5 Celebrity Couples Who Broke Up Because Mommy Said So

In the tumultuous world of celebrity link-ups and break-ups, several staple reasons rule the roost – infidelity, a lack of willingness to commit and even the harsher “My career is taking off and you’re still a nobody” reason. Still, there is even little that you can do when your better half’s mother (or even your own) intervenes – and does not approve of you or the relationship in general.

Such a situation can be fatal to the relationship as evidenced by these 5 Bollywood couples who separated as a result of motherly intervention:

1. Katrina – Ranbir


The recently broken up Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif are the classic examples of such a scenario. As fresh details and insights of their split are pushed forth, we realize that whether or not Ranbir was ever in the mood of settling down, his mother played a big role in the split between Bollywood’s erstwhile hottest couple. Ranbir’s mother Neetu apparently never warmed to Katrina and all of that came to a head when Katrina called off her own Christmas celebrations back in London to be with the Kapoor clan, but Neetu was conspicuously absent. Her feeble excuse didn’t do much to alleviate what everyone already feared.

2. Priety Zinta – Ness Wadia


Star actress and top businessman – it looked like a good deal, the kind of deal that usually does well, but it was not to be for the couple as things broke down 4 years after the couple first came to meet. Although the spat became ugly in the middle, with reports surfacing that Ness had slapped Preity at a party, the role of Ness’ mother has to be questioned here, especially with her never acknowledging their relationship, and when doing so, making her feelings for Preity quite apparent. Maureen Wadia was once known to comment “I don’t care even if Ness gets married to a zebra.” Enough said.

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3. Rani Mukerji – Govinda


Picture the time to perfectly capture what went down in this one. Govinda is a star. He holds a lot of sway in the industry, and is married with two beautiful children. Wife Sunita comes to know about Govinda’s growing closeness to up and coming/struggling actress Rani Mukerji, she (Sunita) obviously throws a fit, and Govinda, unlike some of the other industry stalwarts at the time, decides to call the whole thing off (the affair, not the marriage). Sounds reasonable enough? Except there was a little part to play from Rani’s side as well, specifically Rani’s mother. While Rani was busy accepting expensive gifts from Govinda, Rani’s parents were both well aware of what was brewing and strongly disapproved, with Rani’s mum adamant that her daughter wise up and move on from the married man, onto someone more worth Rani’s time.

4. Karisma And Abhishek


When two of Bollywood’s titans come together, sparks are bound to fly, and that’s exactly what happened when Karisma and Abhishek got together, but alas, things were not meant to last. The Kapoors and The Bachchans may be Bollywood royalty, but rumor has it that Babita Kapoor, Karisma’s mother, had bad blood with Jaya Bachchan, and what’s more the reason for the separation was that babita did not want her daughter to be married to a not so successful actor, something which she herself had gone through.

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5. Kareena And Shahid


When the initial rumors of the celebrity couple’s split surfaced around the time of filming for Jab We Met, the press and fans put that down as a publicity stunt that was cooked up to garner buzz around the movie. Except that it wasn’t. There are a lot of theories and stories doing the rounds – Kareena broke it off, Shahid dumped Kareena, with reasons given aplenty from each side, but one of the more convincing reasons is again Babita Kapoor, who realized that her daughter’s career was going places, while Shahid seemed to be not so hot property. Babita, who herself married Randhir Kapoor later to almost-divorce him, having lived estranged from him for two decades, must think she knows a thing or two about the right match and taking the marriage step.