10 Super Adorable Cartoon Wedding Invitations For The Fun Loving Couple

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Wedding invitations these days come in a myriad of shapes and sizes, right from the superbly economical and modern WhatsApp or Facebook video invites, to the super luxurious dry fruit boxes and parchment and scroll invites.

Cartoon wedding invitations tuck in neatly between these two ends of the ‘wedding invite spectrum,’ and are a really cute way of making your wedding invite stand out and reflect everything that you stand for.

1. Getaway Car

This vector cartoon wedding invite is an adorable way of sending word out about your marriage, and features the couple leaving the wedding venue in a car that says “just married.”

2. The Cartoon Newspaper

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An adorable way to spread the word about your love-filled marriage is by having beautifully laid out newspaper style cartoon wedding invitations, like this one, which marries the themes of the serious and the light, creating a beautiful effect. You have the luxury of fitting more text in as well, if you want to go with a cute story as well.

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3. The Simple But Beautiful Invite

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This gorgeous invite depicts the bride and groom in endearing cartoon avatars with a gorgeous navy backdrop and delightful flowers along the periphery. The overall theme of green and blue is quite pleasant and soothing as well.

4. The Traditionally Modern Invite

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Highly stylised but realistic, the old fashioned bicycles and the white doves throw in a touch of old-world charm in this cartoon wedding invite. All the information required, and nothing more, gives the card a clean look as well.

5. The Simple Invite

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Two love-birds, some context and an address. All the information you need to get across in a beautiful format. And tell me those aren’t the cutest two love-birds you’ll ever see; One of the cutest, to the point cartoon wedding invitations ever!

6. The Square Invite

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How about a retro-themed square invite to really make a splash with your wedding invitation? Featuring the couple in their wedding car, surrounded by some fine detailing and an excellent overall layout, this could be the perfect invite for your very own wedding.

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7. The Modern Couple Invite

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Cartoony, but no more than is needed to make an excellent and clean design, and the large space for text gives you the chance to tell your story the way you want to. Sticks to the wedding white theme too, which is always a bonus.

8. The Flying High Invite

Image: Shutterstock

In love and on cloud 9. Use this beautiful cartoon wedding invite to send across a message that is both unmistakable and highly memorable. The beautiful use of colours and the clean interface (thought not because of a lack of intricate detailing) make this wedding invite an excellent choice for those looking for a cartoon wedding invitation.

9. The Setting Off Together Invite

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If what you were looking for was at once incredibly romantic, blissfully singular, exceedingly lucid and also not very easy to forget, you could just have been looking for this exceptional invite all along. Here it is now.

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10. The “Save The Date” Invite

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What is classic? Is it flowers, the beautiful bride and groom holding hands, or is it a wonderfully depicted story? If you’re going “yes” to all three, then you’re most likely looking for this cartoon wedding invite. But that’s not just who this awe-inspiring card is for. It is for everyone looking for one of the best wedding cards, period.

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