Femina Cover Page Specials: 20 Stunning Celebrity Bridal Shoots

Femina Cover Page Specials, Celeb Sessions; Would-be-brides are perpetually in search of inspiration for what would be their most important avatar yet, so that when the time comes for the vows to be sounded out, they look simply the best anyone’s ever seen them. One of the major avenues for this inspiration comes from none other than The Femina cover page, with A-list celebrities draped in designer creations and at their photogenic best, adorning the thick and glossy paper. So here are our top 20 Femina cover page celebrity brides. Which one would you say is THE best? Take a look and decide.

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20. Soha Ali Khan (August 2015)

Femina Cover Page Specials - Soha Ali Khan (August 2015)

The ever lovely Soha Ali Khan being on the Femina cover page of the August edition on Wedding Times made perfect sense. The beautiful belle had just tied the knot with Kunal Khemu in January of the same year, and a mere six months later, Soha looked every bit her elegant and effortlessly stylish self in this Ritu Kumar creation.

19. Katrina Kaif (May 2010)

Femina Cover Page Specials - Katrina Kaif (May 2010)

The ever so lovely Kat looks absolutely ravishing in this bridal getup. In a society obsessed with the most eligible bachelors, we wonder who the lucky person is going to be when the time finally comes to be standing beside Katrina Kaif as she dazzles in her bridal avatar. That said, it’s not like half the country isn’t hanging onto Kat’s every relationship move, and the (lack of a) smile on this cover has been heavily scrutinized in the context of her love life.

18. Bipasha Basu (July 2016)

Femina Cover Page Specials - Bipasha Basu (July 2016)

Mrs. Basu’s wedding (and beyond) has been all over social media leading to much vexation amongst certain internet-goers and celebration amongst many more netizens. We’re firmly in the latter camp, and when the latest Femina cover page happened to hit the shelves… let’s just say we really liked what we saw. The lack of a smile is evident here as well, but there’s a quiet, steely resolve, and dare we say, happiness in those eyes.

17. Tamannaah Bhatia (Jul 2015)

Femina Cover Page Specials - Tamannaah Bhatia (Jul 2015)

Tamannaah Bhatia seems to have herself a cult following. That’s not to say that the actress isn’t popular, her huge popularity (especially in the south), multiple endorsements and stellar film performances have all established her as a top belle in the film circuit. Still, ardent Tamannaah fans will point out that her features, complexion and dark locks have a certain quality that isn’t so readily available, even in the top echelons of India’s film elites. Looking at the July 2015 Femina cover page, it would be hard to argue otherwise.

16. Yami Gautam (Nov 2015)

Femina Cover Page Specials - Yami Gautam (Nov 2015)

Yami Gautam was born in Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh to a director father. When she was 20, she moved to Bombay to pursue her career in films. Her début came with 2012’s Vicky Donor,
a movie about sperm donation and infertility. That such a picture would go on to win a National Film award for ‘Wholesome Entertainment’ and win Yami Gautam a bunch of plaudits was perhaps unexpected. What’s completely expected is her wholesome, natural and gorgeous look in this Femina cover page – true to her personal aesthetic and one we very much appreciate.

15. Manasvi Mamgai (March 2015)

Femina Cover Page Specials - Manasvi Mamgai (March 2015)

Manasvi Mamgai is the quintessential Indian supermodel and her connection with Femina runs deeper than just this Femina cover page (or any others). She won the Femina Miss India Pageant in 2010 which catapulted her to fame and many a lucrative opportunities since. Our favourite thing about this cover, however, is the fact that she marries the traditional Indian bridal aesthetic with – as the cover claims – the modern bride. That, and the pearls.

14. Tabu (May 2016)

Femina Cover Page Specials - Tabu (May 2016)

There are many reasons why this Femina cover page is very special (especially to us). Firstly, you can’t get more classic than Tabu, an actress whose reluctance to discuss affairs she considers strictly her own and whose (ever impending) marriage has been the subject of much speculation. Okay, that’s three reasons right there. Her graceful pose, the flowing attire, the poise on her face – all in all one of the best Femina covers we’ve seen in a while.

13. Malaika Arora (March 2016)

Femina Cover Page Specials - Malaika Arora (March 2016)

March was certainly an eventful month for Malaika in 2016. It was then that she put an end to speculation about her divorce with Arbaaz; she admitted they were “taking a break.” But also, there she is looking stunning on the cover of wedding times for Femina. A cynic might note the irony, but not us. The stunning Malaika acknowledges her place as a woman of substance, style, impeccable beauty (inner and outer) and celebrates that grand institution we all hope to get right. And that coupled with one of the most beautiful pictures of her ever taken makes this one of our favourite Femina cover pages.

12. Sunny Leone (April 2016)

Femina Cover Page Specials - Sunny Leone (April 2016)

Sunny Leone – there’s been a lot said about her in the recent past, and like many more observers in the media, we have something to add of our own: she’s larger than life and she’s here to stay. That’s one of the things we love most about this particular Femina cover page actually, the larger than life aspect of the glamorous Sunny donning a dress that is a splash of colour, hands joined and with an almost vulnerable look on her face. It’s an avatar perhaps only Daniel Weber has ever seen and it’s a refreshing and invigorating look.

11. Pooja Misrra (Oct 2015)

Femina Cover Page Specials - Pooja Misrra (Oct 2015)

Pooja Misrra perhaps doesn’t get the same billing as the other ladies on this list, but that’s not to say anything about her ability or her character. Speaking of her work, Pooja started out as a talk show host on B4U where she helped callers sort out their love problems. Unfortunately, many of the callers called in just to proclaim their love for her instead. Featuring as a brash, spoiled brat, Pooja has since taken turns at writing, designing, directing, performing and a whole host of other activities. But our favourite thing about this Femina cover page is how she manages to leave all of her avatars behind and becomes the beautiful bride who is simple, stylish and most serene.

10. Dipannita Sharma (December 2013)

Femina Cover Page Specials - Dipannita Sharma (December 2013)

Dipannita Sharma is one of India’s best models. As a fashion model, she’s walked the ramp for all of the design houses in the land worth their salt, and for a few overseas ones as well. Every time she steps out to take to the ramp, she is the very picture of confidence as catwalk models have to be. Here though, in the avatar of a gorgeous bride, we see a picture of her that’s not very common, certainly in her line of work. There’s a certain shyness, a hint of timidity and a whole lot of grace. The Anita Dongre ensemble isn’t too shabby either.

9. Prachi Desai (July 2014)

Femina Cover Page Specials - Prachi Desai (July 2014)

Prachi Desai of Kasamh Se, Rock On!! and Bol Bachchan fame looks the very picture of bridal elegance in a Sabyasachi masterpiece. The Gujarati actress totally owns this look and the Femina cover page looks totally fabulous.

8. Taapsee Pannu (December 2015)

Femina Cover Page Specials - Taapsee Pannu (December 2015)

The very first thing that strikes you about this Femina cover page is the very beautiful shot with the very beautiful Taapsee in most gorgeous designer attire. But if you dig a little deeper, there’s a distracting depth in her eyes, and the lustre of her black tresses and her enviable complexion seem – when in the context of her body language – within reach (of you and me). Maybe that’s because we read too much into her declaration that she’ll never date a star despite being one herself.

7. Sonakshi Sinha (October 2015)

Femina Cover Page Specials - Sonakshi Sinha (October 2015)

Sonakshi’s film career got off to an absolute flyer with Dabangg in 2010, and she hasn’t looked back since. A slew of blockbuster hits were to follow, and when accusations of being typecast were beginning to creep in, her performance in Lootera showed a very different side of the actress and once again stole the show. Her avatar for Femina shows us yet another face, and we’re inclined to agree with the folks over at Femina that Sonakshi and Nikhil Thampi combo is a definite win.

6. Huma Qureshi (June 2016)

Femina Cover Page Specials - Huma Qureshi (June 2016)

Dressed in garments from Suchi Sancheti’s From Kaashi to Kyoto collection, Huma Qureshi sports the nath (nose ring) to perfection as she stuns in a bridal avatar. The Delhi actress who wowed us all with her portrayal of the simple but proud wife of Faizal Khan in Gangs Of Wasseypur lets her hair down, literally, and sinks into a bridal persona… and we’re very fond of what we see.

5. Ileana D’Cruz (July 2016)

Femina Cover Page Specials - Ileana D’Cruz (July 2016)

The latest cover of Femina Brides throws up one of our favourite covers ever, and it really isn’t hard to see why. Ileana looks the very picture of perfection with her shoulder-length tousled hair and subtle yet gorgeous makeup. But perhaps our favourite part of the entire look isn’t even her sumptuous attire, it’s the inscrutable look on her face. We can’t quite place that expression, but we sure are fond of trying. All in all, an outstanding Femina cover page.

4. Chitrangada Singh (May 2015)

Femina Cover Page Specials - Chitrangada Singh (May 2015)

Chitrangada Singh has been in the news for reasons that wouldn’t really be classified as positive, but we’re not sure if the actress is looking for publicity or she just does as she sees true to her character. The actress has pretty much seen and done it all, hit films, box office failures (for reasons beyond her control, it must be added), a slew of endorsements and what have you. Still, there’s a freshness about her and a certain dignity with which she carries herself that is most appealing. As for this Femina cover page – the hair, the neck-piece, the dress, the lighting… everything is on point and nothing less.

3. Jacqueline Fernandez (February 2015)

Femina Cover Page Specials - Jacqueline Fernandez (February 2015)

One of India’s greatest imports, Jacqueline Fernandez stole hearts as soon as we got a glimpse of her in Murder 2, and we’ve followed her epic rise to fame ever since. Perhaps the most intriguing thing about Jacqueline is that she’s the one who came closest to taking serial bachelor Salman Khan off the market, but alas, it was not to be. If one was curious what this beauty queen might have looked like if the wedding had materialized… well, feast your eyes on this Femina cover page.

2. Deepika Padukone (Femina Hindi October 2013)

Femina Cover Page Specials - Deepika Padukone (Femina Hindi October 2013)

She’s been christened the most beautiful woman in the Indian Film Industry (to use Amitabh Bachchan’s preferred term for Bollywood), the most beautiful woman in India, the most beautiful in the world, the best leading lady around at the moment, one of the best leading ladies in the history of Indian cinema, and, and… We have to say, for our particular sensibilities, she looks the very picture of bridal perfection, and worthy of every single one of those accolades.

1. Dia Mirza (September 2014)

Femina Cover Page Specials - Dia Mirza (September 2014)

Dia Mirza’s gorgeous Femina cover page came to us in the month of September in 2014. The very next month, she married Sahil Sangha in a gorgeous ceremony. What’s our point? It shows. There’s a certain readiness, a poise, a grace, a radiance that just cannot be put on, even by the best of the best in the industry. Sure, she looks amazing, but we already knew that. But it’s not the reason that this is our favourite Femina Brides cover… the realness of it is.

Images Source: Femina