you, only then you will be capable of sharing it with others. What if no one reciprocates your love? Read the next love quote by Chetan Bhagat that’s lined up.

4. Chetan Bhagat Quotes On Love - Your Own Cheering Squad

It is not always necessary that you will find a person who will reciprocate your affection in equal degree and quantity. In fact, your love might be shunned and abandoned but that does not mean you need to lose hope. You have to be optimistic. And sometimes you have to use these love sms for wifey instead.

5. Chetan Bhagat Quotes On Love - Human

It is human to make mistakes after all. The point that Chetan Bhagat quotes on love are trying to make here is that it is always best to forgive those you love for the mistakes they have made. It might have caused you some annoyance but carrying the burden of that annoyance will be far greater than the joy of loving that person.

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6. Chetan Bhagat Quotes On Love - Your Current Feelings That Come

You shouldn’t be so sticky to the fact that a loved one hurt you to the point that your emotions towards them became sour. There are times in a relationship when individuals involuntarily or voluntarily hurt each other. If the person is genuinely apologetic and if you see a transformation then it is best to forgive that person. And then maybe a few weeks later use these love questions to ask your boyfriend.

7. Chetan Bhagat Quotes On Love - Wise Women

This one is mixed bag of Chetan Bhagat quotes on love but guess most guys will agree to it, at least reluctantly! It is always great to have a woman in your life who is a like the constant with which you can measure and look at the world.

8. Chetan Bhagat Quotes On Love - Two Types Only

While it may seem a little negative on the surface, it is in fact on one of Chetan Bhagat quotes on love that’s more advisory in nature. In fact, the relationship of two soul-mates is that of two equals. The feeling of one being stronger or the other being weaker should not pop out all all.

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9. Chetan Bhagat Quotes On Love - User Manuals

It is one of the light-hearted Chetan Bhagat quotes on love that you and me can relate to. How many times haven’t you given missed calls to your loved one? And I’m sure you must have received some too. You can’t keep a count. That’s the beauty of it.

10. Chetan Bhagat Quotes On Love - A Bad Thing

Chetan Bhagat’s book 2 States: The Story of My Marriage tells the story about two love-birds from two different states and the cultural clashes that they face when they announce their love at home; one of 2014’s Bollywood love stories. Here one of the Chetan Bhagat quotes on love from the book that makes a sincere remark about what can be the best solution to such a situation.

11. Chetan Bhagat Quotes On Love - Human Relationships

This one is laden with sarcasm and takes a dig at the web of confusion we humans tend to create in relationships. This one serves as a reminder that it is always great to maintain transparency in a relationship, like said in most Chetan Bhagat quotes on love.

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12. Chetan Bhagat Quotes On Love - Love Marriage

The point here is that in an Indian love marriage, one has to put in significant efforts to convince the immediate family and then the extended family. If everyone is convinced then well and good. If even one party is unhappy then that leads to lot of stress and chaos. Anyone who has had a love marriage would know.

13. Chetan Bhagat Quotes On Love - Spin Arounds

It is a nice extension to quote #6, and reminds us that it is always for the sake of your peace of mind that you must learn to pardon the one you love. And if it’s a case of love lost then here’s some depressed love quotes to cry to, right after to easy the pain.

14. Chetan Bhagat Quotes On Love - The Best Advice

How many times have you heeded to the advice of your doting boyfriend/girlfriend? If you are the receptive types then good for you and your partner. If you don’t take advice well then why be in a relationship at all? Love is not a one way street.

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15. Chetan Bhagat Quotes On Love - Who You Love

No better quote than this one to end the Chetan Bhagat quotes on love list with. Life is made sweet by the love you spread and receive. While it is always great to seek accomplishments, one should not forget the most important element of life that is love.

Hope you liked our collection of Chetan Bhagat quotes on love and relationships. Any interesting ones from his books that we missed out? Let us know.