9 Things That A Modern Bride Must Know Before She Hires A MUA

Let’s face it, your makeup can actually make or break your wedding look. No matter how stylish your outfit is and no matter how trendy your accessories are, a botched up makeup job will make everything else worthless. That’s why most brides keep a major part of their wedding budget earmarked for the makeup artist (MUA). After all, they are the ones who can enhance your final look. But hiring a MUA isn’t as easy as it sounds. You don’t just get up and hire the first option you find. It involves a lot of research and a few hits and misses too. So before you set out to hire your own personal MUA, here are some of the things that you really need to consider.

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1. Schedule A Trial

Bridal makeup Photography

A trial must be scheduled at least three weeks before the wedding day. Why? Well, if at all there is some allergic reaction to the trial products used, your skin has ample time for recovery. Also, the three weeks before the wedding must be used to prep your skin with facials and natural treatments. There are many bridal packages that offer pre preps at boutiqes, like Keya Seth bridal makeup packages. Also, the trial mustn’t be done before five weeks from the date of the wedding as the skin texture may change in that time-frame due to reasons such as tanning, heat exposure and cosmetics and thus the final look based on that trail may turn out to be completely different.

2. Analyze Samples


Every MUA has a personal catalogue of all the work they’ve done on various clients. Go through the catalogue to see how their makeup suits different skin tones and skin textures. Ask them to specifically show you before and after images of results for oily/dry/pigmented skin to see the clarity of the look.

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3. Product Survey


Do your research on the products used by makeup artists. Check on their quality and longevity so that when you finally meet an MUA, you know what they’re talking about when they explain their products to you. Ask them how long each makeup look lasts. Weddings and parties go on for hours and thus you must enquire about the best look that lasts the longest.

4. Techniques/Style Enquiry

There are various techniques and styles for makeup application such as the airbrush style bridal makeup, the matte finish style, glossy style, HD style. All makeup styles have a different price range depending on their complexity. Enquire about each style and the major differences between them. Before zeroing in on a MUA, you must be aware whether or not they are experienced in providing service for each style. You can also look at sample images for all the techniques.

5. Combos Offered


Many salons and stylists offer combos of makeup + hairstyle + dressing up. Many also offer discounts on such offers. Ask questions to figure out your expenditure on the budget and also to minimize movement in your full-makeup look. Don’t forget to ask about nail-paint change as many salons and stylists also offer change of nail paint in the combo offer.

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6. Discuss Ideas

Discuss ideas that you have in mind and ask the makeup artist as to what he/she would suggest for your face-shape. Never rely on a last-minute makeup strategy where the MUA decides your look on the spot. Before hiring a MUA, you must know whether they have great ideas for you or not. For instance, ask them how they think a smoky eye look would suit you and then ask them to showcase similar work that they have done for other clients.

7. Self-Inspection


Know your own face structure and understand what suits you and what doesn’t. Give detailed attention to the size of your eyes and shape of your lips to decide on the liners and lipstick. Some bridal eye makeup ideas look great online, but you’ll need to try them out to know if it’s a good fit for you. Think about what chemical doesn’t suit your skin so that you can tell the MUA beforehand. You must be very honest with your MUA about what suits you and what doesn’t as even if they end up messing up something, you will be the one at loss.

8. Prepping The Skin


Ask your MUA for suggestions regarding prepping your skin. Enquire about the various home remedies and facials that they recommend and offer. Discuss your skin texture and share your concerns. You may even discuss past experiences and ask how those problems (if any) may be avoided this time.

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9. Budget Constraints


Most important part is the budget. After all, a wedding is an expensive affair. Be clear on how much you are willing to spend and enquire about the final package cost that the MUA is offering. The final cost must include charges for the makeup, hairstyle, dressing-up, prep-treatments, all taxes and miscellaneous expenses, if any.

Hiring an MUA is an no easy task. You have to be very careful about who you’re choosing; a wrong decision can spoil your wedding day. Every modern day bride must have the above points clear in her mind before finalizing a makeup artist. A perfect look sets the tone for a perfect wedding, doesn’t it?

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