The Chennai Silks Wedding Sarees: Best of the Best

In southern India, a silk saree forms an essential part of the bridal trousseau. Down south, brides wear gorgeous silk sarees on their weddings, completing the look with gold bangles, multiple layers of necklaces, earrings, anklets and other gold jewellery. With an ever increasing demand, a city which has emerged as one of the most flourishing destinations to buy sarees is Chennai. Chennai silks wedding sarees have richer fabrics and are naturally more decorative with intricate embroidery and vibrant colours. Some of the most popular outlets are established in Chennai offering a fabulous range of silk sarees, and have showrooms nationally and internationally as well.

Chennai – A Treasure Trove For Silk Sarees

Chennai is a treasure trove for lovers of silk sarees. Besides the traditional Kanjivaram silks, there are several other modern lightweight silk sarees suiting your choice and occasion. These include block printed sarees, printed silk sarees, pure silk sarees, Dharmavaram silk sarees, Mysore silk sarees, Aarani silk sarees and handloom silks. The silk fabric is woven in several parts of the state, with each revealing its own beauty. It is believed that the heavier a silk saree, the purer it will be and therefore, more expensive. This is why it becomes more suitable for weddings and other festive functions, whereas the light-weight silk sarees are more appropriate for regular wear.

For someone who is not willing to go for an exclusive silk saree, there are numerous classy alternatives easily available in Chennai. Fabrics such as georgette, chiffon, crepe have been emerging as a popular choice to manufacture authentic temple sarees. Artificial silk is another affordable alternative which will give your saree the same lustre of silk at a much lower cost. In more contemporary patterns of dots, stripes, checks and waves, these sarees are an excellent choice for your bridal trousseau.

With a rapidly evolving trend and the increasing international appeal, the designers and manufacturers are taking the current fashion trends into consideration while making a designer bridal saree. The drift is more towards comfortable yet ethnic clothing, which ultimately results in a more modern silhouette, combining innovative designs with the elegance of a traditional silk saree.

If you are looking to pick silk sarees from Chennai, the Chennai silks wedding sarees are the one’s to pick from. However, there are other popular stores that promise everything you need within the budget you want.

1. The Chennai Silks

Beautiful Chennai Silks Wedding Sarees

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The largest textile kingdom in Tamilnadu, The Chennai Silks (TCS) has proven to be a shopper’s delight for generations of families. The wedding sarees in Chennai silks are said to be the best. The founder Mr. Kulandaivel Mudaliar entered the saree business in 1962. However, he opened the first chennai silks wedding sarees showroom in Tirupur in 1991. He called it ‘Kumaran Silks’ and later renamed it as ‘The Chennai silks’. The group has a widespread reach with sprawling showrooms in Chennai. The Chennai Silks continues its endeavours to reach out to customers, beyond barries and beyond boundaries by exporting to chain stores in America and Europe. They export their beautiful clothes to big brands like Decathlon, Carrefour, TESCO and Hanes. The Chennai silks group also owns Sri Kumaran Thangamaligai, a retail Jewellery store with branches located across the state of Tamil Nadu.



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2. Sarangi

Sarangi - Chennai Silks Wedding Sarees

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Sarangi celebrates the spirit of the Kanjivaram with a range of saris that are elegant and beautiful. Never blatantly modern, each sari is designed keeping the aesthetics and sensibility of The Kanjivaram in mind.


Location:138 Luz Church Road, Chennai 600004.

3. Palam Silk

Palam - Chennai Silks Wedding Sarees

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With their rich collection of silk sarees, Palam Silk’s has everything that caters a traditional as well as a modern bride. With a dazzling array of colors and combinations, you will have plenty to choose from. Need we say, a must stop for the brides-to-be.



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4. Pothys

Pothys - Chennai Silks Wedding Sarees

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Pothys showrooms houses the largest collection of silk sarees in Tamil Nadu. At Pothys you get the benefit of diverse silk varieties, exclusive designs and authentic silk brands.



5. Nalli Silks

Nalli - Chennai Silks Wedding Sarees

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With 85 years of considerable brand equity, international presence and sari-stores across India, Nalli is poised to scale even greater heights. An iconic heritage brand steeped in tradition, Nalli upholds the core values and has manged to convert generations of new sari-owners into loyal Nalli patrons – and not without a reason.



Hand-woven Silk

Using the silk produced by the larvae of the mulberry silkworm (which is considered the purest form of silk), the city of Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu has come to be renowned worldwide for its silk sarees. It is believed that when the Saligar and the Devanga communities migrated to Kanchipuram hundreds of years back, their silk weaving skills came into practice and the city till date is known as the hub of silk sarees. The sarees are hand-woven with moons, suns, chariots, elephants, peacocks, mango motifs and leaf patterns. Usually, the pallu and the border are given a contrasting colour to the saree and are woven with gold thread on the silk.

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Did you know?

Who would have imagined that what comes out of cocoons of the larvae of insects can be processed into one of the finest forms of clothing – silk!

It is said that the shimmery fabric was discovered and kept as a secret by the Chinese for over 2000 years and was used to weave clothes for only the rulers and highest dignitaries. But sooner or later, the secret of this beautiful fabric had to cut loose, and the world got acquainted with one of the most exquisite clothing material.

Though China is still the leading producer of silk, India proudly takes the next position. Known as resham in north and pattu in the south, India is not only one of the largest producers but even the largest consumer of silk. This is easily evident in the fact that a saree, which is the traditional attire of the women in India, is vastly made in silk across several states in the country. Raw silk production majorly comes from the southern states, besides West Bengal and Jammu & Kashmir.