Celina Jaitley's Wedding To The Austrian Charmer - The Story

Celina Jaitley is a diva with a charm that is matched by few in the Indian entertainment industry. The beauty, born to an Indian father and Afghan mother, had a clear intent of joining the showbiz and in fact started modelling at the age of 16. She worked hard and her commitment paid off when she won the title of the Femina Miss India in 2001. She then went on to participate in the Miss Universe 2001. Since then, Celina went on to have a good run in the Indian film industry. Today she is a mother of twins with the love of her life Peter Haag. We’re going back in time though, to reminisce about the Peter Haag Celina Jaitley wedding story.

Celina Jaitley's Wedding - celina jaitley

Love In Dubai

Celina Jaitley's Wedding - Love in Dubai

Celina Jaitley met Peter Haag in early 2010 for the first time in Dubai where she had gone for the store opening of an Indian fashion brand. During the course of her stay, she was one day invited to a small party at a lounge by a group of close friends. It was there that she first saw the Austrian hotelier Peter Haag, who was also invited to that event. They were introduced to each other by common friends and even though they didn’t talk much, they could see that love spark in each other’s eyes. While Peter was dazzled by Celina’s beauty, she was impressed by his impeccable manners and the very kind eyes. They exchanged their numbers and became good friends, and soon were dating each other.

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While it was seemingly love at first sight, Peter was definitely not Celina’s first flame. A Celina Jaitley wedding was long in the offing. Celina’s first tryst with love occurred as early as the early 2000s with the affluent hotelier Sanjay Narang, who was at that time dating the Miss Universe 1994 pageant winner Sushmita Sen. It is quite popularly believed that Celina was the thorn that ripped apart the bond between Sanjay and Sushmita. Celina’s relationship with Sanjay didn’t happen to last long and soon Celina was dating a certain Swiss gentleman named Alex, whom she also happened to meet in Dubai. Alex was adamant about Celina quitting working in the movies and get married to him soon. The constant bickering among the couple on this matter made Celina pass several lucrative movie offers during that phase, which in hindsight could have boosted her career. She broke off with Alex in couple of years and decided to focus on dating and marrying someone who would be more supportive. Therefore, it is no wonder that Celina was wiser and smarter when she met Peter and thus could see in him a potential soulmate.

Time To Get Engaged

Time passed by and the pair’s bond became stronger and stronger. Peter visited India in August 2010 to meet Celina’s parents. One day they decided to go out for an outing to one of their favourite hangout places, and this is where Peter proposed to Celina. She knew it from the beginning that this is the man of her life and therefore affirmatively agreed to his proposal. Both got engaged the next month in a private engagement ceremony at Celina’s residence in Mumbai, in the presence of family and close friends.

Since she had faced two heartbreaks, it is quite plausible Celina wanted to take no chances with this relationship and aimed at getting into a formal relationship with Peter as soon as possible. In the past Celina had expressed faith in matrimony and even had been vocal about an eyebrow-raising matter called pre-marital sex. She had been on record saying that she believes in sex before marriage, but also that both partners have to be honest to each other. There is no surprise that most consider Celina to have conceived while she was engaged with Peter. That would add her to the league of Bollywood actresses who happened to get pregnant before marriage like Sridevi and Konkana Sen. AS it was, a Peter Haag Celina Jaitley wedding was set to happen.

The Austrian Wedding

celina jaitley wedding - The Austrian Wedding

Celina and Peter waited for nearly a year and finally tied a knot on 23 July 2011 in Austria. The couple had a court wedding at a 1000 year old monastery in Austria which had, in fact, not seen any weddings for a long time. The mildly hush-hush Peter Haag Celina Jaitley wedding ceremony was no short of a fairy tale wedding with the bride and bridegroom walking through the arches of a quaint church with the beautiful mountains in the backdrop, gleaming with their alpenglow. Celina made it a point to wear a saree for the occasion and wore a vintage royalty-inspired chiffon sari decorated with gold mukaish especially for the wedding. The wedding was overseen by a court judge, who came specifically for this ceremony and gave a touching sermon, which was then followed by an exquisite champagne lunch.

Their Double Delight

celina jaitley kids - Double Delight

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The couple had the most special moment of their life when Celina gave birth to twin sons in March 2012. Celina said in an interview that she and Peter were both exhilarated beyond belief by this. It was a moment that never ceased to bring a smile to their faces and makes them feel thankful and happy to be blessed with the two boys. Well, quite true and with this we are very much sure that the world of this adorable couple has become more joyful.