Top 4 Cheap Honeymoon Packages In India For A Budget Friendly Honeymoon!

Done with all the hassle and hubbub of the actual wedding itself? Well now is the time when you with your significant other are looking forward to your romantic honeymoon. But you probably still want to be able to pay the rent when you get back from it. Right? Then say no more! We have made it easy for your pocket and have jotted you some cheap honeymoon packages in india, you can think of.So make your budget and head off honeymooning.

We’ve collected some of the best locations and cheap honeymoon packages in india to offer you .Scroll on down and take a look! We assure you we will find you a cheap travel deal and an awesome honeymoon destination.

1. Goa:

Cheap Honeymoon Packages-Goa

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Capturing the essence of a beach experience, Goa will lull you into tranquillity with its peaceful locales and friendly people. Renowned all over the world as a premier honeymoon destination, the sands of Goa are the perfect platform to launch your newlywed life together. Relax under a palm frond while sipping on a mimosa or launch yourselves into an adventure together, whatever your speed, Goa has something for everybody.

How to reach: Well connected in all methods of transport, traveling to Goa is as easy as switching on your computer.

Best time to visit: In the summer and winter.

What to do: Adventure sports, EDM, shopping, sightseeing, eating Portugese cuisine, sunbathing, relaxing.

Packages start at: As little as 16,000 INR a head for 3 nights.

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2. Jaipur

Cheap Honeymoon Packages - Jaipur

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Steeped in rich culture, the heritage city of Jaipur is a picture of old-world royalty. The Pink City, as it is affectionately referred to, will welcome you and your partner with open arms with enough history to make even the most stringent history teacher happy. Bursting with surprising amounts of colour and nestled in shining desert sands this city will make you fall in love all over again.Noytan usual honeymoon destination, but who doesn’t like new places to venture in.

How to reach: With flights from almost all cities, and daily trains leaving to the city from Delhi, Jaipur is pretty easy to get to, even if you don’t want to use the extensively connected road system.

Best time to visit: During winter – between October and March.

What to do: Monument hopping, camel rides, bazaar shopping, desert expeditions, soak in the rich culture and get a tan.

Packages start at: A shocking 6,000 INR per head for two nights and 3 days. Thats like a very reasonable honeymoon package and in budget too.

3. Darjeeling :

Cheap Honeymoon Packages - Darjeeling

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Ensconced by mountain ranges that stretch off into the distance, Darjeeling is one of the most popular hill stations in Northeast India. Greet the morning from your room overlooking valleys, and chart the sun’s course as the light lazily breaks through the rolling mist. Soak in the calm air and take in the sublime scent of tea. With Buddhist monasteries galore for those inclined to culture, Darjeeling also boasts some truly spectacular views. Relax and ease yourselves into your marriage with this darling place.

How to reach: By air would be your best bet as there are no trains, and the only way by road is a rather perilous 88 km journey and it will be in your budget too.

What to do: Take long walks, explore tea estates, trekking, climbing, history excursions.

Best time to visit: During winter and between April and June.

Packages start at: A sum of approximately 15,000 for 7 nights and 8 days that includes a trip to Gangtok.

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4. Alleppey :

Cheap Honeymoon Packages-Alleppey

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If lounging on a houseboat while meandering through backwaters that neighbour paddy fields as far as the eye can see is something you like the sound of, then look no further. Known as the rice bowl of Kerala, this town is world famous for its ubiquitous houseboats. Book one for you and your partner and tavel down the river, relaxing on the deck as you are served fish delicacies that would have been freshly caught. The exquisite charm of this area will inspire a lot of new emotions, and furthermore give you the space and time needed to explore them together with your partner.

How to reach: You can drive down through Kerala to get to Alleppey, and it is connected by railways to cities like Bangalore and Chennai. The closest airport is in Cochin, which is about 64 km away.

What to do: Have the houseboat experience, eat solid and amazingly tasty food, explore the beautiful backwaters, history tripping.

Best time to visit: Between October and February would be ideal.

Packages start at: 17,000 INR per head for 5 nights to Alleppey, Mujnnar, Thekkady and Kumarakom.